Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The Difference a Day Makes

I'm doing the latest Shantotto thingy today.

I think Square-Enix really managed to put people off these things with ACP. Because it's only been 24 hours and there's very little competition for the initial fetch quests. I got a bunch of the items farmed up, synthed the five pre-synths and finally made my Enfeeblement of Blinding (or whatever it's called) about 50% of the synths HQ'd (same results as NQ), and no breaks until after the final product when I made some additional inks and boxes for the Auction House.

I farmed all the stuff up as MNK/WHM going with /WHM because the items are all adjacent to crag zones. Droprates kind of sucked, but I got all my items and a few spares quickly.

It's pretty weird walking around all these old zones that I have no reason to come to anymore. It's also kind of annoying since I forget a lot of them. :-P

I'm now doing a walk-a-thon to kill hilariously weak versions of the Prime Avatars. They have completely horrible accuracy. I don't think they even have the cap of 20% accuracy. They also don't have the -50% physical damage taken that every other avatar in the game has (I wonder if SMN PCs' pets lost it too as an update bug?) I just killed Ifrit as MNK/WHM and took 0 damage. Slow from /WHM even stuck. Leviathan was even easier. He was slowed and paralyzed all fight.

After I go and punch the crap out of Shiva I'll be ready to move on to some sort of annoying key item collection walk-a-thon and then be ready for some fight. A fight that if I lose it will have to re-do the stupid key item collection crap.


At least I get some pants for this shit. Well, and 40k that I got from selling those extra thingies I farmed this morning.

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