Thursday, November 12, 2009

Alcohol & Seeing Triple

I was slightly wasted last night. But I logged back on to do the new expansion some more and see if being triple the legal limit makes it more tolerable. It turns out, it makes it pretty funny. Funny in a ridiculous not at all intentional way, but LOLtastic nonetheless.

I ran into three people from Epic/Oops/NeedsMoreRelics who were in Norg and running around SSG getting behind doors to snap Pankration pictures so they could get a key item to force pop some NMs in Gustav Tunnel. Makes perfect sense, right? So we all got our pictures and went to go kill the NMs.

The NMs are triple NPCs. Just three random Tenshodo guys who spam the piss out of Utsusemi: Ni to no effect for five minutes before spawning tons of wimpy clones that ran all over stabbing everyone. I switched from my MNK/WHM avatar killing combo (pro-tip: I killed all six of the fuckers and got a 10k reward instead of the 50k other people go; just do the easiest to get to three and save yourself two hours) to Scholar/Red Mage. With wimpy monsters they may not hit hard, but 10 of them hitting you for 20 damage at Hundred Fists speed you will go down quickly.

Enter stage left: Phalanx. You're now being hit for 0 damage. And you've got a 350 Stoneskin buffer. Add in a Terra's Staff and Jelly Ring and you will take no damage. Between Phalanx+Stoneskin and one Regen II nobody ever was in any danger.

Unfortunately, SCH/RDM doesn't get the AoE earth damage staff WS for some reason, so I couldn't AoE WS them. (Note to self: Bring dagger.) But with three other people there slashing and stabbing the clones they all died pretty rapidly. Since the clones are unsleepable it's also one of the rare occassions when AoE Bio II is sort of handy.

So yeah. This segment of Shantotto ended up being hilariously easy too. One step for man, one giant leap towards Dragon Pants.

I don't know if I mentioned it, but I'm thinking I'll go Movement speed +8% and MAB+4. That way I could idle and nuke in them. They won't be as good as Physical damage -4% would be for idle or as an "OH SHIT!!!" piece, but they will be good enough to stand around in most of the time.

The INT+2 MAB+4 will be better than Mahatma's Slops for damage most of the time as well which is nice.


  1. INT+2 MAB+4 better than Mahatma? What are you smoking? You can get alot of MAB+ elsewhere, you need that INT+8.

  2. "You can get alot of MAB+ elsewhere"

    Not really. MAB options are pretty low for a SCH (with no native MAB traits, you start with +20 from /RDM). However, the pants are only a marginal improvement over Mahatma if you do the math. We're talking a 5 damage difference here if you take the +4 MAB. And you still have to carry around Mahatma anyway for Helix/Stoneskin/etc.

    If another job can benefit from another selection from these pants, I recommend reconsidering.