Friday, October 23, 2009

A Week of Star Ocean

I've never finished a Star Ocean game.

I've got Star Ocean Second Story on the PSX. I got to the last battle in it, got my ass kicked, and put it down never to try it again. I didn't even remember that it apparently has awesomely terrible voice acting (mentioned in reviews of its PSP remake).

I've played a bit of the *cough* first Star Ocean on *cough* SNES in *cough* English. Ahem. My do I cough a lot.

And I've got the PS2 third SO title, SO: 'Til the End of Time.

So, why not have a Week of Star Ocean™ I thought? Where I'll play and complete all three games in seven days or less!

I hope they aren't too long... I don't want to pull a sad Korean kid thing and die playing StarCraft. Well, in my case Star Ocean. lol

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