Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Square to non-PC Players: ,.l..

So the Security Token is coming with a new in-game item, providing up to 80 slots of storage, called a "Mog Satchel." And you can carry it with you. (i.e. it's not Mog House only.)

So for the people who play on PS2, PS3, and Xbox 360 we get to spend $10 on something we have no intention to ever use or miss out on a huge expansion to per character storage?

I'm not particularly cramped for space, despite having a bunch of jobs leveled and plenty of Rare/Ex crap, since I maxxed out MH Storage pretty efficiently, but I'd still like to give a nice, hearty "Fuck you, Square!"

I don't mind there being wacky shields that turn you into a Moogle or let you run faster in town, a hat that is a full party Warp 2, a jacket that acts like an instant Airship/Ferry, or a rod that dispenses slightly burned Ex pies to party members that you need to pay extra money to get. But something that's as basic as expanded storage space is pretty fucking lame.

Melee Red Mage updates and Summoner bug fixes masquerading as updates yesterday. Pay SE $10 for extra storage we should have had already today. Maybe $1 micro-transactions for ZNM pop items to replace Zeni tomorrow? Or maybe an official Square-Enix Gil Store? How funny will it be if they charge real money to get more 'Malmage Out of Your Equipment'?

It sure looks like SE blew all their decent update news early this time.

Monday, March 30, 2009

Bonanza, Ahoy!

SE announced another lottery is being held this year last week.

They really improved the prizes a lot this year. Fewer of the lower ranked items look like they'll be useful on mules, but they added a bunch of otherwise unobtainable things like vouchers for those unique BCNMs from various the Fanfests.

Starting from the last place prizes, Rank 5, I'd go for:
Evilpaul: One of the Kings HNM furnishings if they have 10+ Storage. Otherwise unique BCNMs all the way. God those will be crowded when the awards are released. >.>

Mule: Unique BCNM ticket. I could go with friends and leech a cool title for my mule.
For Rank 4...why are Nidhogg's Scales there? Are they a future Gobbiebag upgrade item or something? They did finally have a recipe added for them, but...anyway:
Evilpaul: Empress Hairpin! Or an item worth significantly more gil than an Emperor's Hairpin which I would buy and mule probably.

Mule: A money item.
For Rank 3, getting into some nice stuff here....
Evilpaul: Barbarossa's Zerehs probably. Nice Haste pants for jobs unable to equip Byakko's Haidate.

Seveneyes is also tempting for use on SCH. A lot of SCH spells don't need Macc/Matk, so Conserve MP+7 (or Enmity-) would be the only beneficial stats for them.

Mule: Money item. Which one, I have no idea. Star Sapphires, Yoichi's Sashes, and Imp. Wootz ingots are going to drop in price sooooo much when the prizes are awarded.
Rank 2 prizes are of course pretty awesome. I'd go with...
Evilpaul: Probably either Saber Shoot or Opal Silk for the Ebisu Fishing Rod quest. It's the relic weapon of fishing rods.

From the looks of it, Rank 2 money may only be a few million gil this time. Not the 10mil like last time making Gil less appealing.

I could also go for a Summoner's Horn, but really if I were to hit on such unlikely odds I'd rather get something I really would like instead. :-P

Mule: Gil. As awesome as it would be to have a MNK20/WHM05 mule with a Black Belt or other Rare/Ex gear, I'm not going to level her to use it.
And the grand prizes, Rank 1:
Evilpaul: Defending Ring. It's rare as shit off KB, which I don't fight, and even if I did I'm not a tank really so I'd never be allowed to lot one.

Or, Gil. The blurb says maybe 100mil payouts if there's 10 billion in marble sales. I could buy a Novio and a KC if I really wanted either then. Of course, I'm thinking KC DRK may be getting nerfed this update, and don't want one anyway.

Morrigan or Usukane bodies are appealing, but...100mil or an item I'll never otherwise be able to obtain. I could start Salvage and save gil for Imp. Wootz if I really wanted.

Mule: Gil. Sooooo much gil.
This year, I'll just do randomly generated numbers on my main and mule. No "'2' FTW!!" this time around.

I'm also much more pleased with the clarity of the blurb this time around. It's obvious that they will draw five marbles, one for each rank's prize.

But isn't the announcement a little early? We can't even buy marbles and start waiting for almost two months. And it's about a two month wait after that.



SE announced changes to Red Mage and Summoner.

And they are kind of lame.
- Composure
(Lv.50 Ability Delay: 5 min. Duration: 5 min.)

Increases accuracy and lengthens recast time. Enhancement effects gained through white and black magic you cast on yourself last longer.

- Notes
Activating Composure will impose a recast time penalty upon all magic, songs, and ninjutsu.
So, Haste, Protect/Shell, Aquaveil, Phalanx, Blaze Spikes, Enspells, and Sneak/Invis will last longer and your magic recasts will be slightly fucked if you activate Composure. Notably Blink, Stoneskin, and Utsusemi which you kind of need to be able to recast frequently for soloing or tanking.

Making regular Red Mages using Composure into crappy melee Red Mages who can actually sort of mostly hit whatever EXP mob they're meleeing. Assuming it adds enough accuracy.

But what will Red Mages do with their new found abilities to not Haste other people in a timely manner and hit their targets with their powerful Blades of Justice?

Use Enblizzard II, now with 50% more spiky ice shit in the animation!
- En- Type Spells
Enfire II (Lv.58) / Enblizzard II (Lv.56) / Enaero II (Lv.54) / Enstone II (Lv.52) / Enthunder II (Lv.50) / Enwater II (Lv.60)

Adds elemental damage to your initial attacks (subsequent blows by characters for whom multiple attacks are possible do not receive this effect). Each successive activation increases elemental damage strength up to a predetermined limit. Reduces the target's resistance against the associated element.

Example) Enfire II: Adds fire damage to your initial attacks and reduces the target's resistance against water.
I think seeing a Red Mage meleeing shit in full Wise gear would be kind of precious though to be honest.

Remember, kids, with lower sword skill you don't need to invest in a Scorpion Harness, the weakest of the craftable DD bodies, to keep up with the other melee dudes!

And this "no subsequent hits" thing means that the Joyeuse or Justice sword you dragged 20 people to some God forsaken crap hole to kill an annoying monster for you is worthless with this awesome update.

And this brings us to our first special segment: What will SE break to have Emergency Maintenance on April 10th to fix next?
Watch SE make Enspell I's no longer work with Joytoy either (accidentally)!

Hey, Mr. Paladin! You like stabbing shit with your Joyeuse and Enblizzard too, right? Bzzt! Sorry, it only works half as well now.

Hey, Mr. Monk! You invited a Scholar to give you Accension Enblizzard for rad 5 attacks in a round of glass shattering sound spam and ice damage awesomeness, right? Bzzt! Sorry it only works on your first fist now! Which is like ~1/3 as well.

Oh, and, Mr. Dancer, sir! Your Sambas got broke on subsequent hits too! Really sorry 'bout that.

You heard it here first, folks!
And this brings us to our next "winner" of the Part II Job Adjustments and Additions sweepstakes, Summoner!
Changes are scheduled for the following Blood Pact abilities:

- The effective range for Blood Pact: Ward area of effect enhancing and healing abilities will be increased and become equivalent to that of white magic spells such as "Protectra."

- Blood Pact: Rage
Meteor Strike / Geocrush / Wind Blade / Grand Fall / Heavenly Strike / Thunderstorm

Both damage and TP-based damage dealt by the above abilities will be increased.
Now when Shiva melees a terrifying level 42 spider from three and a half city blocks away and uses Frost Armor, you'll be able to hit everyone else meleeing said spider with Ice Spikes! Amazing!

Hastega will overwrite Slow now, how actual Haste does, but still apparently not last as long unless you get +30 Summoning Magic skill. So it will be kind of like the actual Haste spell except AoE.

Hastega will behave like...AoE Haste. Who came up with this brilliant idea?

But, if your SMN's Resist Slow trait doesn't activate Hastega still won't overwrite Spider Web's slow effect making this picture kind of stupid.
Then there's the whole spiel about making the meritable Blood Pacts useful.

SE has adjusted these things how many times now? "Damage and TP-based damage will be increased"...to what end?

Is Part III going to be Black Mage updates? Making the merit BPs hate-free, powerful nukes kind of steps on BLMs' toes a little. Why have some Tarutaru BLM who gets eaten and is useless for 5 minutes at at time come nuke something when you could have the same Tarutaru do the same damage and not get eaten as SMN?

The second part about TP based damage is equally stupid. Kind of a large point to using SMN for damage is the target doesn't get any TP from BPs. So you don't want to have an avatar meleeing things except when soloing. The modifier on the merits is a TP bonus, but you can only have 2/5 in four of the six if you want to unlock all of them.

Is this an admission on SE's part that the TP modifier thing was pretty stupid then? Because making less avatar TP more would kind of make it look that way.

And this brings us to our second special segment: What will SE break to have Emergency Maintenance on April 10th for now, Part II?
The merit BPs will actually be really strong and not resist out the ass.

Which SE will determine was a mistake and nerf them to be only slightly stronger than they are now on the 10th.

And they'll change the TP modifier most of the way back making it clear they have no idea what they're doing with Summoner.
Let's hope we get some good update news tomorrow. I can bitch about damn near anything, but I don't think this crappy blurb excited anyone.

The guy who's job it was to translate it probably started drinking Jack Daniels and cutting himself as he was typing it.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Take my money, Square! And Deep Thoughts on Rock Salt.

I plunked down for the expansion, finally.I still think paying for downloadables before actually being able to download them though is kind of stupid.

Rock Salt

Has anyone ever been happy to get Rock Salt in FFXI?

Bob gives a triumphant cry!

[Bob] I raised me some plants. I gots me some Rock Salt!!!!

[Steve] No f#@%ing way!!!!

Has that ever happened?

Why is Rock Salt used in Cooking?
It didn't snow much this year, let me go out to the shed and get some rock salt for my fries.
I mean people like to eat some f***ed up stuff, but f***ing rock salt?

Why not name it more appropriately? How about calling it "F#@% YOU rocks"?
[Steve] Hey, Bob, I used Steal on a Robber Crab?

[Bob] Oh, really? What did you get?

[Steve] I got a handful of F#@% YOU rocks.
I like it.


Saturday, March 28, 2009

Worst Dynamis - Xarcabard EVAR. Also, THF29 & Would you party with this person?

As the title would seem to suggest Dynamis last night sucked hard. Absoulutely no relic dropped off any of the regular mobs or the 15 NMs until with under 10 minutes left this dropped:We were mage heavy, so the mobs were taking a long time to kill as well.

A final pull for the night right after that screenshot resulted in our first full or partial wipe. So, we all got kicked out dead.And Evilbron got killed again, without Reraise up, by a subjob level skeleton while raising people. lol

Also while at one of the last NM towers...Epic's horn didn't drop again. I'd say I jinxed it, but nothing else dropped either. :-p


I stabbed more defenseless and cute animals in Buburimu Peninsula yesterday and today and got to 29 THF!Sadly, when you ding via EXP from completing a Fields of Valor thing there's no animation, so I only have the THF28 one.

Would you party with this person? -- Part CXVIII

Imagine the following sentence in "investigative reporter" Stephen Colbert's voice: "How hard up are people to party at Qufim Island? The answer, is frightening."Yeah. I don't know either. I actually have a few more pictures of those. Anytime I AFK in Jeuno on my mule I get a bunch of invites for God knows what reason.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Free Reraise for Everyone!

Or at least people subbing /SCH who didn't have it already. SE is giving White Mages a boost.
- White magic "Reraise": Learning requirement reduced from Lv33 to Lv25 for WHM, and Lv40 to Lv35 for SCH.
Which is pretty cool for SMNs subbing SCH.

I'm curious as to what other job adjustments are in the works. This one sounds cool if you're a White Mage, but I'm not so it's less than exciting really.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

You know you want to join.

Sign up today!

SCH Merits, THF Sub, and 500 gil Ordelle Bronzepieces?!?

Scholar Merits!

I got my second Enlightenment merit yesterday.I got my last 7k EXP doing Campaign Battles. Just 15 more merits to cap out Scholar.

I think people need to go read my Campaign Guide or something, because they suck at it pretty badly. There was literally 10 people who all died to the same single trash mob. Monks, Paladins, Red Mages and none of them can tank worth a piss.

But that's alright with me. I get Healing Magic skill ups after battles for raising them.I guess I should do the second part of that guide sometime and outline areas that are bad depending on what job you are.

Like North Gustaberg [S] for instance is insane to solo Campaign at unless you have Silence as all the mobs are BLMs and RDMs and will fuck your day up with nukes pretty quickly.

Some random lulz from LS chat while I was doing campaign there for the last ~400 EXP I needed for my merit.I think you should be creative when calling people "gay" over the Internet. ;-)

Leveling Subs!

I've been leveling my THF to 37 the past two days. From 20 to 24 so far soloing crap in Buburimu Peninsula.I have a minor complaint about Fields of Valor.

I seriously would like to know who in their right mind I'm supposed to imagine putting hot shit like this in a treasure chest?Silver Ore 315 gil.A flower? If I luck out and get a few more I can make some rad linen thread. Fun Fact: Ethers NPC for 616 gil in Tavnazia.I guess this is what I get for complaining about Silver Ore and Ethers? An actual item! Kind of a worthless item. And I'm not sure what a RDM cares if a weapon they have no skill with has added effects or not. Or if the Added effect actually procs frequently.

But whatever.

Having crafts leveled made me a bit of money off Goblin parts.Nothing huge, but it's nice when leveling a job makes you money rather than costs it.

Dynamis - San d'Oria!

We did another Sandy run last night. 8 Montiont Silverpieces dropped. For a total of 1,028 coins. Which is just fucking insane. We also got a bunch of SCH hands, SMN feet, DRG legs, MNK legs, PLD hands, etc.

The drops I "got" were.Which were both dropped as soon as I got them. :-P

I had some fun at the very end.Yay!

Final Fantasy 12

I wrote this for a post on 1up.com's RPG blog earlier:
FF12 is a strange animal. It discards some of the series' antiquated things like random battles. It leaves the World Map for travel between locations in the dustbin (where it seems to be staying). And adds a system of Hunts which are much like the Notorious Monsters in FF11. It also has one of the most internally consistent, cohesive, and generally good story of any Final Fantasy game. It also really managed to balance the Cinematic RPG with the old school gameplay/battle system RPG.

It has some problems though.

The world of Ivalice, as imagined in FF12, is huge and takes a long time to traverse like the world in an MMO. There's some fast travel, sure. But the gigantic world seriously hurts the pacing. I thought, and I've seen others thought the same, that the game had most of its story in the bestiary (and there is a huge amount of info in there, just look at the info on the Espers). I also got the feeling that they could have left Vaan and Penelo out of the game entirely and had Basche or Ashe as the main character. But after watching all the cutscenes again, on a certain website, in a period of a few hours spread out over a few days instead of over dozens of hours over two months I realized how wrong I was. It made sense. It tied up loose ends. It resolved most or all of the character's conflicts by the end of the game. That, to me, is a good story in a JRPG.

The battle system wasn't very well balanced. The Espers seemed mostly useless. They were as frail as party members if not more so. They didn't do devastating damage or at least I never could squeeze any out of them. The Quickenings were similar. I'd chain a bunch of crazy looking spacy attacks together for what seemed like quite a while. Probably longer than it takes to sit through Knights of the Round. And then get crap damage. And all my dude's MP is gone. I ended up seeing it like a Shin Megami Tensei game. I'd beat things to death with physical attacks and save MP for healing afterwards. I'll only really use magic for healing to save gil.

The Hunts themselves I wasn't really a fan of. Unless you're reading a FAQ, I find it hard to believe you wouldn't spend most of your time wandering around trying to figure out where the stupid monster is half the time. They really were integral to the game, but they also directly undercut the game by further screwing up the pacing. You have to spend 2 hours wandering through the Sand Sea area to get to your next plot point. And there's 3 hours worth of Hunts to further derail the narrative. There was also the issue that they didn't really provide you any idea what the actual difficulty would be in-game.

FF12, a great, but flawed game.
I may update this with links to the intro and all the in-game cutscenes in FF12 if I look them up again on Youtube. If you didn't like FF12, you may think more highly of it if you watch the cutscenes again.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Security Token In-game Item

The new Security Token to keep your account from getting jacked if you play on PC is coming out soon. It's coming with some sort of in-game item that has yet to be announced.

How funny would it be if its a 1/1 charge item that recharges and has a Steal enchantment? Once every 3 hours or something you can use Steal as any job/sub combination.

I know for a fact Sage Sundi reads The Pie Blog, so you know it's gonna happen.

Monday, March 23, 2009

And this was supposed to be an angry rant...

I'm not a fan of camping NMs. It used to be a way to make millions of gil three or four years ago, but now everything is Rare/Ex mostly and never drops (for me anyway).

I did the whole Jeuno Gil HNM thing for about a month and a half and was able to afford all my HQ staves and some stuff like Mahatma Slops from it, but even if the stuff was still sellable I wouldn't recommend it to anyone. It has some soul draining quality to it that I can't quite put into words. It's like if you put hours into a videogame you'll really have nothing to show for it. We all know (mostly I hope) and accept this. If you camp NMs you'll put hours into a video game and quite possibly have nothing to show for it in the freaking game. It's a risk to reward issue, I think.

Anyway, I posted a while back about my next job. I've thought about it a bit. The poll I put up seems to be either Dancer or Ranger. Or do some subjobs. But due to somebody mentioning it in LS chat I decided to go camp an Othinus' Bow (Odin in some crazy language according to the Wiki) again.

Short version:I got one!

Long version:I spent two hours killing Goblin Mercenary placeholders and trying to avoid aggroing other mobs (and having to depop or be a dick and kill the BST gobs that the BLMs there were soloing) and some jackass shows up and grabs the NM as soon as it finally decides to pop.

It hadn't been a boring two hours.A bunch of pet job people (one from my LS) all teamed up to kill Amikiri. There were BSTs running by with Familiar'd Antares (VT scorpions) and they took every EP crab that was there. They also had some SMNs as well. No idea what dropped, but it looked pretty epic a battle.

I have no idea if a Bow dropped for the guy who killed Wyvernpoacher. I didn't talk to him. At all. That whole "If you don't have anything nice to say keep it to yourself" or whatever mother's teach about shit-talking kicked in.

I did hope he lost his genitals in a fire in LS chat though.

I am evil, afterall.

And it seemed pretty apparent that the NIN and RDM duo had come for Ungur. You'd think being a NIN75 I'd have a hard-on for an Uberang, but I really don't. But seeing a relatively 'lol' NM nearly drop them made me curious, so I had to go watch.

Ungur PH pull attempt No. #1:The NIN aggro'd three skeletons and got buttraped by the Hurricane Wyvern and Tough skellies on the way back.

Round #2:After getting smacked shitless by two more skeletons waiting on the PH repop, the NIN Mijin Gakures on a random mob.

Comes back as NIN/DNC. Which is much nicer than /WAR mostly for low manning stuff. Surely, if Ungur pops now he's doomed.

Round #3:I'm guessing the NIN/DNC either has no macros at all, or is pretty bad at dual-boxing. On the PH hate was all over and the RDM is being eaten in that pic as the NIN wasn't using Steps and Animated Flourish.

After that they didn't seem to know how the PH work for Ungur and it repopped at the other spot and they never killed it. They went back to Wyvernpoacher and finally left after a while.

I killed PH for Wyvernpoacher for a while, and it finally popped again. I used my Scholar's Graviga trickery and claimed the NM and everything in the area.I run up the tunnel and the other mobs lose hate and depop. I Bio 2 the NM and start Bind+DoTing it.

That was the plan anyway. The BST Gob and it's leech pet didn't deaggro. Which I'm sure annoyed the JP BLM soloing there. I Protect 3'd and Cured him a few times though before, so he probably knew I wasn't just an ass who screws with solo BLMs.

I then spent a ridiculous amount of time waiting for the NM to move so I could pull it as more people entered Gustav Tunnel.The plan was to Bind kite and DoT it to death, so I needed a clean or cleanable pull.

I finally got one and killed it entirely with Bio 2 and Parsimony Cryohelix.Which netted me the Crossbow like I showed in the short version of this rather long post.

So, I don't actually want the people who claimed the first X-bow NM to die now. They can kill it all they want. I'm not planning on going back.

I was surprised by how much stronger the NM's melee attacks were than its ranged ones. I've gotten drilled for ~630 as both SCH/RDM and MNK/DNC using Fishkabobs as DEF food with Eagle Eye Shot, but its ranged attacks were otherwise pathetic doing less than 50 damage or so with Phalanx up.

It would still be a heap easier if you can drag a friend or two along as whatever job you have though.

Conundrum Resolved?

So, what I've settled on overall is that gear is far from everything and I can level RNG and DNC and have fun with both. I'd love expanded combat skill merits, but don't need them. And I don't actually need a new job leveled to be able to fill another role, so JSE doesn't really matter much.

And how much more shit could I really need anyway?

So maybe get THF and BLU to 37 this week and work on the other two after I guess.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Dynamis - Valkurm!

I did a Dynamis - Valkurm run last night.

It was supposed to be Xarc, but a JP LS jacked it on us. The leader apparently sent a /tell to a JP guy in our LS saying sorry though, so it's all better then I suppose.

We killed the Goobbue NM and then the megaboss. On the way to that NM a bunch of stuff actually dropped for a change.People need to level more jobs or something though as we trash like 2/3rds the relic we get.

Also, 'I'm a witch!' I called DNC cape to fall and the mob after the one we were fighting...It did!

SCH Hat -1 also dropped! I was the only SCH main there, but the NQ hat is junk and +1 junk is still junk so I didn't lot it.

For further proof...I made Epic's SMN Horn -1 drop! Now she has the -1 to a piece we haven't had drop in over two years.

Evilbron lotted the coins, so I assume that means 5 of them will never be given to whoever they're supposed to be.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

I don't like Cait Sith.

I'm playing FF7 again.

And I dislike Cait Sith. He's a spying rat bastard and generally worthless as a party member.

So, I named him Penis. I'm not sure it's healthy to find this this funny.

Ring! Ring!Penis calling!

Aeris has a dirty mouth/mind.I'll almost miss her despite not having her in my party except when the game forced me to.

I say this to all my girlfriends.Yet, they always do. ;_;

This too!I hope this was as good for you as it was for me.

Now, on to a more sober topic.How come this is so universally sad?The cute chick gets skewered. She had cool Limit Breaks and her staff thing had like a billion Materia slots. (I immediately sold all her stuff, does that make me a bad person?)

But like 10 minutes earlier, everyone saw this.Tseng, Aeris's less cute childhood friend, all skewered and half-dead at the entrance of the place. Did he get out when Cait Sith kamikazed to get the Black Materia? Would people have cared if he had boobs or if Sephiroth went all Kill Bill on Elena instead?

Like the number of licks to get to the tootsie roll center of a tootsie pop: the world may never know.

Lost in Translation

Hating on FF7 for the "Popeye" field models, bad translation, and whatnot is all the rage on forums nowadays, but other than one or two lines that were a little awkward, I'm not seeing it. Nearly the end of Disc 1, and this is the only thing I've seen that was just bad.I have to say I'm not on the "REMAKE FFVII NOW, SQUARE!!!!!" bandwagon.

It's still pretty decent.

Some of the characters' behaviors don't make much sense. Like why Aeris is so all over Cloud initially? Why the other party members act like they practically know her when they meet? And a few other places where their motivations seem a little odd.

Sephiroth doesn't really make much sense. But I'm not sure he's really supposed to. Like why the fuck can he fly?

Anyway, it's on to Disc 2.

I had Clone CD rip it while I was typing this.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

We always hurt the one we Love.

I killed Jailer of Love earlier!

I've got like an awesome slideshow without the sliding idea for this post. Which means it's a string of pictures and you get to look at them! Totally tubular, right?Oops, dead.Mixing drinks takes time, kids.They call me an optimist.But clearly never accuse me of having psychic powers. (Just being a witch.)I was on pet duty which makes Jailer of Love kind of like a kited Kirin fight. (Long and extremely boring.) It makes the part right after hilarious though.Watch other people kill a monster for most of two hours. Watch another monster kill other people for most of two minutes. Excitement thresholds all have some sort of cosmic balance or something. I think Dennis Leary explained it once.

When all was said and done our long time point leader, Davik, got him self a Novio Earring of nuking hotness. And Fengi got himself a Novia earring hoping to die less or something.

Only one more person is ahead of me for a Novio, so I could have one in the next week or so possibly.

After that, I'll have to do Salvage or something if I want to improve my BLM. lol