Thursday, December 31, 2009

The Upgrade (Or: Frankenstein PC)

As frequent readers may know, my PC is a source of much sadness.It's now nominally less sad.Baby steps, amirite?

I found two 512MB sticks of PC2700 lying around and they seem to work OK. They passed the Windows Memory Test anyway and nothing's crashed yet. Windows 7 definitely benefits from it. SuperFetch is whoring out ~600MB of it caching stuff.

I've also gotten a 1TB Wester Digital Green harddrive from my brother. There's also a 320GB WD Black harddrive here that I think works, but don't know for sure so I'll have to test it. Both of which would be really nice improvements to my current storage situation.From 200GB to 1,320GB of space.


I'll finally have room to install Visual Studio and screw around with the XNA Game Development kit.

The 4GB USB Flashdrive is there for ReadyBoost which is a surprisingly cool technology available since lolVista.

The only hangup with it is I realized I don't have any SATA cables to hook either up. I wasn't able to get to any stores that sell them at reasonable prices in time either.


But I'll try again on the 2nd, and get two of the things. It should be pretty good.

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