Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Evilpaul's First Podcast!

I've been playing along with the Year of Final Fantasy they're doing on RPGamer.com and started up FF9 again a long while after July when the guys at Lusipurr.com did...and still need to finish the final stretch. (I'm at Ipsen Castle looking for where ever the hell Amarant disappeared to if that means anything to anyone.)

I replayed FFVII again not too long ago, so I skipped that this month when both sites are doing a playthrough of it.

So, when I heard that RPGamer was doing a RPGCast Episode #100 Extravaganza and bringing back Lusipurr, Ethos, Montok the Destroyer, and practically everyone else who was ever on the podcast, I knew I'd have to listen. Better yet, they had a Google Voice thing that people could leave messages on.

Since I've been harrassing Chris, the RPGCast host, for the better part of two months now to perform the opera scene from FF6, naturally I had to leave a message and congratulate them on episode 100 and play the opera scene music in the background and further harrass Chris to sing it! If there was ever any doubt that leaving weird messages for people requesting them to sing to you was ineffective... ...then let that doubt dissolve away into...whatever it is that doubts dissolve away into. Because Chris sings the whole opera scene in the podcast's opening. LOL!

They played back and talked about the voicemails they got about three quarters of the way through the show.

This included mine.

Glenn Wilson thought I was a woman or something, but he hates everyone and everything. Including FF8 which he hated on moments later and makes him OK by me, so it was pretty funny.

Also, my phone sucks, so you couldn't tell that I played the opera scene music really in the podcast and I had it turned up quite loud in the background.

Anna Marie "Paws" Newfeld had to tell people the message was from me. I thought hating on FF8 on the forums to the point of mods threatening to ban me would be obvious enough, but eh. Intarweb text can be subtle I guess.

So go listen! You can kind of sort of hear me and laugh at me. It'll be great fun for all of us. And by "us" and mean "you." You bastard.

Also, check out the Luspurr.com Megaphones Ahoy! podcast starring two people who were on the RPGCast episode 100. It's also pretty entertaing (and wildly racist in a not serious, actually racist way).

After almost five hours recording a podcast spending another hour doing a second one is kind of crazy.

Sadly, your humble evilpaul was not mistaken for a woman in the Megaphones Ahoy! podcast, but it's still awesome even without me. So, I'd listen to both. Make an afternoon of it or something.

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