Thursday, October 29, 2009

Square-Enix Bares All

Well, as much as they had been before anyway. The Shantotto Augments (stolen from Eldelphia):
Click for fullsize/readable picture.

I've gotta say I'm pleasantly surprised. Also a little bit confused. There's augments available that people were saying would never happen (like Movement speed+%).

Magic critical hit damage if you have Magic critical hit+% gear which will give you MAB+10 some small percentage of the time you get an extra 1 MAB that small percentage of the time? I'm not sure I follow the usefulness of this. Even if it was a pure +10% damage on magic critical hits they're so rare even with all the gear/augments you'd probably be better off with Mahatma's Slops.

Anyway, I'm pretty sure if I get it I'd go with Physical Damage taken-4% and Movement speed+8%. I'm not sure if I'd go with the mage pants or the light melee one. Having an "OH SHIT!!!" piece that also is good for running away is pretty awesome. I'm a little unsure which to get though.

Alternative Setups

There's obviously quite a few reasonable combinations here...

There's the pretty decent Haste+3% and Accuracy+7 combo which is about as good as Homam Legs or Byakko's Haidate and will probably be much easier to get for TPing. Melee Redmages should go with this if they can't leave their Enspell II's in the Mog House.

For NIN/DRK tanking Physical damage taken-4% and HP+25 Enmity+4 (or possibly Haste+3%) would be pretty good.

For PLD/NIN tanking, the tanking style people actually use, Haste+3% and HP+25 Enmity+4 would be a pretty easily obtained Homam replacement.

A situational nuking piece with Magic Atk. Bonus+4 and Magic Burst damage+10% would help to make sure you pull hate and die if you weren't already as Black Mage.

Rangers could go with Ranged Accuracy+7 and "Barrage"+1 for (presumably) an extra shot on Barrage which when combined with AF hands would let you fire up to eight shots on a Barrage. (Which with capped accuracy would only land ~66% of the time.)

Pet jobs have their usual plethora of augments...I can't bring myself to care about them like usual though.

For White Mage and healing/supporting Scholars/Red Mages... For cures MP+25 Enmity-4 and Cure potency+5% looks pretty nice. For static buffs like Protect/Shell, Haste (for non-WHMs anyway), Accension+Blink/Aquaveil, etc. either MP+25 Enmity-4, Conserve TP+5, and/or Haste+3%. You generate slightly less Enmity, maybe proc Conserve MP, and have reduced recasts (well two of those things).

The End?

That's about it as far as popular possibilities I see for the Shantotto reward armor. I think that Movement speed+8% will probably end up being the most popular of the augments. Which ones people pick would be a pretty good idea for the next Vanadiel Census.

Next Update Bug Predictions!

I'm thinking about and plan on writing up a post about what bugs Square-Enix will introduce with the update. Kimiko has this nice summary of most of the older POL news since the last update.

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