Wednesday, December 2, 2009

I'm smarter than Square-Enix. Which seriously isn't saying very much.

Despite being hilariously inept at finding employment, I did ace several courses in the Computer Science part of my BS in CS degree attempt. (My shit rhymes. In an Eminem sort of way. However he spells it. Fuck Eminem.)

Anyway, if you're a sorry bastard like me who failed a "write a decimal number in IEEE binary format" Class once, but motherfucking aced (high five!) Foundations of Computer Science which was all about Finite State Machines (aka the motherfucking computer in front of you) and Regular Expressions (aka...motherfucking regular expressions?), then this makes you fucking sad.Seriously, Square-Enix. "brogame" and "oosale", or whatever the fuck the second URL was that lasted about a day, can be pretty easily parsed from a /tell string with a Regular Expression. If a pathetic fuck like myself can figure out how to filter them, maybe the fucks you're paying stupid amounts of money to neglect FFXI for FFXIV could fucking spend five minutes to fucking implement a non-fucktarded chat filter?

Here's another hint. You could use Heuristics and flag trial accounts with WORldafjhksahdfkjashdfjhd names as probably fucking RMT spam cunts.

Just sayin.'

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