Thursday, September 24, 2009

#$%&ing Really?!

The trailer for the Shantotto "mini-expansion" is up...

How is it the mini-expansion that I thought was an April Fool's joke is the best looking of the three?

And how do I know that it'll be some retarded fucking fetch quests? Oh, right, because the other two were.

And where's the "Buy this because you get some piece of augmentable armor!!!" teaser at? I mean I probably won't buy this one either when Youtube was made for watching cutscenes in terrible games so you don't have to actually play them, but I'd like to see what SE has come up with. Pants? Hands? Hands in my pants? Evil minds want to know.

Version Update!?

There's also an announcement on POL that SE is in fact continuing to update FFXI and will finally roll another one out in October.

From this picture I'll predict what they're doing.
  1. They're adding Daggers for Dancer.

  2. Black Mages are going to get Attack Bonus IV and A- in Dagger and will be the new Greater Colibri killers of choice.

  3. Lactomel or whatever his name is (Elvaan kid from lolOldSandy) has further hijinks ensue.

  4. And Sage Sundi still hasn't figured out that ABSOLUTELY NOBODY GIVES A FUCK ABOUT MOBLIN MAZE MONGERS.




You read it here first, folks!

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