Tuesday, October 20, 2009

A Tale of Two Tails

Regal Dragon: Welcome, legendary warriors, if you are able to overcome the monumental task to which you shall be put I will bestow upon you the knowledge you need to further grow in your chosen profession and restore Light to the world.

STEV: Wow, that sounds pretty deep. You're Bahumat, right? The king of the dragons and stuff?

Bahumat: Yes, that is correct. Let me continue--

STEV: So why are you living in a cave on a small island in the middle of nowh--

Bahumat: That is not important! Your task is to bring me the Tail of the Rat.

STEV: A rat tail? Oh, that's no problem. This island is infested with rats. There were like ten of them right outside this... cave... you've got here. Hey James, grab your sword and get me a rat tail from outside.

JAME: Sure, no prob.

*James disappears outside*

Bahumat: No! I need the Tail of the Rat from the Castle of Ordeals to the North!

STEV: North? There's a castle on the rat-infested island full of dragons directly North of here?

Bahumat: No! Far to the North! You can reach it only by using your Ship. There you will face fierce foes who will test your mettle. At the top of the cast--

*James returns*

JAME: Hey, I got this rat tail from outside so we're good to go--

STEV: Ugh! No, dude! Bahumat wants a rat tail from the Temple of Ordeals.

Bahumat: Castle of Ordeals.

STEV: Right, Castle of Ordeals, whatever. And dude, James! You were supposed to bring back the tail! That's like half a freaking rat! There's a leg on there, bro!

LIND: Eww, gross!

JAME: Shut up, Linda! Oh, sorry man. I guess I got carried away.

LIND: Hmph! Well, see if I use CUR3 on you next time some Ghast tries to eat you!

Bahumat: Let's move this along, shall we? Retrieve the Tail of the Rat from the top of the Temple of Ordeals and return here with it for your reward.

STEV: Castle of Ordeals.

Bahumat: Whatever. Go.

BLAS: So you're sending us on a fetch quest?

Bahumat: Who's he?

STEV: That's Blasto. He's our Black Mage.


Bahumat: That's really interesting.

BLAS: I've been here the whole time.

Bahumat: I...don't care. You have your charge, Light Warriors, return here with the Tail of the Rat!

BLAS: *muttering* A freaking fetch quest. *muttering*

*The gang leaves*


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