Friday, December 4, 2009

NMs to Camp...

As I continue my quest for the elusive Ebisu Fishing Rod, I'm tempted to stop for a while and go camp some NMs instead. This past update introduced a bunch of nice items and I would be able to have an upgrade and sell something not-Rare/Ex off for Gugrusaurus gil.

The first isn't really going to let me sell much of anything off:But it would save me some gil on ammo leveling Ranger. It would be great to find out what the proc rate is on it. (Nobody seems to know.)

The NM pops in Fort Gheselba every hour or so and is quite weak.

Next up:These two rings make for one of the best melee TP set in the game. It's like having two Divisor Rings that work all the time. Well, after level 55 anyway.

The NMs spawn in two of the (S) zones every hour or two. Droprate is pretty bad though with the wiki listing it as ~5%. If I got them both I could sell off my Toreador's and Sniper's rings and make about 3.2 million.

Also:Basically a Life Belt +1. (Or a decently augmented Life Belt.) Kind of lower priority than the other NMs because it's really only a very small improvement.

And for MNK & PUP:They're piercing damage which makes them quite nice to have around.

And that's it pretty much!

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