Saturday, October 10, 2009

Turkey-stuffed Stuffing

An odd idea I came up with, followed by a Google search to see that of course other people had already done it, brought about the following: Stuffing Dumplings.

Get rid of all your unused stuffing after Thanksgiving along with the rest of your leftovers in a Turkey soup. Seems like it would be pretty tasty, right?

Well, I decided to try turning the idea inside out and try putting seasoned ground turkey inside the dumpling made out of stuffing. I went with pretty large (probably ~1/2lb sized) loafs of turkey, covered them with a layer of stuffing mixture, and made meatloaf sort of things that went into the oven. I'm happy with how they turned out (crispy outside), but think I would definitely go with smaller next time.

If the stuffing had been more pancake-batterish it would have made it easier to work with as well. Since I baked them it didn't matter though. Had I just gone with stuffing dumplings I think they would have turned out nicely with the consistency they had.

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