Thursday, December 3, 2009

Bastok Mines -> Nashmau

Because I'm not smart enough to find my way through the Alzadaal Undersea Ruins to Nashmau I'm thinking about moving my Homepoint to Nashmau. That makes it kind of inconvenient to get basically anywhere else, but I haven't had LS events in like three months and am mostly spending my gaming time fishing in Talacca Cove (to make gil and get Fishing skill ups).

That saves me the time of taking the ferry from Whitegate, but also makes it so I can't catch any Kalkanbaligi and maybe get a second Flat Shield. Which are quite nice since I can probably sell another for 200k.

Having just gotten a second Flat Shield as I type this, I'm not sure I want to give that up.


  1. Dvucca Staging Point is very easy to get to Nash. Take the staging point, throw up sneak/invis, follow the left wall, enter Nyzul. Once you enter there's one portal, take that, leave the ruins, and follow the right wall into Nash :)

    The only thing is you need either captain rank, a remnents permit, or an imperial silver piece. The permit is really nice though, just to have on you even if you don't do salvage.

  2. Just remember NELLO

    NE Porter

    You'll be gold every time.

  3. The Azouph staging point is usually just as fast as through the ruins. You need to bring sneak and invisible because there's chigoe, and sometimes there's imps to avoid if there's no experience parties out, but it's a pretty easy run.

  4. "You need to bring sneak and invisible because there's chigoe"

    Once you pass the sheep, as long as you go along the *south* side of the lake, you shouldn't run into any chigoe (they can be outrun with Mazurka anyway). Imps outside the staging point are the only problem, but if you're lucky, someone is there killing them.

    The run from Azouph is only worth doing if you have Mazurka (takes 2 songs to get to Nashmau, first song ends around the sheep). Nyzul is safe and easy and not that much slower.