Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Square-Enix announced the Summoner and Beastmaster changes today.

They added the "aura" effects that dozens of people have suggested for years now to Summoner.

Specifically, pop the JA and you get one of these while you have the matching avatar out:

Is this supposed to seem useful? Because it kind of really doesn't.

You can leave Diabolos out... standing around... generally not doing anything useful (like you can now)... with Refresh?! You probably still won't have free Diabolos. You won't be able to rest as Summoner. But people nearby will have a Refresh effect similar to the COR roll.

So maybe with a Scholar giving you Darkness weather and the Relic Horn (never seen one drop in several years Dynamis personally) you could justify having a Summoner AFK with Diabolos out to Refresh your BLM x4 + SCH party?

Meh. Whatever. Maybe somebody else will figure out what amazing potential this has. I sure won't. I'll look at BG and the SMN forums later.


You BSTs get to pick an ability from a list instead of using Sic and getting Bubble Curtain. And there's 2 min cooldown charges that you can store up 3 of. Presumably, the good pet special attacks will use more of them. Judging from this picture though:

I'm not so sure. Maybe Square-Enix has some unique insight, but I don't see why you would value those special attacks in that order.

They admit they have no idea what they're doing though.
We will continue to observe the beastmaster job following the release of the November version update, and as necessary, make adjustments to special abilities and calling items for each pet.
So, they'll presumably change it around 4 or 6 months or however far away the next update will be.

Overall Update Thus Far...

It's no wonder people are leaving the game in droves or just not logging on anymore. These less frequent updates are less interesting than ever.

New Wings of the Goddess Quests/Missions? Great. Maybe if I could find people to kill some NM in Jugner Forest from the Missions/Quests from months ago and then find more people to do these new ones I'll be really excited.

Also, maybe we could wrap up WotG already? It's been what? Going on two years now since it was released? ~3 hours of WotG content released a year is kind of fucking absurd. Yeah, the cutscenes are pretty. They fucking damn well better be if it takes four months to make three of them. The only time-consuming thing in WotG is getting ranked up in Campaign medals and trying to find help for the missions/quests.

I still haven't gone to Xarcabard [S]. I still know of no reason to. Is there anything there besides death from above tentacle rape and dragons?

Making trivial changes that people have been asking for for years to Summoner and Beastmaster and adding things to Ranger that should have been there since the 2007-ish nerf if not earlier...Yay.

I get it, Square-Enix, you're working on FF14. But doing a thoroughly shitty job with FF11 for the better part of two years now doesn't excite me for whatever you're doing next.

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