Sunday, September 27, 2009

So Modus Veritas Isn't Actually Totally Useless?

It's no secret that I'm not a big fan of Helix spells or Modus Veritas merits. Sure, they're unique to Scholar like weather spells and hat/glasses combos. Their initial damage is the same as Aero I (or Thunder I I don't remember which) and then repeated every few tics of the game's clock until they wear off.

But because of the low base damage of helix spells on things with very high INT they are thoroughly mediocre (Kirin). Also many mobs have innate magic damage reduction which also hurts their usefulness further (Wyrms, Proto-Ultima). Using DoTs is also a no-no in many places where you would want to Sleep the mob and be unable.

With merits in Modus Veritas you get a helix that does double damage every 10 minutes. Given the limited usefulness of helices as I mentioned in the preceding paragraph that makes SCH Group 1 generally not that exciting.

They're somewhat interesting now because the cat's out of the bag: You can kill Absolute Virtue with them.

I was surprised because it's not exactly a secret that you can stack Modus Veritas. Kaeko links to a thread from 2007 about the exact subject. So now, it's wait and see what SE's response is. While the people experimenting with this were keeping it secret mostly, that it works wasn't a secret.

There's an obvious comparison to be made to the Salvage Bans, but because that was using a convoluted method to exploit a glitch and dupe items and this is...kind of using a Job Ability to do what it's intended I don't think we'll see bans for it.

Well, at least not for solely stacking Modus Veritas. Lots of people on BG are talking about using bots to automate the process to have many Scholars use it simultaneously. Which is something Square-Enix won't have any qualms about banning people for.

If SE will be stupidly widereaching with bans, like the gardening bans from a few months back (that were mostly later reversed), and ban everyone who did it is certainly a possibility though. That I think would be pretty stupid both from a PR standpoint and feed the conspiracy theories that SE is actively trying to kill off FFXI some more.

In any case it's the first time in recent memory that BG has had two drama threads that are moderately interesting and entertaining at the same time. Maybe the spam forum is more interesting, but I stay out of there. It's like the /b/ of BG.

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