Monday, December 28, 2009

It hurts all over; Leveling Ranger; and Job Updates... (Also, 16:9)

It's been about two weeks, but it was finally both warm outside (about 50F) and my hip feels 100% better, so I went running again yesterday.

It turns out the amount of time needed to get your body not used to running again is about two weeks. Everything hurts today. Well, all the stuff that moves while running anyway.

If I hadn't been running I'd be worried I was getting the flu. There's some muscle on my back that freaking hurts. It's kind of ridiculous.

Ranger Ahoy!

I think I'm going to actually go and try to level Ranger again today. It's been quite a while (I hit 53 in August, it's 57 still), but I think shooting things in the face, and then getting eaten, could be fun. Plus it would get rid of some of the armor and ammo I have tying up MH space once I hit the 70s.

I guess I could also level Samurai as a subjob, but I'm not really a fan of it and it's one of three jobs that's still level 1.

Job Updates!

Not FFXI Jobs, but actual ones!

I got a call this morning about one of the many jobs I sent out resumes for! I think it was for a 6-12 month contract as a PC Technician for some company based out of Georgia that's doing stuff in Pennsylvannia for some reason. Sounds like it could be decent resume addition fodder and make some money while finding something a little more permanent (assuming I actually get it).

If nothing else I could really use something approximating a modern PC (Athlon XPs with DDR400 RAM aren't exactly recent). I wrote up a "stuff to buy should somebody actually employ me" thing not too long ago that's still pretty accurate (minus the TV part).

That's about it for now!

Minor update: 16:9!

FFXI along with a few other titles on the PS2 has 16:9 support. So you can have the game fill your widescreen TV without making your characters look like candidate for pre-diabetes.

Strangely, although consistent with the rest of the game really, it isn't enabled on the "flying around Vanadiel" title screen or character selection screen. Neither, of course, is the music/sound settings which makes that screen loud enough to wake the dead.

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