Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Dynamis Windurst (Or: Running Away in Cowardly Terror, With Dignity)

It's important to have fun in life. And, for those who haven't tried it, I highly recommend shrieking like a little girl and running away from trouble as fast as your legs will carry you. It's truly exhilirating. And funny when you come back later knowing people know you did it. lolz.I didn't actually log out the second time but it was funny because of what was being said on Vent at the time.

I went as PUP/NIN and mostly used the Mage Automaton. It worked pretty well, but I switched to the melee frame towards the end of the run. The long casting times don't mesh well with mobs that typically don't live very long. I'd have used the RNG model, but it's skill is only 219/269...which is kind of bad. I'm hoping we'll do some ZNMs and I can get a Coiler and Steam Jacket attachment as those are almost the only ones I'm still missing.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

I'm obviously not very good at math...

I've been replaying Chrono Cross the past two days. It proved to me that I'm much worse at math than a Sony Playstation.

I had an 87% chance of landing a blow on a monster.

I missed.

I had another 87% chance of landing a blow on a monster.

I missed.

I had a third 87% chance of landing a blow on a monster.

I motherfucking watched the sea cough up its dead and then motherfucking missed. Again. A third fucking time. In a row.

Did I mention this happened a dozen times prior?

I'd like to know what in the flying fuck kind of arithematic they use in Chrono Cross. According to retarded math 101, the proability of getting an 87% accurate attack is 87%. That is to say a 13% chance you'll miss it. You can multiply those probabilities together to see the chance of a consequtive miss.

So with an 87% accurate attack you have a 0.0021% of missing three times in a row.

Now, call me Mister Critical, but I think there's a fucking issue if that occurs all the fucking time.

Now, I'm overall enjoying Chrono Cross, but could they have provided a fucking remotely close to reality fucking hit rate if they are going to provide a hit rate? It's off by over 20%. Which when you fucking multiply it out to your actual odds makes it off by an astronomical fucking amount. I played Final Fantasy Tactics. They provided a hit rate on each individual attack. It was accurate. Even on the nonsensical fucking bosses. Is it too much to ask for Chrono Cross to do the same? Apparently, yes, it fucking is.

If not, ask me the lottery numbers for the next three months. It's unlikely I would guess them incorrectly.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Where's my update, SE?

It's been how many months and we don't even have any update teasers yet?

Does SE know that I haven't done the new Wings of the Goddess missions because they made the Bastok branch ridiculously difficult compared to the Sandy/Windy ones and decided to delay until I get around to it? I'm a little bored with FFXI at the moment and a lack of updates is really not helping that.

New SMN avatars, where?

Fixed WHM Automaton AI (for the 5 people who care), where?

New...anything for Monk? Maybe make Footwork not LOL in all situations, where?

JA for NIN that temporarily sheds Enmity (to be used soley for MPKing mages I don't like /point EB), where?

Anything? Come on, SE! There's "FFXI is dying" talk and I don't think it's all completely retarded for a change.

Final Fantasy 8...still sucks.

In non-FFXI news, I ripped an ISO of FF8 Disc 1 and decided to give it another shot. I wanted to do the "Leave Squall dead so your party is much higher level than the enemies trick."

That much works, but the game is still pretty terrible.

The Draw magic crap takes FOREVER.

The random battles are SLOW. The ATB gauge stops every time an enemy does something. Which they do frequently and at an irregular pace.

The story hasn't become batshit crazy yet, but it's fucking boring. The characters (read: Squall) are unlikeable and/or fucking boring.

I didn't remember how bad the whole pre-rendered backdrop thing was until replaying this either. You can't really tell where you can walk onto the next screen at or where you can walk. Also the controller I'm using doesn't have an analog stick, so it's got that weird isometric "pushing right makes you walk away from the camera kind of to the right, sometimes" thing going for it too.

I've been wanting to go back and play all my old PSX RPGs again having replayed FF6 not too long ago. I haven't played them in ~10 years, so I figured I'll revisit them. But I think I'm going to have to give FF8 a pass. It's remarkably unenjoyable. More so than I remembered it. I did play it a lot way back when as I have a PSX memory card with a maxxed out 99:59 save file on it. Looking back, I have no idea why.

I would like to play FF7 and 9 again though. I liked both when I played them. I'd like to see how they hold up now. Next though, I'm going to try Chrono Cross again. If nothing else it has pretty awesome music.

Squall, R.I.P.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

PUP Tanking!

It's not supposed to be done like this:Hilarity ensued:Jam was luckily AFK somewhere.

I think we could have used some improved communication somewhere. Haste, Protect, and Shell probably wouldn't have hurt either.

Hades Server Drama!

Blue Gartr actually delivers some drama I can mildly care about because it happened on Hades! The first 5 or so pages are boring with nobody from Vanquishers posting really.

Starr and Stanislav go at it on page 6 or so. You can decide for yourself who won.

And then Nappy posts around page 8.

This post sums up most of my thoughts on the arguments from all sides. lol

I'm finally caught up at page 12 and it's gotten kind of stale already. /sigh

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Keeping with our Audio/Visual Theme...

A few things for this update...


[GM]Dave is being forced by a reader to play WoW all week. So, he has to install it and 6,000 updates. Go read his very funny take on FFXI vs. WoW Intro movies.

RPGCast #71!

Over at they have their 71st episode of their podcast up. (MP3 here.)

They asked people to post about their least favorite RPGs of all time last episode, so after three pages of people bitching about MMO talk, I posted mine. And they read most of it in the podcast!

So go listen! And read the forum post to see me hate on RPGs from Zelda 2: The Adventure of Link all the way to Unlimited SaGa!

The Youtubes!

Some more Mitsuda music from Chrono Cross. The "Another World" overworld music.

I find it relaxing. I guess it helps that I've seen the pretty tropical game world.

FFXI Forum Lulzesesz

I trolled the KI Samurai forum a little. They have some sort of bacon related thing going there. Eating it would literally cause you to have a heart attack instantly. The CIA probably invented it to assasinate foreign leaders.

I'm not sure where I'm going with this, but I think the thread is pretty funny.


I'll probably have a post with some actual FFXI goings on and hopefully be able to say I beat Shin Megami Tensei: Nocturne tomorrow or the next day. (The last boss whipped my ass.)

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Corsair 37! Ouryu Comethed! And other fun stuff!

I've been leveling my COR to 37 for a sub. I'm not sure what I would sub COR to, but it's done finally!I've also got an evil lot of "tabs" which will be handy for OP warp in Beastmen controlled areas.That's probably the most useful aspect of Fields of Valor.

Ouryu Cometh!

We did another triple set of Ouryu BCNMs.I think it went well.

It actually wasn't bad. The first one got a little chaotic towards the end of the fight though.The second two took a lot less time and went much smoother. From almost 50 minutes down to a little under 30.

Now we've got three more orbs to fight Bahumat V2 and hopefully get better drops this time. I should probably decide if I want to lot a Bahumat's Staff or not.

Something that surprised me a bit, was how much resists were a non-issue. Last time I went as Scholar and didn't have as much Elemental Magic/INT gear as I could have so resists were pretty high. This time they were maybe 20% or less of the time and most of those were for 1/2 damage. I was BLM this time, so the ~30 higher skill to start with helped. I also didn't really hold back at all and had a decent amount of Enmity- gear (Errant body, Tamas Ring, etc) in my nuking set so I still did good damage. Of course when Amey got petrified Ouryu killed me first, so there were some minor drawbacks.

The More Things Change...

Something I've noticed lately (it's the random observation part of the blog post time) is that people aren't yet used to how several recently changed things work.

You still see "Does XXXX need a raise?" about a dead guy. Despite it being impossible to "BobWHM's Raise has no effect." anymore because the target had RR or Tractor on him. Something I'm unsure of, is does Raise overwrite Tractor now? Spamming Tractor on dead people is a somewhat popular griefing tactic afterall.

Another thing is some mob using Dispelga and then "Check RR!" despite Dispel no longer removing RR. Which when you're paying 50k for a RR2 pin is kind of fucking obnoxious. Funny when it happens to someone else though.

Misc. /tells!

I was AFK overnight and into the afternoon a few days ago. When I got two /tells from different people who I don't know directly really well (friend of a friend soft of thing mostly) on completely unrelated subjects. I generally check the log and will return /tells when I get back and whatnot.

I missed the first person who was no longer online and probably had his two hour back from time passing, and later chatted with the second on PHY damage-% builds vs. Def+VIT. (It turns out I should really get an Arhat's hat +1 for getting stomped by hard-hitting mobs, but stick with Genbu's for weaker ones).

The only related link between the two people sending me /tells (with one about damage reduction gear) was they're both Defending Ring owners!If I was the love child of Alanis Morrisette and George W. Bush I would say that's "ironical" or something.

I also got more of the usual RMT /tells. It's too bad they're all bots and wouldn't know what "DIAF" means anyway.
Needs More Merit Parties...

My "drought" of meriting has continued. The Astral Candescence was gone for a while which didn't help. I've soloed two on BLM, but that's sloooooow. Not too bad if you're listening to a podcast or two though. I'd really rather punch shit in the face as Monk though. It's 4-5x faster EXP and equally boring. But I get to do it with other people and don't spend half the time /healing.

I'm thinking it'll probably make me a decent amount of money in doing so as well. Each merit with Sanction nets me 1 Imperial Gold piece which is worth ~10k gil. My mercenary rank is high enough that Sanction actually lasts a while now too. And I would really like to save up for two Acc+7 rings.

That's it for today! Happy adventuring!

Deep Thought for the Day

Plates go clank.

Now, enjoy two awesome tracks from Xenogears:

<3 Yasunori Mitsuda

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Specious. And podcasts! (Shockingly, FFXI related!)

Lively evening on the FFXI forums. Sonomaa, the proprietor of sorts of the BG forums, was on the Limit Break Radio podcast recently along with other FFXI celebs like Elmerthepointy of JP Button.

One thing leads to another, as is often the case on forums, and a flame war ensues. You can read the BG thread I linked above to see where it went, but the general jist of it seems to be that Aurik, a mod on BG, believes that FFXI is dead without a bunch of the people who were banned. Or at least endgame. He trails off into telling me to finish Genkai 5 or something too often for me to be sure of his exact point.

As I've said before, I am a little conflicted on the Salvage duping ban. Some people I'm sad to see go. Others, like a certain guy on Panndemonium server (however it's spelled) with 6 or 7 relics who was a douche bag to me on message boards when I didn't even know him, I laugh heartily at. It was a situation were you brought it on yourself 90+% of the time though unless the "I didn't know, I was just tagging along with my friends" people are to be believed. Which does seem plausible to me, so who knows?

In any case, you can go read the BG thread and the ever evolving related ones in the Advanced forum to see who you agree with. Me, Aurik, Ringthree, Ashira, or whoever. Any comments are welcome as long as they aren't spam or racist nazi shit here on The Pie Blog.

I also wanted to take this opportunity to share the list of FFXI and gaming related podcasts that I've been listening to:

FFXI exclusive ones:

RoclTalk - Kind of dead as far as I can tell. Check on BG forums to see if Rocl revives it.

LimitBreak Radio - Entertaining shows. They have several podcasts and they do a real radio style to them with "Breaking News" and such. The main host actually has a real radio voice. Like a deep and confident sort of sound.

Petfood Alpha - Another bunch of entertaining FFXI podcasts. They have several shows there with different hosts. I find them slightly geekier than LBR and more true to my heart.

As for more general gaming/RPG podcasts....


Hardcore Gaming 101 - The guys at Hardcore Gaming 101 have articles on practically every 16 bit and earlier RPG series that you can think of. Plus lots of other action/adventure games from the same era. Their podcast is entertaining and they are from not too far away from me in the Philly area.

Retronauts - Is the podcast by hosted by Jeremy Parish. It's very awesome and one of two or three podcasts that I've actually gone back and listened to nearly the entire archive. They have covered a good bit of Squaresoft related titles. Mana, Chrono, FF, etc.

RPGCast - RPGcast is the podcast about current RPGs and what the hosts are currently playing. There's been a good bit of forum debate about whether they should discuss MMOs or not, so if you enjoy the show I'd avoid the forums about it.

RPGBacktrack - The retro podcast. They haven't updated it in a while, but it was good while it lasted. They started with Super Mario RPG.

General Gaming:

Giant Bombcast - Entertaining show! They usually get some sort of strange energy or alcoholic drinks at the start to talk about. And then go over general gaming stuff.

Drunken Gamers Radio - They have something of a zombie fetish. They also drink alcohol at the start of the show and then talk about games. Very entertaining.

Eat. Sleep. Game. - The 1up FM people almost immediately had their own website and a new podcast after being shitcanned by Ziff-Davis. It's also very entertaining.

Everyday - A newer site and group of people trying to get into gaming journalism. They also have a retro podcast that I found pretty entertaining. (It was the first episode.) If you're in your mid to late 20s, then you can probably relate to the people on the podcast.

Player One Podcast - This podcast is run by actual games journalists who aren't employed or something. And they have a former employee on it as well frequently. I really enjoy it.

That's about it for podcasts I can recommend to you. Feel free to post ones you listen to in the comments or tell me to go fuck myself for disagreeing with Ashira on something. It's all in good fun on the Internet.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Smithing, Dynamis, and Bears Oh My!!


Where has all my gil gone? To Smithing! lolFinally finished the awful Mythril Bolt Heads stretch. Ended up costing more than I would have liked due to Fei'Yin being FFXI's most popular farming area for some reason. The next stretch is pretty easy and profitable though. (Gorgets)


I'm not going to bore everyone with every drop since nobody cares, but we did fight these for the first time ever:The one that was a Ninja and Mijin Gakured surprised me.

This I SS'd because I thought it was pretty funny.I'm evil and corrupting!

Scholar Merits!

Hades Server sucks. The Astral Candescence is missing again. So, instead of being able to get a shitty merit party with a ridiculous setup. I can't get one at all. I could go solo on BLM for 5k EXP/hr, but I really don't feel like it.

I soloed 3k or whatever I needed to get a fourth merit point.And after a quick trip to MH...Just 29 more merit points to cap out Scholar.

Meh. Maybe I should just go and do some soloing on BLM or SCH?

Or I could log off and go finish Shin Megami Tensei: Nocturne. Awesome game, grab a copy off if you haven't played it.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Where's my $#@%ing Life Belt, SE?

What the fuck, SE?I got 4.6k from a chest in Fei'Yin yesterday. I pop one today, and I can't get another yet? What in the flying fuck is the matter with SE?

It's annoying as fuck to start with that Fei'Yin has had 20 people in it 24/7 farming shit the past four days I came to get some cheap Mythril Ores. Now I get a fucking key and I can't get a pitiful quantity of gil from the fucking chests.


Verizon FiOS Woes...

Anyone have this and run into problems? I've got two friends who recently moved back into the area. Their PC was dead. Hit the power switch, nothing happens. A pretty obvious power supply issue. Replaced that and it was good to go.

Or so I thought.

It turns out now that they can't get an IP from the router. It's the Actiontec MI424-WR that Verizon gives everyone. I've replaced the network card with a second one. I've tried replacing the ethernet cable hooking it to the router. I talked to Verizon and they were supposed to send someone to replace the router two days ago. I'm not 100% certain that they did, but my friends still have no Internet. (I'll need to check on that...)

My buddy is running Windows XP Home. He's getting the 169.254 automatic IP address. ipconfig /release and /renew can't get a new one from the router.

So, anyone have any ideas what's wrong with the damn thing?

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Argute For You!

Or for me.

It's a pun.

I'm sorry.

Anyway, I picked up my sexy gloves of +1 awesome earlier! :-DThey're reallly nice. I look forward to using them.

Dramatic Re-enactment

I went to go get some random buffer EXP/farm Light Elementals in Sky earlier today. And my PS2 (yet again) overheated. I turned it back on a few minutes later, and saw this:Not surprisingly, the VT elemental managed to kill me before POL dropped me.

Which made my RR fucking worthless.

Seeing the high odds that I end up dead precisely because I get disconnected, you'd think that maybe SE would make RR still work? But that would make too much sense or something I guess.

Anyway, I did the SP Assault "Extermination" last night.It went pretty well. It's a quite easy one. I'm now ~8/20k for a Yigit Turban.

Leathercraft Mule

I also started on my much neglected Leathercrafting mule. My main char had higher skill capped at 60, so I used up all the Tiger and Bugard leathers I had accumulated to magically transform wasted storage space into gil if nothing else.And I got from 58->61 which isn't bad.

Random LULz

Here's a random screenshot I thought was pretty funny.You could say I took that out of context. Indeed I did. But, I challenge you to put it in context. lol

Moar Sea!

We did more Sea farming last night.Jailer of Temperance was the first thing we popped. I went as Monk this time, and it didn't go into Blunt mode even once until ~3% HP.So, I got the totally rad kill shot. I probably did more damage to the last one as BLM with DoT spells.

We did another Ix'DRK as well. It popped reasonably quickly. We killed the two helpers and mostly straight tanked it. And the cape dropped! It was mine if I wanted it, but I passed on it. I forgot to get pics of it though, so meh.

Our last target of the night was Ix'MNK. The ??? moved on us, so it took two trips to get to it.

And I got my second totally rad kill shot of the night!And that's about it!


Thursday, February 5, 2009

What I've been up to lately...

I got Argute Bracers as I mentioned recently. So it was off the the RollMart to get some Bynes.In retrospect, it would have been cheaper to make 200k more gil, sponsor a Dynamis-Bastok run, sell the extra Bynes, and get "free" ones for my glove upgrade.

I turned it all in.And I get to pick them up an eternity from now. (Sunday morning)

As you can tell from the screenshot above, I'm broke as piss. So, it was off to North Qufim for me.North Qufim is pretty nice for making money, but pretty shitty for skill ups once capped on Bluetails. I'm not sure where would be good for money and skill at 61, so I'm open to suggestions.

I could do somewhere with Bastore Breams, I guess. But Bream Sushi makes me significantly less money than Squid. Meh.

Sea Farming!

Epic did some Sea farming last night. Farming Sea is really goddamned boring.We did get a bunch of stuff though. Ix'DRK, Jailer of Temperance, and probably something else.Temperance drove me to drinking. We had mostly BLMs which can only damage it with DoT spells.

Evilbron died though, so it was a little entertaining.

And to end the night...I Retraced Epic! She had no chance to get away, Muwahahahahahahaha!!! The expected death threats followed. Which were followed by the expected Back to the Future jokes.

An entertaining end (to me at least) to a long night. :-D

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Resists ftw


Update:Argute Bracers! I can get the +1's now on Sunday. :-D

Also, because it came up earlier in LS chat. FF6 music!

Kefka's, Locke's, and Celes's themes. The last one is the Opera one.