Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The Chat Filter is a resounding success.

People have been talking lately about SE's chat filter being bypassed by the RMT using leet speak and adding needless punctuation and how that is proof it's poorly implemented. The third party ChatMon add-on sounds much more intelligently designed, but it's being beaten as well. (You could of course be banned for using it to avoid RMT spam /tells too, technically.)

Now some would say these things are proof RMT have overrun the servers and SE is incapable of doing jack shit about it. Those people would be wrong.

Sure, I got about 30 RMT /tells yesterday. Sure, that's fucking annoying. (Since my LS isn't doing squat I rarely get a legitimate /tell anyway.)

But, what's different now: I can't understand a single goddamned one of them.

Seriously, they're all in EnGRISH to start with. Now they have broken 1337 sp34|< in them. And they have some sort of "(a=rm)+ ((sa=BT)]" shit added to the end.

What in the flying fuck is all that shit supposed to mean?

If I can't be bothered to figure out the math behind something that might actually prove useful to me why the fuck would I sit and try to decipher this garbage?

It's like I'm forced to go on Jeopardy!. The answer is "FUCK YOU" and a dude runs out and punches me in the nuts. Now I'm supposed to figure out the question and the "reward" is a second dude with steel toed boots will kick me in the nuts.

Why not offer added incentive and require people to drop off their $$$ for gil in person?

Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying Square-Enix is smart or something. It's just that the RMT are even more stupid. It's a battle of the retards and Square-Enix is, despite their best efforts, somehow winning.


  1. I understand what I think you are saying here, but the fact is that there should be ZERO RMT tells, of ANY kind.

    THAT is the failure. The filter was supposed to effectively take all those tells and ERADICATE them from the general population -- using that as a probable means to finally rid the game of RMT.

    That has failed.

  2. I agree with you that there shouldn't be any RMT /tells. If SE did away with the stupid free trials, there probably wouldn't be any of them anymore. There weren't before, after all.

    But since they apparently won't for some moronic reason, consider this:

    1) SE adds free trials

    2) RMT begin sending /tells. There's no filter to block them.

    3) Version update and SE adds the filter to block RMT /tells.

    4) No RMT /tells for anywhere from 6-48 hours depending on which server and who you ask. (For me it was about 24 hours.)

    5) RMT begin trying to bypass the filter with increasingly stupid messages.

    6) Third-party ChatMon, which RMT apparently are checking their /tells against, updates iteratively to block more RMT /tells.

    7) RMT /tells become so utterly nonsensical that even if you try to understand them it's rather difficult.

    So, while I agree the existance of RMT /tells is abhorrent, at this point the RMT may as well be sending us /tells in Chinese because they are no longer intelligible to any significant degree. They continue to be annoying and a violation of the TOS, but they're no longer actually advertising because we can't understand them.

    So, in that sort of round about unintended way I think the chat filter has been quite successful. I don't think SE will eliminate RMT /tells, but I don't think most of the player base will be able to understand the RMT /tells.

    It's "fixed" in a paradoxically stupid sort of way.