Friday, October 16, 2009

"The Mini-Expansion Rewards are RMT!!!" ..Was Square Enix listening?

I've been wondering for a few days now about this...

When A Crystalline Prophecy details were released almost the first thing we saw was "You can get these rad augmented bodies!!!" It was the same with A Moogle Kupo d'Etat except with hats.

Yet, for A Shantotto Ascension all we've gotten is a trailer (which I can't even be bothered to watch). Nothing else on this mini-expansion's page yet.

Perhaps most glaringly absent is the lack of any mention of what the reward armor will be for finishing it. It's clear from the Coffer in the Tenshodo in Lower Jeuno that it will have the same sort of augmented/craftables as rewards from it as the other two. There's not many reasons I can think of for this strange silence. It's pretty much:
1) Square Enix hasn't finished creating the content yet. (Which would be pretty bad.)

2) Square Enix just hasn't gotten around to announcing it for some reason. (Would be OK; they don't need to follow the exact template each time.)

3) Square Enix is reacting to the significant noise from the playerbase that complained the mini-expansions were "Square Enix sanctioned RMT."
You can dig through the BG archives or look at the survey results from ACP on JP Button echoing those sentiments:
It was like paying 1/3 the price of an expansion for content the size of a version update.

I love my body piece for SCH (Royal Redingote with MAB+4 and M.acc+4), and the final fight was amazing and tough but the storyline was so short, uninspired and the missions were more aggravating than fun. This was an extremely disappointing add-on overall.

Story was pathetic. Paying for in-game items feels like RMT when bundled with such minimal content.

Why do we need to pay for an add-on that’s not even that good when we already pay a monthly fee? Dynamis was free, Salvage was free, why charge us?
Granted, this was from the 20% people on the graph listed above which is only a minority of the people, but similar sentiments were given in the 40% score range and many of the highest percentiles listed the body reward piece as the only thing about the expansion that they liked. (The story, battles, and quests weren't factors.)

So what's up with Shantotto? A trailer and a fucking art contest?

I wonder if I carved Shantotto casting Freeze II on something into a pumpkin if I could enter the SE Art Contest and Alla's Pumpkin Carving Contest with the same entry? All the Shadow Lord statues will belong to me, muwahahahahahaha!!!!

More realistically, I should draw some Shantotto "art" in MS Paint and start an "Official Post Your Shantotto Contest Art Here!" thread on BG.

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