Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Bonanza Ahoy?

Square-Enix is bringing out the Mog Bonanza early this year. They're going a New Years version.

The prizes are mostly similar to last time. Shadow Rings are apparently sooo rad that they're available as two grand prizes.The "Kupon" rewards are the usual Icelands Relic armors with the addition of all the Absolute Virtue drops (that are otherwise unobtainable what with Square-Enix nerfing all the ways to kill the fucking thing).

They also added some retarded to get NM drops like the piercing (or was it slashing?) hand-to-hand weapon from a Fomor NM in a CoP area and the Vilma's Ring which drops off an NM that only spawns when nobody kills the placeholder for half a day. The H2H would be more exciting if SE hadn't added these this update. Which drop off a mob that spawns in a random outdoors area every two or so hours.

I'm not sure whether I'll even bother entering this time. I've gotten absolutely nothing of value from it either of the past two. Somehow I doubt third time will be the charm.

Plus I don't really want 10 inventory spaces taken up for a few months.


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