Thursday, October 8, 2009

FFXI: Play it again, for the first time?!

With my PS2 being a finicky overheating bitch, I've downloaded and installed the PC version of FFXI.

POL finished updating in about 15 minutes.

FFXI...has like 5 hours left. Ugh.Thank God for off-line macro editors so I can get this mostly done now rather than spending hours in FFXI doing it.

My Black Mage and Monk macros are finished.

That leaves Scholar, Ninja, Puppetmaster, Summoner, and Ranger. I can avoid doing PUP and SMN because I don't really do anything with either job. Being only level 57 my RNG macros don't have much gear swapping yet, so that'll be relatively painless.

Well, there's also MNK/DNC, NIN/DNC, and NIN/DRK to do as well...Ugh. So much crap to write. I can probably put off NIN/DRK though having not used it in months.


Back to the salt mines of macro writing.

Gamepads for your PC?

I'm kind of wondering if anybody has suggestions for getting a PS2-ish gamepad hooked up to my PC? I've heard Xbox 360 controllers are USB and you can get PC drivers from Microsoft, but haven't confirmed it personally. Or an adapter for a PS2 controller? I'd need drivers for Windows 7 though...



  1. I've been using a wired 3rd party 360 controller (I don't believe wireless ones work unless you've got the USB dongle) for a while now to tool around with XNA a bit and it seems to work fine in Windows 7. If you want to be extra janky, you can even plus the 360 headset in and use that through the controller :F.

  2. I use a PS2 controller on the PC. All I have to buy is this really cheaper connector ($5). It works very well. It's like I'm actually on the console instead of the PC.

  3. For Windows 7, you can throw any USB controller in there and it'll work right out of the box. Heck, a good chunk of those PS2 adapters work just fine out of the box for Windows XP.

    You can use any wired Xbox 360 controller and it'll work just fine. I'm not sure if the Windows 7 Drivers fixed the problem with triggers working as buttons, which can actually end up being a pretty bad thing for FFXI. FFXI doesn't allow you to set those triggers as buttons since they're not really buttons. You can find third party drivers for those but I'm not sure if there's one for Windows 7, there are some for Windows Vista. Not sure about the compatibility for those.

    If you want to play it safe, buy any PS2 to PC USB adapter. Any will work just fine for FFXI. However, if you do intend on playing other games with the USB adapter where having near lagless to exact input is important (fighting games come to mind), you might want to start doing some research on finding a better adapter. But I'm talking about milliseconds here worth of lag, like if a game requires you to have <3/60th of a second worth of lag.

    Otherwise, starting to become a huge chunk of text, PS2 adapter is the easiest and best way to go.