Sunday, October 18, 2009

Pet Behavior

Most people running around Vanadiel are by themselves or with some friends or maybe even an NPC buddy. Few have a pet accompanying them. And that's kind of understandable. Pet jobs in general have a hard time fitting in to most MMOs. They're either overpowered or useless generally.

Dragoons are great at killing everyone's favorite pink flamingos, and decent DD on NMs that one-handed weapon users have trouble thanks to Attack and Accuracy bonuses (and the 2h DEX ratio). Summoners are desirable in very slow Wyrm kills and maybe Odin or Khimaira. Puppetmasters get to do cool /emotes with their puppets in Al Zahbi, and...nuke weaker not particularly resistant targets, I guess. Beastmasters...let's be honest, they don't really get to do much of anything. CourierCarrie does hit hilariously hard on mobs in crag zones though. That's...something, I guess.

But what's kind of interesting from a "role-playing" perspective (that I would never condone in-game :-P) is the unique behavior of each job's pet(s).

Summoner's conjure up elemental deities they've formed pacts with. Any aggressive action taken toward the Summoner will immediately incur these deities' wrath in the form of the avatar auto-attacking. That may not always be an appropriate response and of course, not all primal, elemental gods are created equal.

Dragoons form a bond with a baby wyvern which then aids its human partner in battle. They will act differently based on the behavior of the Dragoon and in certain circumstances can take on traits of the Dragoon.

Puppetmasters are agile entertainers that form a bond with an automaton. The name automaton would suggest some ability to act completely independently of its master, and some automatons have seemingly developed a sentience of their own, but in combat automatons will not act without explicit, subtle direction from their master.

Beastmasters tame, or briefly lure into service with "tasty" broths, Vanadiel's wildest critters. In combat these pets retain their wild nature and when under attack from multiple targets will switch targets of their own accord to attack whichever is angering them the most. It's hard to teach an old beetle new tricks.

So there you have it. Four jobs, each with pet(s), yet all those pets behave differently, and in a way that stays true to the particular job.

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  1. totally know what you are talking about. pick the wrong job and you are an outcast your whole game life