Sunday, September 27, 2009

Yeah, I hit it.

So, I've been playing Persona 3: FES since finishing Persona 4 a second time. It's made me appreciate how well Atlus looked at the shortcomings in Persona 2 & 3 and fixed things up to make 4 totally awesome.

It's not a bad game though. Quite a bit darker than 4. There's no "Investigation Team" there's the "Student Extracurricular Execution Squad." And they call their personas by doing what looks like shooting themselves in the head with a pistol.

But by far the most hilarious thing I've seen in any videogame in recent memory is Elizabeth. She's the girl who hangs out with the massively nosed Igor in the Velvet Room. Igor helps you fuse new Persona to use in battle. Elizabeth gives you quests with nice rewards to do.

One particular string of these is to take her out on dates in various places around town. If you've seen Mannequin or Encino Man where there's a character who knows nothing about the modern world, or maybe the Doctor Who Christmas special on the Titanic with the "earth historian" guy who had the completely wrong idea about everything, then you've got an idea what Elizabeth is like. She's a slightly insane space cadet character if there ever was one. And tonight Paul Evil, blue haired emo main character of Persona 3: FES, hit that! Funny how the date where you get laid is less interesting than the one where you go to the mall and your date "Feeds money to the gods of the foutain for good fortune." And proceeds to dump 2 million Yen into the wishing fountain. Hehe.

I'm really just posting this to show that I've got my TV card hooked up and working again. Now back to exploring Tartarus! 214 floors down, God knows how many to go!

And it seems I can't go up any farther currently. /sigh

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