Monday, September 28, 2009

Well that was Lame. (Microsoft)

I went to a Windows 7 Launch Event with my brother and his girlfriend earlier. I got up bright and early at 7AM for it, drove 35 miles, and met up with them. We go inside and I get some coffee and pass on the bagels/donuts (no non-boring food, MS?), and go into the theatre to grab some seats.

There were three sessions each about 45 minutes long aimed at software developers. The first was a general overview of what's different in Windows 7 compared to Vista/XP. The next two covered some specific new things.

The interesting one was next. About support for things like light sensors that would allow developers to automatically modify their application's behavior. A useless but cool demonstration of that had a racing game, that the guy presenting it was hilariously terrible at crashing back and forth between the guard rails, switch between day and night depending on how much light was reaching the sensor.

The last seession was about touch screens that you can do different motions with multiple touches at the same time to do different things. So if you moved two fingers apart it zoomed. Yay.

After that, everyone made a massive clusterfuck of a line to get our free Windows 7 Ultimate copies as we went out the door. The fucking lame as bullshit part of it is that these are 32bit ONLY.

How fucking cheap is Microsoft they can "splurge" and give out Ultimate, but can't be arsed to give both varieties of it? If you buy it in a store you get both FFS.

Sure, my current PC is old as fuck and can't run a 64bit OS, but my brother only went because he wanted a free 64bit copy. And any future PC I get will obviously support it and probably need it since I'll get 4GB or more of RAM. So, I could wipe my drive to install a legit copy or not bother and save myself a few hours.

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