Saturday, November 21, 2009

The System

So, I've been doing more Fishing than ever lately: Trying to skill up to 78, get my second Ebisu item, and get 85k GP for the Key Item to flag the quest.

The second item is kind of a wild card. I could get it from my next Gugursaurus or my 500th one from now. I'm only up to 70 though, so I'm still only half the average number of fish. It'd be really nice to get it soon though.

As for the skilling up, they're coming slowly but surely:If I win a skill up Ring from Fish Ranking I could get up to the 90s pretty quickly I think.

Guild Points have been pretty sucky. Yesterday was catch 30 Cheval Salmon. Which bite on Fly Lures which Shining Trout also bite on about twice as often. I'm not about to fish halfway to fatigue for 1.2k GP and maybe 1,500 gil from NPCing Shining Trout. Today is catch 15 Elshimo Frogs. That sucks slightly less, but I still don't really care to stand around the fucking jungle for an hour for 2.3k GP. Lots of running around and lots of time to catch all the damned fish because of course you can't buy them anywhere and they're otherwise useless so nobody with half a brain would bother fishing them normally.

Enter: The System

I could instead be in Talacca Cove skilling up and making a pile of gil to buy Gugrusaurus with. Ahtapot (useless version of grimmonite), Mercanbaligi (bream), and Dil (black sole) all bite there on a Shrimp Lure.

Ahtapot go directly to one of the rat people NPCs in Nashmau. That's 700 gil with no headache.

Mercanbaligi I was making Bream Sushi with, but it's three synths per stack. I've only got 100+1 Cooking, so it's not Tier 2 HQ without support. And people flock to Squid Sushi as their default cheapo sushi (despite Bream being better usually), so the shit sells very slowly. Those are now also going to the same rat NPC, who must be wondering what the hell to do with all the fish I sell to him, for a nice 600 gil a pop.

Dil is where the only actual Cooking happens. Sole Sushi takes six synths to make a stack and is a Tier 1 HQ that sells for more than 2x the NQ. Also, despite in theory being a 1/8 or 1/16 HQ rate I've got horrible luck with it HQing. My break rate is significantly higher. There's ocassionally a fluke like above though.

The synths each make about 2.5k gil profit, not counting breaks, and move fairly quickly, so it's decent money. Between the NPC gil and the AH Sole Sushi sales I can buy about 7-10 Gugrusaurus a day.

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