Thursday, December 24, 2009

An Early Christmas Present

I got my first ever Jury Duty notification today!


This is the bestest Christmas Eve EVAR!!!

I've written before about how I felt about the prospect. That is to say with the local police being brigandish pederasts, depraved homosexuals, and horse porn enthusiasts, the local judiciary being Judge Judy wannabes that border on functionally retarded, and that that kind of makes a jury trial pretty pointless. I also wouldn't convict someone who's obviously guilty of a "victimless crime."

And now I've written it to the local courthouse.

I wonder what they'll charge me with for not being enamored with their sick parody of a legal system?


  1. Wouldn't a messed up police force and judge make the jury system more important?

  2. In theory, yes.

    In practice they won't allow anyone onto it who would threaten their little kleptocracy without comitting a felony and perjuring himself to get on a jury.