Monday, November 2, 2009

Sweet! I still don't have any need/desire to get the lolMoogle Expansion!

Square-Enix is releasing some sort of cape that teleports everyone in a party to the location of the person with lead. From the sounds of it, you just enter a code or something and it'll be in your Delivery Box (or maybe from the Lower Jeuno coffer).

Conspicuously absent is that you can't use it in any of the WotG or ToAU areas. I guess that's to prevent Sandworm/Ixion abuse and to keep people from cheesing their way to ZNMs islets and/or ToAU HNMs (Khim, Cerb, lolHydra, etc).

The only non-stupid use for this:

Getting to the ENM in Uleguerand Range.

Level your alternate character's mule to Lv.30, plus enough buffer EXP to still be level 30 with Raise 1, and park it on the ledge.

Well, honestly it's getting to several of the ENMs. It works in Attohwa Chasm too, so park a mule up top there with the cape. That ENM is better than Brothers since you can get a Hagun (or two) out of the treasure crate.

Getting to EXP camps?

If Square-Enix released this to make getting to an EXP camp easier it's pretty retarded. People don't level in Zilart areas anymore. And the 40 hour cooldown on it makes it pretty useless for that.

What it all means...

If you bought all three mini-expansions and have a small group to ENM with: Level some mules and park 'em at the appropriate spots.

If you didn't buy all three and/or don't have a few friends to ENM with. You shouldn't care about this.

Now, we wait...

With the Version Update only 7 days away I think we've heard most of the news we're going to about it. Maybe, although I doubt it personally, an avatar announced the day of the update.

Square-Enix always saves any "potentially severe changes to the game's economy" type things for the day of as well. I'm pretty sure they don't have any such changes planned.

I'll try to get around to writing a speculative "What they broke with this update" before the 9th to see how much I guess correctly this time.


  1. This was my first thought:

    but then I do them regularly :D

    It's not something I would have bought separately but as a freebie... great :)

  2. I was having a discussion about this piece and came to the conclusion that it would be pretty handy for getting to city Dynamis. Some other LS swiped your zone? Quickly switch to one of the other city zones, provided you have enough people from each nation to do the teleporting, or have mules for teleporting.