Thursday, December 31, 2009

The Upgrade (Or: Frankenstein PC)

As frequent readers may know, my PC is a source of much sadness.It's now nominally less sad.Baby steps, amirite?

I found two 512MB sticks of PC2700 lying around and they seem to work OK. They passed the Windows Memory Test anyway and nothing's crashed yet. Windows 7 definitely benefits from it. SuperFetch is whoring out ~600MB of it caching stuff.

I've also gotten a 1TB Wester Digital Green harddrive from my brother. There's also a 320GB WD Black harddrive here that I think works, but don't know for sure so I'll have to test it. Both of which would be really nice improvements to my current storage situation.From 200GB to 1,320GB of space.


I'll finally have room to install Visual Studio and screw around with the XNA Game Development kit.

The 4GB USB Flashdrive is there for ReadyBoost which is a surprisingly cool technology available since lolVista.

The only hangup with it is I realized I don't have any SATA cables to hook either up. I wasn't able to get to any stores that sell them at reasonable prices in time either.


But I'll try again on the 2nd, and get two of the things. It should be pretty good.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

The difference a cable makes...

If you're playing on PS2, it's pretty amazing how huge an improvement in visual quality you get by hooking the PS2 up to a TV using Component Cables over the RCA/Composite ones. FFXI does 16:9 (except the title screen for some reason), but doesn't support running in 480p mode.

I popped in Star Ocean: Til the End of Time which does and got it running in 480p mode. It's quite pretty looking. If I could figure out how the hell to save I'd turn it off though because I don't really feel like playing it. I hate all the characters and I'm only ~30 minutes into it. Seriously, I want to kill everyone who talks in this game with fire.

I also got an HD box in from Comcast and that's supposed to be activated now after 30 minutes on the phone with them in about 45 minutes when it finishes doing whatever its doing. Perhaps coincidentally, I kind of want to kill Comcast with fire.

I also picked up Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Summoner 2: Raidou Kuzunoha Vs. King Abbadon. It has to be the longest title of any game, EVAR. Known in certain keeps as "Colon Cancer." The guys did a Quick Look of it during the Persona 4 Endurance Run and it looked pretty damned strange, but interesting. I'll probably end up liking it and then need to try and find a copy of the first one. As I understand it in SMT: DS2: RKVSKA you can kill Jack Frost with fire. Which sounds like fun.

Monday, December 28, 2009

So.... Um.... What's next?

I know it'll be about three more months until we get another update, if not longer, but...does anyone know what's coming? I'm not up to date on my WotG Missions/Quests, so I don't know what's going on with that, but haven't heard anything on SE's plans at all.

Black Mage updates? (lol)

Monk updates? (lol)

New avatars? (LOL!!!!!!!!)

The Mini-expansions are done, is anything planned next? Well, besides FF14?

I mean I'm all for the hilarious potential of massive botting bans, but schadenfreude only provides pretty brief entertainment.

Speak up, Square-Enix.

It hurts all over; Leveling Ranger; and Job Updates... (Also, 16:9)

It's been about two weeks, but it was finally both warm outside (about 50F) and my hip feels 100% better, so I went running again yesterday.

It turns out the amount of time needed to get your body not used to running again is about two weeks. Everything hurts today. Well, all the stuff that moves while running anyway.

If I hadn't been running I'd be worried I was getting the flu. There's some muscle on my back that freaking hurts. It's kind of ridiculous.

Ranger Ahoy!

I think I'm going to actually go and try to level Ranger again today. It's been quite a while (I hit 53 in August, it's 57 still), but I think shooting things in the face, and then getting eaten, could be fun. Plus it would get rid of some of the armor and ammo I have tying up MH space once I hit the 70s.

I guess I could also level Samurai as a subjob, but I'm not really a fan of it and it's one of three jobs that's still level 1.

Job Updates!

Not FFXI Jobs, but actual ones!

I got a call this morning about one of the many jobs I sent out resumes for! I think it was for a 6-12 month contract as a PC Technician for some company based out of Georgia that's doing stuff in Pennsylvannia for some reason. Sounds like it could be decent resume addition fodder and make some money while finding something a little more permanent (assuming I actually get it).

If nothing else I could really use something approximating a modern PC (Athlon XPs with DDR400 RAM aren't exactly recent). I wrote up a "stuff to buy should somebody actually employ me" thing not too long ago that's still pretty accurate (minus the TV part).

That's about it for now!

Minor update: 16:9!

FFXI along with a few other titles on the PS2 has 16:9 support. So you can have the game fill your widescreen TV without making your characters look like candidate for pre-diabetes.

Strangely, although consistent with the rest of the game really, it isn't enabled on the "flying around Vanadiel" title screen or character selection screen. Neither, of course, is the music/sound settings which makes that screen loud enough to wake the dead.

Saturday, December 26, 2009


The bane of my fucking existance.

Who was the idiot who decided that getting 63 of these fish which nobody fishes up on their own and can't be bought from any NPCs would be a good Guild Point idea? Shouldn't that the guy has jars of urine stored by his desk be a good indication he's fucked in the head and shouldn't be put in charge of Guild Points?

Shouldn't the limitations placed on how many fish you can catch in a day and how long it would take to get 63 of these make it seem retarded?


Merry Christmas!

Here at Evilpaul Enterprises™ we enjoyed a nice evening with the family and had a tasty turkey dinner complete with homemade stuffing (by me!). I didn't actually stuff the stuffing into the turkey because that doesn't work well from a not-giving-your-family-food-poisoning-serving-raw-bird or overcooking-the-bejesus-out-of-the-turkey viewpoint, so I guess if I were pretentious I'd call it a "dressing."

Other than that, my brother and I had many lulz repeating Internet memes to each other including this one:I still laugh everytime I see it.

On the X-mas present front, I got a 19" 720p TV. It's much nicer than the slightly larger inch number SDTV it's replacing. For starters, I don't need to beat the hell out of it to make it not be all staticy and shitty because of solder melting from the tuner (or whatever the technical explanation is behind God hating me and my TV).

I asked on about getting component cables to hook up my PS2 (and hopefully, someday, PS3). They let me know that I can indeed use the same cable for both a PS2 and PS3 and a website that sells said cables for less than five bucks. Which is pretty awesome. So I should have a less bad looking PS2 hooked up to my TV in a few days.

On the FFXI front I've been doing mostly nothing for the past two days. A little bit of fishing tonight at Qufim and little else, really. I got .2 skill, so I'm slightly closer to 100. I'm not using my Pelican Ring though as only one of the three fish here can give me skill ups.

I did try to catch Takitaro for another Pelican Ring a few days ago, but even with my Albatross Ring I couldn't get one below 20% stamina before timing out.

Still no news on what's going on with the LS. There's nobody on it and nobody is posting crap on the website lately. /sigh

Thursday, December 24, 2009

An Early Christmas Present

I got my first ever Jury Duty notification today!


This is the bestest Christmas Eve EVAR!!!

I've written before about how I felt about the prospect. That is to say with the local police being brigandish pederasts, depraved homosexuals, and horse porn enthusiasts, the local judiciary being Judge Judy wannabes that border on functionally retarded, and that that kind of makes a jury trial pretty pointless. I also wouldn't convict someone who's obviously guilty of a "victimless crime."

And now I've written it to the local courthouse.

I wonder what they'll charge me with for not being enamored with their sick parody of a legal system?

Monday, December 21, 2009

Member Moderators (Or: How to tell if a web forum will suck more than usual.)

It's pretty much inevitable that you'll see flaming anywhere on the Internet that lots of people post their ideas. It happened 20+ years ago on USENET when there were 10 people online and the people actually knew each other offline. Hell, they were down the hall from each other.

It definitely happens more today when people seem to idolize this:Why not be an obnoxious jerkoff to people you don't know who are more intelligent than you for no reason? It's not like they could beat the shit out of you by reaching through your monitor or something.

So, I kind of suspect e-thugs will continue to be around for the forseeable future until reach-through monitor technology arrives (or until I figure out how to kill people using my mind).

How does this tie into why some forums are shittier than others? Member moderators. If you see a forum of modest size that the owners/Administrators can't be bothered to read and/or moderate themselves, it'll be hilariously shitty 9 times out of 10.

Take, for instance,

Not that big a forum.

Only a few sections.

Only a few posters.

Yet there's about a half dozen member moderators. Kind of unnecessary considering there's a dozen plus staff members as well. Shockingly, picking your mods by popularity contest continues to not work very well there.

So with the absentee owners who have no idea what's going on you can have:

1) Flaming of someone for not knowing something.

Didn't know what game Tetsuya Nomura worked on last year? Of course it's OK to call you a fucking retard.

The Member Moderators will comment on how stupid you were too, afterwards. Good enforcement of the forum rules there.

2) Flaming of someone for knowing something you didn't.

Didn't know that the Executive Producer of a series says he's not interested in making it appeal to a wider (including grown adult) audience? Of course it's OK to call someone who did a fucking idiot.

Member Moderators will help settle the situation by deleting posts that aren't flames and personal attacks and leave those that are intact.

Why? Probably because their dainty little feelings were hurt by letting them know Final Fantasy 8 sucks ass.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

So you think you can fish? (Part I)

I hit level 80 Fishing earlier and am heading to Windy to hand in a Three-eyed Fish to continue skilling and four Giant Catfish for GP for the day.And I decided to share with you, my three readers, my Fishing related wisdom. It's not all things I came up with on my own, of course. Evil Wiki, BG's Fishing thread, and nitsuj's 1-100 Fishing all provided information and inspiration on the way to 80 Fishing (and hopefully, 100 Fishing with Ebisu someday soon).

The Basics

To fish, you face a body of water (possibly standing in it) with a fishing rod equipped in your Ranged slot and a lure (multi-use) or bait (single bite) and click 'Fish' or type /fish.

Based upon the rod/lure combo and chance you'll either get a "Something bit the line!/!!!" message or "You didn't catch anything."

With experience and either advice from an experienced fisherman or the Wiki, you'll be able to tell what caught your line before attempting to reel it in. More on this later.

With the camera behind you, hold the opposite direction the fish pulls your rod and you'll deplete its stamina. Deplete it fully and hit 'X' or Enter to reel it in. I personally turn the camera facing my character which makes it so you push the direction the fish pulls your rod.

You can do either, it's a matter of personal preference.

Cooking Skill?

Because of sushi's ubiquitousness as the melee food of first resort, regardless of how brilliant that actually is, you'll hear people talk about how well Fishing and Cooking go together. And it's quite true. I've probably made 2/3rds of my gil in the game this way.

You can start the day with 10k gil and finish it with 250k gil from a mixture of AH sales, NPCing fish, etc. Some days are better than others though with bite rates, HQ rates, and just how fast people are buying stuff all can vary heavily.

Having at least 20ish Cooking is also useful for making your own Insect Balls to catch Moat Trout. I don't suggest completing the Lu Shang's Rod quest unless you really want to because you can sell fish and buy one a lot sooner. But Moat Carp are a decent starter skill up fish, so it's handy. More on both of these further down.

The Hardware

If you're serious about starting fishing you'll need to buy a fishing rod.

If you're made of gil, buy a Lu Shang's Fishing Rod. It's the second best in the game. It'll last you all the way to level 100 and lets you target the most profitable fish for skilling up.

If you'd like to start fishing, but don't have 3 million gil lying around your Mog House, then get a Halcyon Rod. It's really the next best thing to a Lu's for smaller fish. Unfortunately, while "big fish" rods do exist they're pretty uniformly terrible and I would avoid wasting my time with them.

The ...Software?

After you've got a Fishing Rod, you're going to need bait or a lure. These are the most significant of the bait you'll run into:
Little worms: About 3 gil from NPCs, they catch small fish in "fresh" waters.

Lugworms: Also about 3 gil from NPCs, they catch small fish in salty water.

Insect Balls: If you watch to catch Carp you'll be using this bait.

Crayfish Balls: If you're after Nebimonites on the Ferry or Sea Serpent Grotto you'll probably use this (if you go with bait).

Sliced Bluetail: The bait of choice for catching Bhefhel Marlins on the Selbina to Mhuara (and back again) Ferry.

Meatballs: These catch the beasts of the Great Deep. If you're catcning badass fish, you're probably using Meatballs.
For those of you who would rather not have to carry around stacks of bait that get consumed every line bite (regardless of what's on the other end with few exceptions), then you'll be mostly using these:
Minnow: Catches a wide variety of fish mostly in salt water.

Sinking Minnow: Catches bottom feeding fish. Works in both fresh and salt water.

Shrimp Lure: Catches a wide variety of fish in salt water. There's some overlap and some exlusion between this and Minnows.

Fly Lure: If you're fishing up something weird in a swamp, giant tree or in the jungle you'll probably be using one of these. Also very useful in frog fishing (which is usually not very useful).
Fishing Skill

Unlike most crafts, Fishing Skill really doesn't do a whole hell of a lot. It makes it so you deplete a fish's stamina more quickly, so you're more likely to be able to reel one in.

But you'll be able to reel in fish that are 50+ levels higher than you with a Lu's (and in some cases a Halcyon). Cone Calamary, for instance, have virtually no "fight" to them, so a level 10 fisherman could reel one in despite them capping at level 48.

And there are some fish, I'm looking at you Shining Trout for my GP last week, that still are annoying to reel in even if you're 50+ levels above their cap because they have a lot of "fight" to them.

Suffice it to say manual dexterity plays a bigger role than Fishing skill in reeling in fish.

Fishing Clothes

If you're borderline sometimes able to reel in a fish, sometimes not, having the added few skill points from Fishing gear can prove useful. Fishing in ToAU areas where fish are generally harder to get out of the water it may be useful.

You'll probably be fine without it though, so it's a Your Mileage May Vary sort of thing.

The only difference between the NQ and HQ is the DEF rating on them if anyone was wondering.

The Guild armor pieces are the same way except the feet give +2 skill instead of +1. The apron reduces the amount of items you'll catch which with items being generally pretty worthless means you may want to pick one up.

Fishing Rings

I'm separating these into a separate section because they're more complicated in effect and to obtain than the Fishing skill+ pieces.

The first pair are the Seagull and Heron Rings from a MMM thing. If you care about MMM, check the link and spam the correct maze for a chance at them. The two provide increase fish stamina reduction/recovery when you have Fishing Guild Support active. These look like they could be handy at lower levels, but you'll do fine without them.

Next, are the Albatross and Penguin Rings. They're rewards for completing the Pirate's Chart and Brigand's Chart quests, respectively. You can get the Rare/Ex items to start the two quests as rewards from Inside the Belly, a quest I'll be covering right after this.

Of the two the only one I'd really recommend pursuing is the Albatross Ring. That's because it's enchantment roughly doubles the amount of time a fish will stay on your line. This will make reeling in fish in ToAU areas (which are very nice for skilling up mid to high levels) much easier. For details on how to obtain it (hint: bring Summoners) read the wiki page linked to above.

Inside the Belly

Since I already mentioned it, there's a quest called Inside the Belly relating to fishing. Specifically, once you hit level 28 the NPC Zaldon at the Fishing Guild in Selbina will offer to gut certain fish for you and then give you small amounts of gil and possibly an item. The item rates are pretty terrible most or all are <10%. the Wiki page for a table of which fish may contain which items. To get Charts for the Rings you'll want Bhefhel Marlins which can be caught on the Ferry with Sliced Bluetail.

Where to skill up...

This is where I'm going to leave it for today. There's plenty of information above for a new fisherman to digest.

If you want to get started today, try using your rod of choice (release "Bad/Terrible feeling" message fish unless you sprung for Lu's) and a Little Worm in pretty much any freshwater in any of the starting cities to catch Crayfish. These cap at level 7.

Alternately, use Insect Balls to catch Moat Carp at most of the same locations. They cap at 11.

Happy angling!

Minor Edit: I changed the sections titles to a blue I think is easier to read (and sticks out a lot more) than the bolded white text that I used elsewhere (mostly the bait/lure info).

One thing to improve in FFXIV...

If there's one thing Square-Enix could improve in FF14, it would be not advertising the sale of things, say Shantotto's Absurd and Retarded Mini-Quest Line That's a Massive Pain in My Ass to Finish, to me if I've already bought Shantotto's Absurd and Retarded Mini-Quest Line That's a Massive Pain in My Ass to Finish.

I remember Blizzard used to do the same thing on Battle.Net in 1998. I don't know if they still do this in whatever Lobby sort of thing WoW has (does it have one?), but if not maybe Squeenix can get on the bleeding edge of advertising and use information they already have about me to target their advertising?

You know, like most people were doing in 1998.

Just sayin'.

Friday, December 18, 2009

Can I borrow a Koenig Shield off somebody?

I farmed up a little more than one stack of slime oil in Korrolocka Tunnel yesterday. Bought some of the other oils from the synergy dude. And headed to Mhuara to the Goldsmithing Guild to buy Yellow Rocks to make Earth Fewell for my Synergy skill ups. Make three stacks, and realize I needed Wind Fewell.


Now I need to either made Wind Fewell and try to sell the Earth Fewell (pro-tip: Nobody buys the shit) or get a Koenig Shield because you can skill up adding Evoliths to those to about 44 skill. Unfortunately, they cost almost 300k. Anyone got one I can borrow for two days? :-P

On the plus side of things, I hit 78 Fishing earlier and am about halfway to the GP needed for the key item. Still 0/145 on the second Rare/Ex item needed from Gugrusaurus though unfortunately.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

I don't have a "Square-Enix Account"?

Fuck the FF14 Beta.

In fact, fuck FF14.

And fuck that transexual-Cloud-clone-starring FF13.

Note: Actual transexuals are a little weird, but OK by me. To each their freaky weird own.

Swapping your androgenous zipper and belt smothered character's gender by adding breasts isn't. Using a single fucking 3D model and sticking different hair and clothes on it to make all your characters, young and old, male and female is fucking lazy and pathetic.

If you're going to barely manage one fucking Final Fantasy game per console generation maybe you could at least not copy and paste all the fucking characters, Tetsuya Nomura? I mean sure you get all your designs by tracing people from the JCPenny catalog, but maybe make your minions make it seem like you put in a little effort?(Click to enlarge the modern day palette swap.)

Let's hope SE makes lots of money to crank out some more remakes, Tri-Ace games, and Dragon Quest grind-fests. Hopefully, they'll all manage to pull off that awesomely generic Last Remnant look.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The Chat Filter is a resounding success.

People have been talking lately about SE's chat filter being bypassed by the RMT using leet speak and adding needless punctuation and how that is proof it's poorly implemented. The third party ChatMon add-on sounds much more intelligently designed, but it's being beaten as well. (You could of course be banned for using it to avoid RMT spam /tells too, technically.)

Now some would say these things are proof RMT have overrun the servers and SE is incapable of doing jack shit about it. Those people would be wrong.

Sure, I got about 30 RMT /tells yesterday. Sure, that's fucking annoying. (Since my LS isn't doing squat I rarely get a legitimate /tell anyway.)

But, what's different now: I can't understand a single goddamned one of them.

Seriously, they're all in EnGRISH to start with. Now they have broken 1337 sp34|< in them. And they have some sort of "(a=rm)+ ((sa=BT)]" shit added to the end.

What in the flying fuck is all that shit supposed to mean?

If I can't be bothered to figure out the math behind something that might actually prove useful to me why the fuck would I sit and try to decipher this garbage?

It's like I'm forced to go on Jeopardy!. The answer is "FUCK YOU" and a dude runs out and punches me in the nuts. Now I'm supposed to figure out the question and the "reward" is a second dude with steel toed boots will kick me in the nuts.

Why not offer added incentive and require people to drop off their $$$ for gil in person?

Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying Square-Enix is smart or something. It's just that the RMT are even more stupid. It's a battle of the retards and Square-Enix is, despite their best efforts, somehow winning.

Emergency Maintenance?

I'm guessing it'll be no more easy 1-40 Synergy skill ups?

UPDATE: Uhh... whatever the fuck that means.

The Behemoth Knife + Mordant 75 still gives skill ups at level 2. I think the furnaces no longer appear in a poof of purple gas though which might be the change.


I really need to get another Albatross Ring.

Monday, December 14, 2009

154 Gil Poison Potions

More proof SE hates Alchemists. From BG:
The newly introduced Elshimo Pachira Fruit will inflict a 1 damage/tick poison and last for 2 minutes. The best part is it only costs 154 gil each or 1848 gil a stack instead of 10k~ for poison potions. I tested the effects and you can still eat the fruit when you have a food on.

You can purchase the fruit at Ghemi Sinterilo who is the item vendor in the airport terminal in Kazham.
Are you cheap as hell, but don't want to look retarded when Kirin Sleepga's everyone at the start of a zerg? Eat some poisonous tropical fruit instead of those expensive ass potions.

i r teh reTurN3d!!!!111

Sorry for the title. :-P

What I've Been Up To...

I haven't really been on FFXI much in the past week or so. I updated FFXI on my PC when the update came out and on my (shitty) PS2 today. I'll need to go and see what all this newfangled Synergy stuff is about.

I haven't been on mostly because I'm a bit bored with the game. Also, partly because I've been playing Digital Devil Saga. But I finished that last night (in about 40 hours) so the "bored" thing is more to do with it than the "playing other games" thing. (Fun game, worth checking out if you haven't yet.)

LS Woes

It hasn't helped much that my LS isn't doing any events currently and hasn't for the past two or three months. I think we're supposed to be starting up events again after New Year's, but I'm pretty sure we were also supposed to start back up again in November and December too. Looks pretty bleak...

I could really use a Social LS or something for the time being. Maybe do some Nyzul Isle runs to see about getting more than Denali Feet and some new WS from there. The RNG WS would be situationally useful particularly since I mostly go the Holy Bolt spam route. Or try to rank up a bit in regular Assault.

Ebisu Update!

Since I haven't been on I obviously haven't made any progress towards Ebisu or gotten any Fishing GP. I logged on for a bit earlier and got .2 skill in about 25 minutes which isn't bad. I'll need to see about doing today's GP fishing later.

Synergy Stuff

I have read about this subject a bit on the Evil Wiki. It sounds simple enough in a convoluted not simple way. Apparently, to get to level 50 you either need to have Veteran Cooking (like me, yay!), Veteran Smithing, and Artisan Woodworking team or no skills and a buttload of Mythril Leaves.

You can also apparently deliberately fail to keep reusing your items over and over again. I'm not sure if Square-Enix intended this or not though. In regular Synthesis you can fail and lose items, but it's purely random once you're over the cap on an item, and your Synthesis attempt can't be punished with DEATH. In Synergy you can't lose your items, but you might die.

With how people completely and totally lose their shit over dying in FFXI I guess that can be viewed as a fair trade-off. To them anyway. When you've died hundreds of times like I have you kind of just get annoyed that you may have to do some walking and/or stand around for five minutes doing nothing.

What's Next...

I flagged the Synergy quest now, bought some Little Worms to get my GP fish in Oldton Movalpolos, bought some Pickaxes, and am going to head through North Gustaberg laying waste to every level 0 Worm mob in my path to get a Flint Stone for the quest.

After I go for a walk around the park for an hour.

I'd run most of the trail, but I seem to have fucked up my right hip about a week ago and running puts it at about an 8.5/10 on the pain scale. It'll be better in another week I think.

See ya then!

Saturday, December 5, 2009


My fucking PS2 won't read any discs and I just got my copy of SMT: Digital Devil Saga.

Now to find out if hitting it will help or not...

Friday, December 4, 2009

NMs to Camp...

As I continue my quest for the elusive Ebisu Fishing Rod, I'm tempted to stop for a while and go camp some NMs instead. This past update introduced a bunch of nice items and I would be able to have an upgrade and sell something not-Rare/Ex off for Gugrusaurus gil.

The first isn't really going to let me sell much of anything off:But it would save me some gil on ammo leveling Ranger. It would be great to find out what the proc rate is on it. (Nobody seems to know.)

The NM pops in Fort Gheselba every hour or so and is quite weak.

Next up:These two rings make for one of the best melee TP set in the game. It's like having two Divisor Rings that work all the time. Well, after level 55 anyway.

The NMs spawn in two of the (S) zones every hour or two. Droprate is pretty bad though with the wiki listing it as ~5%. If I got them both I could sell off my Toreador's and Sniper's rings and make about 3.2 million.

Also:Basically a Life Belt +1. (Or a decently augmented Life Belt.) Kind of lower priority than the other NMs because it's really only a very small improvement.

And for MNK & PUP:They're piercing damage which makes them quite nice to have around.

And that's it pretty much!

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Bastok Mines -> Nashmau

Because I'm not smart enough to find my way through the Alzadaal Undersea Ruins to Nashmau I'm thinking about moving my Homepoint to Nashmau. That makes it kind of inconvenient to get basically anywhere else, but I haven't had LS events in like three months and am mostly spending my gaming time fishing in Talacca Cove (to make gil and get Fishing skill ups).

That saves me the time of taking the ferry from Whitegate, but also makes it so I can't catch any Kalkanbaligi and maybe get a second Flat Shield. Which are quite nice since I can probably sell another for 200k.

Having just gotten a second Flat Shield as I type this, I'm not sure I want to give that up.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

I should start an all-Relic (except me) Shantotto party... has been updated with Mini-expansion progress info. Should make finding people for the Full Moon Fountain mission a lot easier by comparison to what it was before.

Like half the people on that list all have relics. O.o


I'm smarter than Square-Enix. Which seriously isn't saying very much.

Despite being hilariously inept at finding employment, I did ace several courses in the Computer Science part of my BS in CS degree attempt. (My shit rhymes. In an Eminem sort of way. However he spells it. Fuck Eminem.)

Anyway, if you're a sorry bastard like me who failed a "write a decimal number in IEEE binary format" Class once, but motherfucking aced (high five!) Foundations of Computer Science which was all about Finite State Machines (aka the motherfucking computer in front of you) and Regular Expressions (aka...motherfucking regular expressions?), then this makes you fucking sad.Seriously, Square-Enix. "brogame" and "oosale", or whatever the fuck the second URL was that lasted about a day, can be pretty easily parsed from a /tell string with a Regular Expression. If a pathetic fuck like myself can figure out how to filter them, maybe the fucks you're paying stupid amounts of money to neglect FFXI for FFXIV could fucking spend five minutes to fucking implement a non-fucktarded chat filter?

Here's another hint. You could use Heuristics and flag trial accounts with WORldafjhksahdfkjashdfjhd names as probably fucking RMT spam cunts.

Just sayin.'