Thursday, October 29, 2009

Square-Enix Bares All

Well, as much as they had been before anyway. The Shantotto Augments (stolen from Eldelphia):
Click for fullsize/readable picture.

I've gotta say I'm pleasantly surprised. Also a little bit confused. There's augments available that people were saying would never happen (like Movement speed+%).

Magic critical hit damage if you have Magic critical hit+% gear which will give you MAB+10 some small percentage of the time you get an extra 1 MAB that small percentage of the time? I'm not sure I follow the usefulness of this. Even if it was a pure +10% damage on magic critical hits they're so rare even with all the gear/augments you'd probably be better off with Mahatma's Slops.

Anyway, I'm pretty sure if I get it I'd go with Physical Damage taken-4% and Movement speed+8%. I'm not sure if I'd go with the mage pants or the light melee one. Having an "OH SHIT!!!" piece that also is good for running away is pretty awesome. I'm a little unsure which to get though.

Alternative Setups

There's obviously quite a few reasonable combinations here...

There's the pretty decent Haste+3% and Accuracy+7 combo which is about as good as Homam Legs or Byakko's Haidate and will probably be much easier to get for TPing. Melee Redmages should go with this if they can't leave their Enspell II's in the Mog House.

For NIN/DRK tanking Physical damage taken-4% and HP+25 Enmity+4 (or possibly Haste+3%) would be pretty good.

For PLD/NIN tanking, the tanking style people actually use, Haste+3% and HP+25 Enmity+4 would be a pretty easily obtained Homam replacement.

A situational nuking piece with Magic Atk. Bonus+4 and Magic Burst damage+10% would help to make sure you pull hate and die if you weren't already as Black Mage.

Rangers could go with Ranged Accuracy+7 and "Barrage"+1 for (presumably) an extra shot on Barrage which when combined with AF hands would let you fire up to eight shots on a Barrage. (Which with capped accuracy would only land ~66% of the time.)

Pet jobs have their usual plethora of augments...I can't bring myself to care about them like usual though.

For White Mage and healing/supporting Scholars/Red Mages... For cures MP+25 Enmity-4 and Cure potency+5% looks pretty nice. For static buffs like Protect/Shell, Haste (for non-WHMs anyway), Accension+Blink/Aquaveil, etc. either MP+25 Enmity-4, Conserve TP+5, and/or Haste+3%. You generate slightly less Enmity, maybe proc Conserve MP, and have reduced recasts (well two of those things).

The End?

That's about it as far as popular possibilities I see for the Shantotto reward armor. I think that Movement speed+8% will probably end up being the most popular of the augments. Which ones people pick would be a pretty good idea for the next Vanadiel Census.

Next Update Bug Predictions!

I'm thinking about and plan on writing up a post about what bugs Square-Enix will introduce with the update. Kimiko has this nice summary of most of the older POL news since the last update.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Nada 'Til All Saint's Day

I've got no LS events until November 1st.

i r teh bored.

I'll probably have to actually go and level Ranger or something. I hear the update is coming on the 12th, so I could probably hit 75 pretty easy before then if I tried.

Also, it's not related to FFXI, but the weather here (right outside Philly) has been crap lately. Raining and shitty out ~50% of the time for the past two weeks. Just complainin.'

Things Evilpaul Likes.

This is one of them.

Friday, October 23, 2009

A Week of Star Ocean

I've never finished a Star Ocean game.

I've got Star Ocean Second Story on the PSX. I got to the last battle in it, got my ass kicked, and put it down never to try it again. I didn't even remember that it apparently has awesomely terrible voice acting (mentioned in reviews of its PSP remake).

I've played a bit of the *cough* first Star Ocean on *cough* SNES in *cough* English. Ahem. My do I cough a lot.

And I've got the PS2 third SO title, SO: 'Til the End of Time.

So, why not have a Week of Star Ocean™ I thought? Where I'll play and complete all three games in seven days or less!

I hope they aren't too long... I don't want to pull a sad Korean kid thing and die playing StarCraft. Well, in my case Star Ocean. lol

Thursday, October 22, 2009

DO NOT LIKE Pt. 2: BG Edition

This post, being part two of DO NOT LIKE. will be amazingly disappointing and a complete, pathetic fucking failure like the Job Adjustments Part II is.

I posted on BG's Update Failure Thread. If you're reading this from work, you're probably new to The Pie Blog™ or your Network Administrator is incompetent and hasn't blocked it yet. If that post doesn't get BG added to your work's blacklist, I'm not sure what will. No porn, obviously, but I'm a bit of a potty mouth.

Anyway, go catch up on the thread with me.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Square-Enix announced the Summoner and Beastmaster changes today.

They added the "aura" effects that dozens of people have suggested for years now to Summoner.

Specifically, pop the JA and you get one of these while you have the matching avatar out:

Is this supposed to seem useful? Because it kind of really doesn't.

You can leave Diabolos out... standing around... generally not doing anything useful (like you can now)... with Refresh?! You probably still won't have free Diabolos. You won't be able to rest as Summoner. But people nearby will have a Refresh effect similar to the COR roll.

So maybe with a Scholar giving you Darkness weather and the Relic Horn (never seen one drop in several years Dynamis personally) you could justify having a Summoner AFK with Diabolos out to Refresh your BLM x4 + SCH party?

Meh. Whatever. Maybe somebody else will figure out what amazing potential this has. I sure won't. I'll look at BG and the SMN forums later.


You BSTs get to pick an ability from a list instead of using Sic and getting Bubble Curtain. And there's 2 min cooldown charges that you can store up 3 of. Presumably, the good pet special attacks will use more of them. Judging from this picture though:

I'm not so sure. Maybe Square-Enix has some unique insight, but I don't see why you would value those special attacks in that order.

They admit they have no idea what they're doing though.
We will continue to observe the beastmaster job following the release of the November version update, and as necessary, make adjustments to special abilities and calling items for each pet.
So, they'll presumably change it around 4 or 6 months or however far away the next update will be.

Overall Update Thus Far...

It's no wonder people are leaving the game in droves or just not logging on anymore. These less frequent updates are less interesting than ever.

New Wings of the Goddess Quests/Missions? Great. Maybe if I could find people to kill some NM in Jugner Forest from the Missions/Quests from months ago and then find more people to do these new ones I'll be really excited.

Also, maybe we could wrap up WotG already? It's been what? Going on two years now since it was released? ~3 hours of WotG content released a year is kind of fucking absurd. Yeah, the cutscenes are pretty. They fucking damn well better be if it takes four months to make three of them. The only time-consuming thing in WotG is getting ranked up in Campaign medals and trying to find help for the missions/quests.

I still haven't gone to Xarcabard [S]. I still know of no reason to. Is there anything there besides death from above tentacle rape and dragons?

Making trivial changes that people have been asking for for years to Summoner and Beastmaster and adding things to Ranger that should have been there since the 2007-ish nerf if not earlier...Yay.

I get it, Square-Enix, you're working on FF14. But doing a thoroughly shitty job with FF11 for the better part of two years now doesn't excite me for whatever you're doing next.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

A Tale of Two Tails

Regal Dragon: Welcome, legendary warriors, if you are able to overcome the monumental task to which you shall be put I will bestow upon you the knowledge you need to further grow in your chosen profession and restore Light to the world.

STEV: Wow, that sounds pretty deep. You're Bahumat, right? The king of the dragons and stuff?

Bahumat: Yes, that is correct. Let me continue--

STEV: So why are you living in a cave on a small island in the middle of nowh--

Bahumat: That is not important! Your task is to bring me the Tail of the Rat.

STEV: A rat tail? Oh, that's no problem. This island is infested with rats. There were like ten of them right outside this... cave... you've got here. Hey James, grab your sword and get me a rat tail from outside.

JAME: Sure, no prob.

*James disappears outside*

Bahumat: No! I need the Tail of the Rat from the Castle of Ordeals to the North!

STEV: North? There's a castle on the rat-infested island full of dragons directly North of here?

Bahumat: No! Far to the North! You can reach it only by using your Ship. There you will face fierce foes who will test your mettle. At the top of the cast--

*James returns*

JAME: Hey, I got this rat tail from outside so we're good to go--

STEV: Ugh! No, dude! Bahumat wants a rat tail from the Temple of Ordeals.

Bahumat: Castle of Ordeals.

STEV: Right, Castle of Ordeals, whatever. And dude, James! You were supposed to bring back the tail! That's like half a freaking rat! There's a leg on there, bro!

LIND: Eww, gross!

JAME: Shut up, Linda! Oh, sorry man. I guess I got carried away.

LIND: Hmph! Well, see if I use CUR3 on you next time some Ghast tries to eat you!

Bahumat: Let's move this along, shall we? Retrieve the Tail of the Rat from the top of the Temple of Ordeals and return here with it for your reward.

STEV: Castle of Ordeals.

Bahumat: Whatever. Go.

BLAS: So you're sending us on a fetch quest?

Bahumat: Who's he?

STEV: That's Blasto. He's our Black Mage.


Bahumat: That's really interesting.

BLAS: I've been here the whole time.

Bahumat: I...don't care. You have your charge, Light Warriors, return here with the Tail of the Rat!

BLAS: *muttering* A freaking fetch quest. *muttering*

*The gang leaves*


Deep Thought for the Day

If Tetsuya Nomura had worked on FFXI belts would be visible on player characters.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Pet Behavior

Most people running around Vanadiel are by themselves or with some friends or maybe even an NPC buddy. Few have a pet accompanying them. And that's kind of understandable. Pet jobs in general have a hard time fitting in to most MMOs. They're either overpowered or useless generally.

Dragoons are great at killing everyone's favorite pink flamingos, and decent DD on NMs that one-handed weapon users have trouble thanks to Attack and Accuracy bonuses (and the 2h DEX ratio). Summoners are desirable in very slow Wyrm kills and maybe Odin or Khimaira. Puppetmasters get to do cool /emotes with their puppets in Al Zahbi, and...nuke weaker not particularly resistant targets, I guess. Beastmasters...let's be honest, they don't really get to do much of anything. CourierCarrie does hit hilariously hard on mobs in crag zones though. That's...something, I guess.

But what's kind of interesting from a "role-playing" perspective (that I would never condone in-game :-P) is the unique behavior of each job's pet(s).

Summoner's conjure up elemental deities they've formed pacts with. Any aggressive action taken toward the Summoner will immediately incur these deities' wrath in the form of the avatar auto-attacking. That may not always be an appropriate response and of course, not all primal, elemental gods are created equal.

Dragoons form a bond with a baby wyvern which then aids its human partner in battle. They will act differently based on the behavior of the Dragoon and in certain circumstances can take on traits of the Dragoon.

Puppetmasters are agile entertainers that form a bond with an automaton. The name automaton would suggest some ability to act completely independently of its master, and some automatons have seemingly developed a sentience of their own, but in combat automatons will not act without explicit, subtle direction from their master.

Beastmasters tame, or briefly lure into service with "tasty" broths, Vanadiel's wildest critters. In combat these pets retain their wild nature and when under attack from multiple targets will switch targets of their own accord to attack whichever is angering them the most. It's hard to teach an old beetle new tricks.

So there you have it. Four jobs, each with pet(s), yet all those pets behave differently, and in a way that stays true to the particular job.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Persona 3: FES (The Journey & The Answer) Review

I got Persona 3: FES not too long ago. Since that post I've finished P4 a second time and gotten through both parts of P3:FES, The Journey and The Answer.

The Journey is a REALLY long game. I tend to actually read text in games and not make a mad dash through though, so it probably would take other people less than ~110 hours.

Climbing the 200+ floor tower Tartarus is harder than the dungeons in P4 on the Normal difficulty setting. The party member AI can't be set to manual and when Yukari uses a Medicine (cures 50HP for one party member) instead of Mediarahan (fully restores HP, all party members) when three people are missing 350HP it can be aggravating. I don't know where Yukari gets the Medicines by the way, I sold all the ones in my inventory hoping to stop her to no avail. And yes, she had SP to cast magic.

The floors that have guardians also tended to be more difficult as well. Where in P4 you would want single target debuffs (there's rarely more than one enemy in boss fights), full party buffs, and elemental magic that hits all enemies P3 varies significantly. Most boss fights are versus several targets, so you want multi-target debuffs, full party buffs, and single target elemental magic.

The reason for single target magic is twofold. First, it misses less often and seems to have higher overall accuracy. Second, because if you target three monsters only two of which are weak to fire, hit all three with a fire spell, you don't get an extra turn. If you cast single target fire on the two weak to it, and then struck the third's weakness, you'd have all three knocked down and be able to launch an All-Out attack and probably end the fight right there with the massive damage. Striking previously knocked down enemies also makes them get up rather than potentially inflicting Dizzy like it does in P4, so it's undesirable as well.

There's also none of the Social Link benefits from P4 such as party members taking mortal blows or providing follow-up attacks to knock down (or kill) additional enemies.

So, suffice it to say that P3:FES The Journey is definitely a harder game than P4.

But what about the characters and story? Those are things that a lot of people play JRPGs for, right? P4 seemed to start at a good pace, drag out a bit, and then finish pretty strong (with a few problems). P3:FES started with a bunch of weird, dark, and interesting stuff, but then just kind of tells you to climb Tartarus, hangout with various people to level your Social Links, and to go into the Velvet Room to fuse new Personas. You'll probably be at least 20 hours into it until the characters have figured out what was pretty obvious when it first started happening. If not 30 hours or more.

If you like dungeon crawling and a little grinding you probably won't mind climbing Tartarus just for the sake of exploration. Also, some of the Social Links are genuinely interesting, funny, and sometimes really touching. But I don't see why the story couldn't have gotten going a bit sooner. Once it gets interesting though it stays pretty good up to the very end.

If you enjoyed however much time you put into The Journey, and you like being kicked in the balls with steel-toed boots, then you'll love The Answer. It's only available on Hard Difficultly. And boy, is it ever!

The most immediately noticeable difference is that your accuracy in combat fell down a flight of stairs and head first into a toilet. You will miss constantly. And you'll very quickly realize the benefits of higher accuracy single target elemental magic (despite how much more SP it uses up).

Social Links are gone entirely. The story advances by progressing through the dungeon. If you thought the story in The Journey was dark and depressing you'll be surprised how much more dark and depressing it actually was than you knew. You'll also get to learn a bit more about the character's back stories and see a few events from different angles. But if you make it all the way through you will be rewarded.

Perhaps the most shocking change to The Answer would be the lack of a Persona Compendium. You can't register and resummon Personas as often as your wallet permits. If you can make an awesome Persona fusing Persona A with Persona B, and you can make an awesome Persona fusing Persona A with Persona C, then you've got to choose one or the other. (Or go fight random battles until you find another Persona A afterwards.) This mechanic does sort of lend itself to the kind of "survival" situation the gang finds themselves in. From a purely gameplay perspective, however, I was not happy to find out there would be no compendium.

So, to wrap things up if you like JRPGs you will probably like Persona 3:FES, and if you have a PS2 lying around and haven't played it you can get it new for ~$15US on Amazon which isn't much of a risk. You might seriously consider just going to Youtube to watch The Answer's cutscenes. It is pretty goddamned brutal.

NOTE: This needs to be proofread and is undoubtedly full of spelling and grammar mistakes. I'll see to that in the morning. :-p

"The Mini-Expansion Rewards are RMT!!!" ..Was Square Enix listening?

I've been wondering for a few days now about this...

When A Crystalline Prophecy details were released almost the first thing we saw was "You can get these rad augmented bodies!!!" It was the same with A Moogle Kupo d'Etat except with hats.

Yet, for A Shantotto Ascension all we've gotten is a trailer (which I can't even be bothered to watch). Nothing else on this mini-expansion's page yet.

Perhaps most glaringly absent is the lack of any mention of what the reward armor will be for finishing it. It's clear from the Coffer in the Tenshodo in Lower Jeuno that it will have the same sort of augmented/craftables as rewards from it as the other two. There's not many reasons I can think of for this strange silence. It's pretty much:
1) Square Enix hasn't finished creating the content yet. (Which would be pretty bad.)

2) Square Enix just hasn't gotten around to announcing it for some reason. (Would be OK; they don't need to follow the exact template each time.)

3) Square Enix is reacting to the significant noise from the playerbase that complained the mini-expansions were "Square Enix sanctioned RMT."
You can dig through the BG archives or look at the survey results from ACP on JP Button echoing those sentiments:
It was like paying 1/3 the price of an expansion for content the size of a version update.

I love my body piece for SCH (Royal Redingote with MAB+4 and M.acc+4), and the final fight was amazing and tough but the storyline was so short, uninspired and the missions were more aggravating than fun. This was an extremely disappointing add-on overall.

Story was pathetic. Paying for in-game items feels like RMT when bundled with such minimal content.

Why do we need to pay for an add-on that’s not even that good when we already pay a monthly fee? Dynamis was free, Salvage was free, why charge us?
Granted, this was from the 20% people on the graph listed above which is only a minority of the people, but similar sentiments were given in the 40% score range and many of the highest percentiles listed the body reward piece as the only thing about the expansion that they liked. (The story, battles, and quests weren't factors.)

So what's up with Shantotto? A trailer and a fucking art contest?

I wonder if I carved Shantotto casting Freeze II on something into a pumpkin if I could enter the SE Art Contest and Alla's Pumpkin Carving Contest with the same entry? All the Shadow Lord statues will belong to me, muwahahahahahaha!!!!

More realistically, I should draw some Shantotto "art" in MS Paint and start an "Official Post Your Shantotto Contest Art Here!" thread on BG.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

...Ranger Adjustments?

It's been noted that I'm not leveing my Ranger at much of a clip.

But, it seems I'll need to hurry before Square-Enix completely breaks the job for two weeks with a myriad of changes. They're specifically changing this stuff:
- Velocity Shot
The duration of this ability will be increased from five minutes to two hours.

- Unlimited Shot
Once activated, this ability will remain in effect until you successfully hit your mark.

- Camouflage
Rangers with this ability in effect will incur less enmity for ranged attacks. There will be a chance that the ability remains in effect even after a ranged attack, depending on your position relative to your target.
No complaints with Velocity Shot other than them probably making the recast two hours by mistake and it still wearing off when you zone.

Unlimited Shot will now be optimized for tossing winds at Sky gods. Great, I guess. It won't matter for using special ammo on weaponskills though as you'll still lose your TP upon missing Slugshot/Sidewinder. Unless SE breaks that, of course.

Camouflage now has a reason for being on my macro bar. It was there before, but I have no idea why. I used it to avoid Lady Bug aggro in East Ronfaure [S]. It was otherwise kind of worthless.

The idea of invisible rangers shooting at monsters from far away...that's a pretty funny mental image. Well, not much of an image, but still pretty funny. I kind of think someone at Square-Enix is fucking with us.
But there's more:
- Ranged attack enmity
Less enmity will be incurred the further away you are from the target of your ranged attacks.

- Detailed damage messages for ranged attacks
Damage messages displayed after a successful ranged attack will indicate the effectiveness of the attack, allowing for players to better gauge their positioning. Critical hit and missed attack messages will remain unchanged.
I haven't checked BG yet to see if people are Q_Q'ing about the enmity reduction with longer range attacks yet, but it could make the relic bow/gun less HUGE an upgrade.

It'll depend on the actual reduction in enmity.

Detailed damage messages for ranged attacks...why wasn't this there before? Why isn't your Ranged Attack viewable anywhere. Why are Accuracy and Ranged Accuracy hidden? It's nice Square-Enix realized hidden hits on your performance that you need to be using the Distance plugin on Windower (an "illegal" third-party app) to even be aware of are kind of retarded.

Also, WHERE THE HELL IS MY BLACK MAGE UPDATE, SQUARE-ENIX?!? I already did the heavy-lifting and figured out what it should be. Coincidentally, I posted that after a previous (the Ninja one) job adjustment announcement, so it still kind of works here.

I'm betting the Part II ends up being Samurai or Summoner. If it's Summoner, it'll be worthless. If it's Samurai expect they're getting access to Ranged WS, like Sidewinder, without /RNG.

If I sound cynical and unpleaseable, it's only because I am. I may post about the non-Square-Enix related ones later today.

UPDATE: I overlooked it, but somebody on BG points out the blurb linking to what I quoted above says this:
The November version update will feature a host of welcome refinements for three time-honored professions: rangers, beastmasters, and summoners. In Part I of our preview, we shine the spotlight on rangers and unveil the adjustments that will have the hunters and huntresses of Vana'diel sharpshooting like never before!
So it's RNG, BST and SMN getting an update.

Wasn't it supposed to be an October update? I'd swear they changed it. >.>

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Evilpaul's First Podcast!

I've been playing along with the Year of Final Fantasy they're doing on and started up FF9 again a long while after July when the guys at did...and still need to finish the final stretch. (I'm at Ipsen Castle looking for where ever the hell Amarant disappeared to if that means anything to anyone.)

I replayed FFVII again not too long ago, so I skipped that this month when both sites are doing a playthrough of it.

So, when I heard that RPGamer was doing a RPGCast Episode #100 Extravaganza and bringing back Lusipurr, Ethos, Montok the Destroyer, and practically everyone else who was ever on the podcast, I knew I'd have to listen. Better yet, they had a Google Voice thing that people could leave messages on.

Since I've been harrassing Chris, the RPGCast host, for the better part of two months now to perform the opera scene from FF6, naturally I had to leave a message and congratulate them on episode 100 and play the opera scene music in the background and further harrass Chris to sing it! If there was ever any doubt that leaving weird messages for people requesting them to sing to you was ineffective... ...then let that doubt dissolve away into...whatever it is that doubts dissolve away into. Because Chris sings the whole opera scene in the podcast's opening. LOL!

They played back and talked about the voicemails they got about three quarters of the way through the show.

This included mine.

Glenn Wilson thought I was a woman or something, but he hates everyone and everything. Including FF8 which he hated on moments later and makes him OK by me, so it was pretty funny.

Also, my phone sucks, so you couldn't tell that I played the opera scene music really in the podcast and I had it turned up quite loud in the background.

Anna Marie "Paws" Newfeld had to tell people the message was from me. I thought hating on FF8 on the forums to the point of mods threatening to ban me would be obvious enough, but eh. Intarweb text can be subtle I guess.

So go listen! You can kind of sort of hear me and laugh at me. It'll be great fun for all of us. And by "us" and mean "you." You bastard.

Also, check out the Megaphones Ahoy! podcast starring two people who were on the RPGCast episode 100. It's also pretty entertaing (and wildly racist in a not serious, actually racist way).

After almost five hours recording a podcast spending another hour doing a second one is kind of crazy.

Sadly, your humble evilpaul was not mistaken for a woman in the Megaphones Ahoy! podcast, but it's still awesome even without me. So, I'd listen to both. Make an afternoon of it or something.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Fishing: Now in HD!

I went to Qufim to do some Fishing earlier. I'm avoiding doing much else until I get a PS2 to USB adapter (thanks to the people who commented). It's higher res and prettier (yay, bumpmapping!) than on PS2, but I think I'd prefer the comfortable feel of the old PS2 controller in my hand.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Turkey-stuffed Stuffing

An odd idea I came up with, followed by a Google search to see that of course other people had already done it, brought about the following: Stuffing Dumplings.

Get rid of all your unused stuffing after Thanksgiving along with the rest of your leftovers in a Turkey soup. Seems like it would be pretty tasty, right?

Well, I decided to try turning the idea inside out and try putting seasoned ground turkey inside the dumpling made out of stuffing. I went with pretty large (probably ~1/2lb sized) loafs of turkey, covered them with a layer of stuffing mixture, and made meatloaf sort of things that went into the oven. I'm happy with how they turned out (crispy outside), but think I would definitely go with smaller next time.

If the stuffing had been more pancake-batterish it would have made it easier to work with as well. Since I baked them it didn't matter though. Had I just gone with stuffing dumplings I think they would have turned out nicely with the consistency they had.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

FFXI: Play it again, for the first time?!

With my PS2 being a finicky overheating bitch, I've downloaded and installed the PC version of FFXI.

POL finished updating in about 15 minutes.

FFXI...has like 5 hours left. Ugh.Thank God for off-line macro editors so I can get this mostly done now rather than spending hours in FFXI doing it.

My Black Mage and Monk macros are finished.

That leaves Scholar, Ninja, Puppetmaster, Summoner, and Ranger. I can avoid doing PUP and SMN because I don't really do anything with either job. Being only level 57 my RNG macros don't have much gear swapping yet, so that'll be relatively painless.

Well, there's also MNK/DNC, NIN/DNC, and NIN/DRK to do as well...Ugh. So much crap to write. I can probably put off NIN/DRK though having not used it in months.


Back to the salt mines of macro writing.

Gamepads for your PC?

I'm kind of wondering if anybody has suggestions for getting a PS2-ish gamepad hooked up to my PC? I've heard Xbox 360 controllers are USB and you can get PC drivers from Microsoft, but haven't confirmed it personally. Or an adapter for a PS2 controller? I'd need drivers for Windows 7 though...


Friday, October 2, 2009

Allakhazam Pumpkin Carving Contest Returns! (10/02/2009)

Yeah, it's real.

I was going to comment on it, but really what is there to say?

Minor unrelated update: I posted earlier in the week both here and on BG that nobody cares about MMM. And Ringthree is making me famous because of our shared sentiment. ;-)

I also wanted to post the picture from the BG thread because it still makes me laugh everytime I see it.(The numbered columns are replies and views.)