Friday, December 18, 2009

Can I borrow a Koenig Shield off somebody?

I farmed up a little more than one stack of slime oil in Korrolocka Tunnel yesterday. Bought some of the other oils from the synergy dude. And headed to Mhuara to the Goldsmithing Guild to buy Yellow Rocks to make Earth Fewell for my Synergy skill ups. Make three stacks, and realize I needed Wind Fewell.


Now I need to either made Wind Fewell and try to sell the Earth Fewell (pro-tip: Nobody buys the shit) or get a Koenig Shield because you can skill up adding Evoliths to those to about 44 skill. Unfortunately, they cost almost 300k. Anyone got one I can borrow for two days? :-P

On the plus side of things, I hit 78 Fishing earlier and am about halfway to the GP needed for the key item. Still 0/145 on the second Rare/Ex item needed from Gugrusaurus though unfortunately.

1 comment:

  1. If you can upgrade it with some augments of awesomesauce, then sure. If you're going to destroy it...well, the AH has plenty you can buy. :p