Thursday, December 17, 2009

I don't have a "Square-Enix Account"?

Fuck the FF14 Beta.

In fact, fuck FF14.

And fuck that transexual-Cloud-clone-starring FF13.

Note: Actual transexuals are a little weird, but OK by me. To each their freaky weird own.

Swapping your androgenous zipper and belt smothered character's gender by adding breasts isn't. Using a single fucking 3D model and sticking different hair and clothes on it to make all your characters, young and old, male and female is fucking lazy and pathetic.

If you're going to barely manage one fucking Final Fantasy game per console generation maybe you could at least not copy and paste all the fucking characters, Tetsuya Nomura? I mean sure you get all your designs by tracing people from the JCPenny catalog, but maybe make your minions make it seem like you put in a little effort?(Click to enlarge the modern day palette swap.)

Let's hope SE makes lots of money to crank out some more remakes, Tri-Ace games, and Dragon Quest grind-fests. Hopefully, they'll all manage to pull off that awesomely generic Last Remnant look.


  1. Dude, if you don't have a SE Account that means you dont have a Security Token. THUS, you don't have a Mog Satchel . . . wtf you thinking! Go buy a Security Token for a Mog Satchel IMMEDIATELY!

  2. I don't really need the storage space.

    I've got ~50 free spaces on my main and that's with a whole bunch of stuff for my 57 Ranger which I wouldn't have at 75.

  3. Yes, but you can stuff your satchel full of stuff you might need or are likely to forget that you'd kick yourself for not bringing. Warp/teleport items, food, echo drops, prism powder, silent oil, and random coffer keys are just a few of the items I keep in mine. If I have all of my SCH gear out, I only end up with about 10-12 free, which isn't very much for times when I need to farm/nyzul/collect coins in Limbus.

    I think you've got it backwards about Lightning and Cloud. Cloud has a feminine shaped face. So that would make *him* the transvestite.