Wednesday, November 18, 2009

More Fishing!

After getting my Opal Silk yesterday, I decided to try and get the other Ebisu item today!I also decided to try and get a the reward from Fish Ranking which is a 180 charge Ring that gives you a second chance for skill ups everytime you catch a fish above your level.

The target fish is this:So it was off to the Boyhada Tree with a bunch of flies as bait!With 60 flies I only managed about 10 fish.

I did get a really small one though, which is the goal, so I'm pretty happy.I think it should at least place if not get up there in the top 5. Last competition was Lik (which was why I bought a bunch not realizing it was already over, and started Ebisu instead XD) and there weren't even 20 entries. Hopefully my score of 460 is the lowest or up there.

I'm bazaaring a bunch of lowish ~100 size fish for 50k each overnight. Hopefully, somebody will buy one and I'll have money for 2.5 Gugrusaurus for Ebisu. Speaking of Ebisu...

Needs Moar Ebisu!

On the Ebisu front I'm now more than double my 0/~18 of yesterday and am 0/43. One of the Ebisu fishers who catches the fish I'm buying was nice enough to give me two for free after buying a bunch. How awesome would it have been for one of those to have had it? lol But I'm still <100 under the average number of fish, so I can't complain too much. Well, yet anyway.

I'm not going to sell anything expensive that I use to buy fish, so I'll probably slow my fish buying down and go back to Talacca Cove to skill up some more and NPC the fish there to fund Gugrusaurus purchases. Once I hit the 90s I could attempt to catch some myself, but it would probably be easier to make money elsewhere and just continue buying them.

That's it for today! Anyone else fishing, crafting, or working on a relic lately?


  1. Do you have any suggestions for a fishing leveling up guide you've been using?

  2. This one from BG is pretty good:

    I'd get to level 10ish on Moat Carp though to make Nebimonites easier to reel in. Pretty much any rod with insect balls works.

  3. I still find it amusing that the reward for the fishing contest is a skillup ring, but the contest entries are generally very high skill level fish or legendary. I got my ring when the fish was a Tricorn, last place out of 19 entries!. Took me from 57~ skill to about 92~ before it was all used up.

  4. Yeah, I kind of get the feeling somebody really didn't think that through. Last Fish Ranking was Lik which can't even bite unless you're 78+ with the key item and you are highly unlikely to be able to reel in until the 90s with both Rings anyway.

    I'm having a pretty decent time with Fishing at the moment. My event LS hasn't been doing much lately, so it's been something to keep me busy in-game.