Wednesday, October 14, 2009

...Ranger Adjustments?

It's been noted that I'm not leveing my Ranger at much of a clip.

But, it seems I'll need to hurry before Square-Enix completely breaks the job for two weeks with a myriad of changes. They're specifically changing this stuff:
- Velocity Shot
The duration of this ability will be increased from five minutes to two hours.

- Unlimited Shot
Once activated, this ability will remain in effect until you successfully hit your mark.

- Camouflage
Rangers with this ability in effect will incur less enmity for ranged attacks. There will be a chance that the ability remains in effect even after a ranged attack, depending on your position relative to your target.
No complaints with Velocity Shot other than them probably making the recast two hours by mistake and it still wearing off when you zone.

Unlimited Shot will now be optimized for tossing winds at Sky gods. Great, I guess. It won't matter for using special ammo on weaponskills though as you'll still lose your TP upon missing Slugshot/Sidewinder. Unless SE breaks that, of course.

Camouflage now has a reason for being on my macro bar. It was there before, but I have no idea why. I used it to avoid Lady Bug aggro in East Ronfaure [S]. It was otherwise kind of worthless.

The idea of invisible rangers shooting at monsters from far away...that's a pretty funny mental image. Well, not much of an image, but still pretty funny. I kind of think someone at Square-Enix is fucking with us.
But there's more:
- Ranged attack enmity
Less enmity will be incurred the further away you are from the target of your ranged attacks.

- Detailed damage messages for ranged attacks
Damage messages displayed after a successful ranged attack will indicate the effectiveness of the attack, allowing for players to better gauge their positioning. Critical hit and missed attack messages will remain unchanged.
I haven't checked BG yet to see if people are Q_Q'ing about the enmity reduction with longer range attacks yet, but it could make the relic bow/gun less HUGE an upgrade.

It'll depend on the actual reduction in enmity.

Detailed damage messages for ranged attacks...why wasn't this there before? Why isn't your Ranged Attack viewable anywhere. Why are Accuracy and Ranged Accuracy hidden? It's nice Square-Enix realized hidden hits on your performance that you need to be using the Distance plugin on Windower (an "illegal" third-party app) to even be aware of are kind of retarded.

Also, WHERE THE HELL IS MY BLACK MAGE UPDATE, SQUARE-ENIX?!? I already did the heavy-lifting and figured out what it should be. Coincidentally, I posted that after a previous (the Ninja one) job adjustment announcement, so it still kind of works here.

I'm betting the Part II ends up being Samurai or Summoner. If it's Summoner, it'll be worthless. If it's Samurai expect they're getting access to Ranged WS, like Sidewinder, without /RNG.

If I sound cynical and unpleaseable, it's only because I am. I may post about the non-Square-Enix related ones later today.

UPDATE: I overlooked it, but somebody on BG points out the blurb linking to what I quoted above says this:
The November version update will feature a host of welcome refinements for three time-honored professions: rangers, beastmasters, and summoners. In Part I of our preview, we shine the spotlight on rangers and unveil the adjustments that will have the hunters and huntresses of Vana'diel sharpshooting like never before!
So it's RNG, BST and SMN getting an update.

Wasn't it supposed to be an October update? I'd swear they changed it. >.>


  1. As far as I know, the update was supposed to be for November. The only thing that should be released in October is the pre-sales for Shantotto's Ascension.

    I could be wrong though. As for the SMN update, unless it's a new avatar, I'm not interested.

    So I guess this means I'm not interested. >.>

  2. You're right, I double checked and it was always scheduled for November.

    I don't know that I'd be surprised to see that SMN finally gets a new avatar after how many years of bitching. The RNG update was mostly stuff that should have been ingame already.

    That said, I don't really care about SMN anymore and never cared about BST, so neither update seems potentially interesting to me.