Thursday, December 30, 2010


Return on investment:
Unfortunately, I'm hanging on to it as I still think Scholar gets Raise 3 and RR3 by 99. The Regen IIIs and Shell V made me some decent gil although nowhere nearly as dramatic.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010


So I logged in for the first time in ~3 weeks. I mostly just said hello to everyone I knew that I saw on and went to check a few things. This was pretty funny.
And I don't have any of the recent reduced time between Stones Abyssites, so it can actually go up quite a bit. Not that I have anything to do there, really.


Monday, December 20, 2010

So they made Ninja awesome or something?

I haven't logged in since probably two weeks before the update arrived, but apparently Square-Enix made Ninja awesome?

Either people stopped updating the Wiki or it seems like most of the Magian Weapon Trials didn't get level 90 weapon paths? On the plus side, if I did my Ice/Thunder staves I'd only need to buy 15 2k or 20k items off the AH.


Saturday, December 4, 2010

The most broken version update ever?

I looked at POL again and saw this.

The THF stuff...I don't care, personally. Better TH and a reason to have the THF do more than a missed /ra to put TH on the mob. Yay.

NINs and CORs get some inventory space saving stuff on Toolbags/Cards in the same update Square-Enix adds a "PS Limitations be damned!!!" second Mog Satchel. Better late than never, I guess. What's the distinction here?
Inoshishinofuda: Used to cast any elemental ninjutsu
Chonofuda: Used to cast any foe-damaging ninjutsu
The elemental ninjutsu are the foe-damaging ones. Unless we're talking Dokumori: Ichi and nobody's talking about that.

At 90 /DNC's going to give an additional Curing Waltz. Which would have been handy well before then.

SCH has lots to be happy about. SCH/BLM looks pretty viable due to the update. (Which I hadn't thought of for some reason in my last post.) A fifth Stratagem charge at 90 and Sublimation scaling up to 2HP->7MP/tick at 85 is just insane.

None of it will work?

But the last thing specifically...lots of numbers. I know update usually arrives slightly broken and an Emergency Maintenance two days after and extended server downtime on update day is expected. This particular update looks like it could be the most epically broken in quite a while though. Still, the Scholar stuff looks completely fucking awesome.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

BLM/SCH finally not retarded!

Well, from level 88 onward.

Square-Enix announced some job adjustments due in the December Update today. I haven't logged in in about three weeks, but I still check a few times a week for some reason. I'm not going to copy/paste the JAs, but they all look decent. Some new uber Warcry-like party buffs, single target melee/ranged attack buffs, Holy/Arcane Circle debuffs that actually do what you'd expect the original ones to do, and the usual bizarre, new Dancer and Scholar abilities.
Stratagem: Immanence (SCH Lv.87)
Makes it possible for your next elemental magic spell to be used in a skillchain, but not a magic burst.
I have no idea. A pick your own Level 1 SC property based on the element of your spell? OK?

New Job Traits!

The new Job Traits are basically just BLM getting Fast Cast for Elemental Magic. It's at level 50 and says it will scale, so will it stack with Fast Cast? If not it could actually be a nerf. But if Black Mages start going /SCH post-88 then aside from Stun and Enfeebling Magic it might just end up keeping spell casting times where they are now.

(Unrelated Note: RDM/DRK finally dies next week. :-P)

New Spells!

The expected STAT boosts, BRD songs, and nukes arrive. The two possibly notable ones are these:
Adloquium SCH Lv.88

Migawari: Ichi NIN Lv.88
*Uses the ninja tool, "mokujin."
The SCH spell means "encouragement" or something in Latin and will do...I have no idea.

The NIN spell means something like "to sacrifice" and the NIN tool means a "wooden man"...I have even less idea. Stoneskin? And why the fuck does every new NIN spell have to be a slow as dirt casting Ichi spell?

Existing Spell GET!

The stuff previously added that's becoming available to new jobs is notably Scholar getting Blink/Stoneskin/Spikes spells.

Does Break still suck? I think I was the only one who liked it. Red Mages and Scholars will be able to cast it by 90.


And Blue Mages, of course, don't get there new spells listed or mentioned by name. The one pictured looks like Everyone's Grudge to me? lol.


I haven't been playing for almost a month now, or posting about FFXI much/at all. I'm thinking of deactivating my account on the 14th. It'll be the seventh anniversary (I think? ...I know for sure I activated it the day after my birthday which is the 13th) from when I started playing.

Not having played for a while now all I can really say I miss about the game is the people. The wacky discussions in EpicLS when there's no official event going on. Hating on FF8 because it's horrible. Raking Evilbron over the coals for failing at everything FFXI-related. The banter during events and super secretly in /tells. The talking with people from all over the US, Canada, Mexico, Europe, Japan, Australia, and random spots all over the rest of the world. Doing a /dance4 at Myoubi and getting /slapped.

Way back in HopelessLS doing CoP Missions together or taking down Hakutaku back when people only had 1 or 2 75s and less than uber gear.

Further back in FinalFantasyLS (the actual name :-P) doing ZM missions with Doggy and Blackraven and taking an Everyone's Rancor to the face for almost 3,000 damage.

Having an epic battle through Yughott Grotto with Aramyth and Enelya to take down the CM2-5 Black Dragon.

Getting killed in Zeruhn Mines by a Ding Bat in my very first battle ever as a clueless BLM01/.

Good times. They can't last forever though, and I think it's about time that I moved on.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Turkey Day!

Happy Thanksgiving to my three American readers and one (Canadian?) foreign one! Go roast up a turkey and make homemade stuffing. I know I am!

The turkey's been brined for ~36 hours. The aromatics are diced and the challah is getting all good and stale. Dinner's gonna be good.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Ouchies. (FFXIV) Moggi Bononoanazoaznaon ( they still proofread POL posts?)

I try not to fall into the bashing JRPGs thing that's so popular lately. And, of course, the reasons I've decided against playing FFXIV didn't have anything to do with how good or bad it is or was. But being linked to this over at the Escapist makes me think the game's in some serious trouble.

Mogby Bonznazona.o Ahoy!

I have to say it's a little disheartening when I check the TTTO to see if anything's new with FFXI, find there's a new Mog Bonanza, and immediately find typos in it.
If you're like me you immediately went to see what the Kupons trade in for and if you cross reference that trial on the wiki you see it's for the Relic Bow. So Monks everywhere will be sporting some Namas Arrow hotness. Thanks, Square-Enix!


It's also more than a little sad to see the general prize listings. Salvage bodies? Absolute Virtue drops? Dynamis Relic Accessories? Umm, if you've been playing at all in the past six months you've probably gotten better stuff off Abyssea mobs that repop on their own every 90 or so minutes or can be force popped with an AHable item.


Modern Warfare 2

So I picked up Call of Duty (5?): Modern Warfare 2 for the PC. Admittedly, I haven't been playing many FPS the past few years. My last multiplayer FPSery was Counter-Strike. Not Counter-Strike: Source. The old-tymey original. It was fun enough if you got a bunch of people you know, either from real-life or online, and maybe a bunch of random intarweb dudes to fill out the roster and all go shoot each other for an hour or two. But I have no idea what happened to most of those people, so I stuck to the single player in Modern Warfare 2.

I haven't really been playing much single player FPSes either though. Bioshock (not 2) I made it to a little bit past The Reveal (you're a robot!) and got bored of the fetch quest they send you off on and never finished it. The ending's on Youtube, and I was thoroughly burned out on the fucking "hacking" mini-games. Before that, I played HL2. It's been a mostly FFXI and console RPG filled past few years of gaming for me.

So with that out of the way, I guess I should finally talk about Modern Warfare 2. A rhetorical question to start: Did they forget to put fucking fun in this game? The dificulty is all over the map. One mission I'm laying waste to anything and everything. The one before that I was getting killed every three minutes. The game doesn't seem to let you quicksave, and the Checkpoint system is also all over the map, so I'm replaying the same five minutes and getting killed by all manners of crap over and over.

The game seems to be trying to be "all realistic and shit." It's got an offensively stupid narrative and story that you're forced to listen to until the next level loads. The voice acting is generally good, but the full scale Russian invasion of America, which somehow totally catches the US military off-guard, seems sort of improbable.

The red exploding barrels they stole from Doom also kind of detract from the "realism." Do those exist anywhere? Have they existed at anytime? I remember seeing something on the Discovery Channel about a guy who's job it was to shoot barrels of ketchup or something that were swelling and would explode because of bacteria growing in them. But barrels that vaporize upon being struck by a bullet? Not so much.

I understand that younger gamers seem kind of stupid, paying $20 for map packs and DLC that should be free and often come on the game disc they shelled out $60 of their parent's money for, and many seem to think Halo: Combat Evolved was fucking mind-blowing for some mind-blowing reason, but they really like this shit? I'm not going to bother with the multiplayer because I'm not going to grind in an FPS to unlock things so I won't be at a severe disadvantage. Also, from what I gather apparently the only thing fun about the entirety of the game, if you're racist and homophobic, is calling the other players "homosexual African-Americans."

So would I recommend Modern Warfare 2?

If you enjoy more poorly written Tom Clancy-esque stories and a wildly uneven in difficulty single player campaign, or you personify the Internet Fuckwad Theory and want to level grind in multiplayer: BUY!

If you're a decent human being who likes fun: STAY FAR AWAY!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

"There's no exploration in Metroid!"

It's related to this if you're dumbfounded.

And if you can't tell: It's 100% MS Paint skillz, yo!

Monday, October 25, 2010

Why Frog was never a favorite party member! Also, No shoes, no service! Got Hat?

As everyone who owned a Super Nintendo in 1995 (or thereabouts) knows, Chrono Trigger is pretty awesome. You had to beat it about a dozen times to see all the endings and had to burn through to the end a few times to get everyone Rainbow/Prism (I forget) armor and weapons and stuff which carried over to the New Game Plus. The only problem was Frog:
Meet Frog. Ribbit.
Unfortunately, Frog's best weapon was the Masamune, which was a story-related item. So you could get his second best sword, but were stuck with a subpar party member unless you were pretty far into the game. Where am I going with this? I have no idea, but I saw this in Port Jeuno:
Jerks actually getting (apparently TONS) of stuff done in Abyssea! I'm not even a Samurai and a little jealous. ;-p



I finally leveled up Monk to 85!
It was a double bonus because my Taipan Fangs' trial is to proc 350 times on Cockatrice. I got about 80 of them out of the way.
Gotta love getting two things done at once!

Unfortunately, only ~3 pairs of boots dropped the entire time. One WAR (boo!), one BLM which I lost lot on (boo!), and one of something else I didn't care enough about to remember (boo!).

It would be great if SE didn't make Abyssean rewards some completely unbalanced and random. Some shit you can solo by warping to an NPC and trading an item that's dirt cheap. Some you can warp and trade a ludicrously expensive one(s). Some you have to run long, slow quests, but can still solo. Others are only NM dropped and you need a group.

I'm not sure how that's supposed to be balanced or fair. Did Square-Enix not realize how completely retardedly broken Limbus was? Ugh.


Got Hat?

I also did a Dyna run for the first time in a few months. Xarc was kind to us.
Around three RDM hats, two SMN hats, a PUP hat, and at least another piece or two. Dynamis Lord put out too!
He dropped a 100 shell and Shadow Mantle. Not a bad run at all.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Journalistic Integrity

People generally seem to have concluded that FFXIV is basically a disaster. Like a pre-alpha version of FFXI from six years ago with HD graphics. It's kind of expected for there to be lots of problems when an MMO launches, but 14 seems to be setting a new record. A veritable zenith of sucktitude.

Part of a discussion on a gaming site about FFXIV brought up the topic of journalistic integrity. Do you deal with official PR people and whatnot to get inside access for previews and free review copies of games? Or do you go to Gamestop (ugh) or whereever on release day like everyone else and buy a copy, play through it, and get reviews out less frequently and later? If you go with the former you'll be probably feel pressure to be favorable towards the games you get access to. You might end up blacklisted if you tell everyone how god awful something is in a preview or review. The PR person you deal with might also be nice and you don't want to be a dick. Or you could just be a money-grubbing douche who will lie to readers to get free shit. I like to think that the huge gaming sites and magazines aren't the latter, but generally find myself sticking to smaller indie outfits anyway.

In any case, I was inspired to go check Wikipedia's Reception section, and then compare some reviews of the released game with the previews (of earlier less "polished" versions of FFXIV). And some of them are pretty funny.

Here's the conclusion to Gamespot's Preview:
Unfortunately, our play session was cut short after a few hunting expeditions, but we got a fairly good sense of much of what FFXIV will attempt to offer. The new game brings everything you love about Final Fantasy, and FFXI, into modern times with detailed, colorful graphics and a much better interface. The PC version of the game will launch in September while the PS3 version is scheduled to launch next year.
And here's "The Bad" from their Review:
Absolutely miserable interface
Does a poor job of communicating important information
Limited questing means you're always looking for something fun to do Everything about the economy stinks
Every aspect of the game is filled with dumb obstacles.
Granted, it would be hard to tell the economy sucked in a beta version that you're playing with only a few other people (and what a shitty way to setup a demo for journalists of an MMO), but the interface went from being better than FFXI's to absolutely miserable? lolwut?

Did different people write the two? I'm too lazy to go check, but I think it's pretty damn funny either way. And to be clear, I'm not saying, "Gamespot takes bribes from Square-Enix!!!!"

Thursday, October 14, 2010

I don't know why I $#@&ing bother.

So I logged on to FFXI today. I mostly stood around AFK for a while. And then I went to go help with Bastok 9-2 for lulz.
Which was mostly just difficult remembering how to get there. Hilariously easy fight, of course. :-P

And then I decided to do something productive: Level in Abyssea!
Which I think went well.

The cunt creatures at Comcast decided to shit all over the place apparently instead of running their fucking ISP shit. I "aggroed" the Spider NM on the way from the Conflux to camp. I say "Aggro", because the thing not loading onto my screen until after it hit me five times is cocklicking horseshit. Fuck Comcast. Fuck them in their child-loving monkey shit licking asses.

And I've now tried to re-login about 15 times and the fucking cockfeasting canklewhores are still shitting it up. I'll be surprised if I can get this fucking post up (on attempt #2 for that now).

Monday, October 11, 2010

Linkshell Community Beta Updates!!!

Do they still exist? Because the items and armor from the September update still haven't been added to it as far as I know.

There's not much point to having a Varuna's Staff +1 you never get to use on anything if you can't show other people you have it! Or something.

Quit being lazy, Square-Enix!

Playing 8 and 16-bit Games in 3D?

I have to admit I'm not a 3D fanatic. I've never seen a movie in 3D. Neither the oldfangled blue and red shit, nor the newfangled shutter glasses or polarized light stuffs. Being unemployed and poor also helps with that.

But something did come to me a while back. Many emulators of older systems have the ability to turn on/off various sprite layers. This used to be necessary for ZSNES back in the pre-0.7 days when it didn't support transparencies, so you needed to turn them off for some games. (I think the Mist Cave in the beginning of Final Fantasy II/4jp?) So, how cool would it be make the foreground and background into 3D in something like Super Mario World? Granted, I don't have a 3D capable monitor, 3D glasses, or, well, anything else to enjoy it, but I could see it being pretty fucking cool. Lots of people have Home Theatre PCs hooked up to their 3D capable TVs and playing old school games is another potential use for them.

So, I posted to the ZSNES, my personal favorite emulator, forum and asked about it. And it turns out it may actually be sort of viable. I pictured it working on a per game basis with tweaking or profiles needed, and that seems to be what people who know what they're talking about agree with. (Aside from the guy who replied, "lolwut?" in less concise words.)

The good news seems to be that we may be able to actually get what I'm envisioning (aren't I the pretensious cock?) on the Nintendo 3DS. And besides the SNES the original NES could potentially be 3D'd in emulators as well. How awesome would the moving/foreground sprites being 3D in Contra or Mario Bros. 3 be? There's also the lesser known stuff like Neo Geo's Metal Slug games that are fun as shit and might be 3D-able.

So, anyway, hopefully somebody who's not shitty at programming like myself, and not poor and unemployed with access to 3D capable hardware will hopefully make retrogaming 3D for my less sucky contemporaries.

Friday, October 8, 2010


For a while I didn't realize what caused it, but for me at least having Bit Torrent running (throttled; not using all my bandwidth) caused me to get FFXI-4001 and FFXI-0250 d/c errors. So, I closed BT when I wanted to play. No big deal, right?

Today, I logged on to try and get some Abyssean EXP and cap out my jobs at 85. I've been lazy with doing that as only my Black Mage is 85, nothing else is over 81. And I got disconnected every 10-15 minutes if not sooner. It turns out you don't lose your EXP chain or Atma, but those HP/Stat boosts? They're all fucking gone. And with how semi-AFK 75% of people seem to be about Abyssean EXP, because let's face it: It's pretty fucking boring, I'd really rather just burn through to 85 in one sitting per job. Instead, I  spend several minutes with my R% dropping to 0% and finally, mercifully D/Cing me, and then logging back into POL, starting FFXI, logging in to FFXI, loading into the Abyssea zone, and finally putting my flag up. Then I get to stand around until whoever has leader of one of the parties invites me back.


But I perservere. The EXP finally gets good, I'm ~3,000 EXP to 82 Monk and I can't take any more of the shit. Something like 1/3rd my fucking time isn't even spent EXP grinding. It's slogging through the painfully fucking clunky POL interface and re-entering fucking passwords. (Because, "Storing SE Account Password that's unpossible!!!" /Ralph_Wiggum)


I'll try to log back in later and hopefully get Monk, Scholar, and Ninja to 85, but there's no fucking way I can put up with this shit.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Not many posts lately, I know.

I should hopefully have some FFXI related stuff to post tomorrow. But I just saw this on Youtube and wanted to share it. If you played Super Mario World, it will blow your fucking mind. Completely the fuck up. Seriously.


Friday, September 24, 2010

Recommend me some PS2 games?

I've mostly beaten all the PS2 games I own, but I know there's plenty of good ones I haven't played. I'm open to anything from RPG to SRPG to Action game to weird shooter or what have you. I picked up a bunch of the Greatest Hits/$20 ones over the past year.

I can finally say I finished Resident Evil 4 which was fun (better than the fifth one, if a bit longer than it needed to be).

A friend gave me his two God of War games (he got a non-backwards compatible PS2) and those were fun...if a bit long as well. Also, fuck those puzzles that require the kicking block move.

Of course I played most of the big RPGs for the PS2, but I'm sure I missed a few good ones.

Anyone suggest a title or two worth picking up? A personal PS2 top ten list to share with me?

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Abyssean Fame & Seal Quest Spammage

I haven't done any sort of event, other than ~3 Chigre pops in about four months now. It's mostly just been me soloing Magian Trials and getting my feet wet in Abyssea. It's all easy stuff, so I'll include info on how to go about it yourself (in a hopefully easier to understand than Wiki-scouring sort of way).

Since the update, it's been mostly Abyssea. I spammed the hell out of the package delivery quest in Aby-Vunkerl to get Scholar and Summoner feet.
It turns out, that you can't buy the feet for Resistance Credits or Cruor. They're from chests. So, I need to get a party in Aby-Vunkerl and win lot on Savant's Loafers now. On the plus side, I capped fame there.

The quest is easy enough, but there's some aggro on the way.
There's also a huge Marid that's also an asshole.

Here's the basic path, it's pretty straightforward.
Start by talking with Deraquien where you warp in. He's the yellow circle. Follow the green brick road to the purple dot, Elmemague, and talk to him to get a key item. Warp back with the Conflux and talk to Deraquien for (possibly) some feet seals. The first red dot is Hanuman an Opo-opo who moves at Flee speed and will rape the shit out of your face. The second is a fiery steel robot/marid pop area. They're both sight aggro and people like to repeatedly pull them to the conflux because people are retarded.

It can take a stupidly long amount of time, but spam it enough and you'll get 8/8 of your desired seals, eventually.
And just be aware that you need to find the base piece from a chest. Good luck with that. (Wish me some too, please. :-P)

After that disappointment, I decided to go and actually explore an older Abyssea zone and cap fame there. Namely, Aby-La Theine. The easiest way to do that is to trade about 50 Willow Fishing rods to one of the Lu Shang's brothers after talking to his sibling and getting a broken one. You can either fix that with a Light crystsal (and sufficient Woodworking skill) or just buy a bunch from Luisane outside Tamila's Sundries in S.Sandy.
I went with the latter.

Here's the path if you haven't done it before.
For the first time there anyway... Afterwards, just warp to #04 talk to the brother, and then warp to #06.

After repeating this 50 times, talk to Glenne (she's by the brother you've been trading Fishing Rods to) to flag an Abyssite quest. Find her Aveleleoneloneoneliene--husband--who's wandering around on the road somewhere by where the crag is supposed to be. And that's pretty much all I found to do in Aby-La Theine, really.
There's some NMs, but I'm not a RDM/NIN, so I'll pass on the pinning solos. People have been GM'd for it, and told to either kill the mob or Warp. And who knows if SE will decide it's Ban Hammer worthy a year from now. (I don't care either way.)

After this, I decided to go and try to get some Aby-Miseraux fame. Can you smell what Evilpaul is cookin'?!
Yeah, I would like Monk pants from trading in Murex Spicules, but those would cost ~9 million to buy off the AH with my luck (0/2).
It's easy enough to spam cook up the Galkan Sausage despite being in the middle of lots of cluster mobs because they deaggro when you trade.
To do the actual quest you enter, Warp to #03, talk to the Galka (hit confirm ~10 times) and then trade him a Sausage. With a little luck you'll get 8/8 seals of the pants you want pretty quickly.
I didn't want Red Mage pants. But I've still got ~ 3 dozen more sausages to trade.

So that's what I've been up to. It's easy solo stuff that anyone can do (bring RR for some of it), so hopefully it'll inspire other people to try and get some easy AF3+1 pants/feet. (Any ideas on getting the base feet pieces? Please leave a comment; I'm interested.)

My next project is to actually level my jobs to 85, finish the few Magian Weapon trials I've got open, and work on getting Aby-Attowha fame so I can get a MNK head piece.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Do people really have to AFK in front of Joachim/Horst and the #@&%ing Maws?

God made Mog Houses and that space off to the side for a reason, people. Go molest Shami or mt stupid shit nobody cares about in Rolanberry Fields in /shout. Having to wade through 15 people deep to reach something is fucking annoying.

Unrelated Update: I'll post a bit about what I've been up to tomorrow probably.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Moar Abyssea

I've been doing a little bit more Abyssea stuff by myself. First, I went to Konschstat and activated some teleports.
Exciting, right? Then I went on to what I was there for.
To get some abyssite! So my Traverse Stones now recharge every 16 hours. There's one other I want to get that drops off random mobs and then I'll have to get going on quests.

I tried to get going on getting Empyrean Seals for the +1 pieces earlier today, but didn't accomplish much.
I decided to farm up some Murex Spinules to trade in. I was in the wrong zone to actually trade them though. >.< I'd like to get the Monk legs. 5% Haste and Kick Attacks +5. So it's like combined Byakko's Haidate+Melee Hose.

I killed an Ephemeral Murex that was there too, and got a temp item.
So...yay? I guess? There's just soooo much stuff to do in Abyssea figuring out a good way to go about it is a bit daunting.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

My Scholar is gimp. ;_;

Because I finished my Indra's Staff +1 today!
And I haven't gotten around to leveling Scholar to 85 in Abyssea (and I sold my Jupiter's Staff).

Unrelated to this Magian Trial stuff, but Blogger added a Stats tab to the interface with all sorts of cool stuff. It lets you see an accurate hit counter and a per post views thingy. And it turns out my update day post with screenshots of AF3 makes up 11% of my total page views ever. LOL. This is just my personal FFXI blog. I don't have any groundbreaking stuff like cracking the code on how enmity works or statistical analysis figuring out other game mechanics, so it's awesome to see that my tolerance to slog through laggy ass menus in a zone filled with half the people on Cerberus and screenshot them in it interests people.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

What's Brewing?

I'm making beer today. Recipe for a Rye Pale Ale.
5.0# Pale Malt
2.0# Vienna Malt
0.5# 60L Crystal Malt
0.5# Rye Malt

1.0 oz. Cascade Hops @ 60 minutes
0.5 oz. Cascade Hops @ 15 minutes
0.5 oz. Cascade Hops @ 1 minute
(5% Alpha Acid)

1 package Safeale Dry Yeast (Because I'm cheap. I'd rather go with White Labs California 001.)
Should be a tasty brew. It's fermenting now.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Black Mage 85!

I finally did some Abyssean EXPing and got my Black Mage to 85!
The party lasted long enough to get capped EXP and 6 merits.
Some people apparently didn't get an Auric Dagger because that thing was zoned and came back. And a couple people in my group weren't smart enough to not stand in front of the gigantic dragon that may not be friendly.

I decided to go and pick up my Varuna's Staff +1.
I can't equip it as Scholar (yet), but I've still got Aquilo's. I'm planning on making Scholar my next job to 85 anyway.

I also went to get some new shinies.
I don't have Stoneja or Waterja yet, but I don't use Stone V or Water V, so I don't feel left out. A guy in the Abyssea party was overnuking (yet paradoxically still doing pretty crappy damage) and dying with them. I  wasn't impressed.

I put my extra merits to good use.
I've got 3/3 into Fine-Tuning now. It'll make capping Automaton skills a bit easier once I get around to leveling Puppetmaster which is still 76.

Black Mage got a whole lot of new stuff with 85 and I'm really looking forward to using it. Self-Refresh, Break (crowd control that works on Bats/Skeletons!), Aspir II, etc...all quite nice.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

I discovered Mimics!

I think it went well.

A White Mage you can't see in the screenshot there was nice enough to give me a Raise III, so I'm no worse for wear.

Since I didn't feel like working on Indra's Staff +1 today and haven't had a stretch of time long enough to do an Abyssean EXP group, so I've been screwing around in the various Abyssea zones most of the day. It turns out I have 66 stones stored up. I was in Aby-Konsch trying to get two Abyssites when I learned why there were chests just laying around randomly.
I got one of the two. It's the "lose less EXP when something in Abyssea WTFBBQPWNs you" one. (Whether it works when your Manafont+Warp macro gets you out in time to die from Poison or not I'm not sure.)

I did some exploring of Misereaux and Vunkerl as well. I mostly just looked for and activated Veridical Confluxes and Ephemeral Abyssean mobs.
Also, I discovered Spiders.
The Ephemeral thing went OK, but none of them dropped (drop?) any Abyssite.

I'm going to try and get maxxed out on the soloable Abyssea stuff while I try and find some people to do the more interesting stuff with. The Black Mage feet +1 and Monk head +1 Empyrean armor would both be nice upgrades over what I've got now without being a huge amount of work.

Of Indra and Varuna Staves (Part III): Varuna's Revenge

As you know, I've previously explained how I went about getting an upgrade over the HQ Ice and Thunder staves for Black Mage and Scholar nuking damage and how you can too. It's a little tedious (read: understatement), but easy. With the update both staves got a single new trial to upgrade them to +1 versions with Damage+1. In Of Indra and Varuna Staves (Part III): Varuna's Revenge I'll detail how you can easily attain this new level of Ice Nukey Killingyness.

As in previous cases, you don't want to target mobs that are traditional solo BLM (or SCH) solo EXP fodder. BLM solo EXP is sort of 2006, really. What you want is the most utterly pathetic thing you can kill that gives EXP at 80+. In the case of getting your Varuna's Staff +1 you need to kill 250 Wyverns with 250+ damage Ice killshots.

A Whole New Killshot Experience (Or: Not your grandpappy's killshots: Grouping is clutch)

Previously, you needed to actually kill things with some amount of damage to get credit for your trial. Now, you can team up and get done more quickly. I'm not 100% sure this isn't a Square-Enix fuck up, but they did mention changing killshot trials (which I think is a very good thing), so get to it.

Anyway, if you have this trial active then a party/alliance member killing a mob with 250+ Ice damage while you have your Varuna's Staff equipped counts. So do a /sea and team up if you can. Unless the people you're with are complete idiots they're making your life easier.

There Will Be Walking

So you're ready to get started, but where to go? Ignidrakes in Riverne #B0 are the weakest options available to you. Sadly, DRG mob pets don't count. Yes, I tried. So head there.
The idea is you're running a loop with 11 Ignidrakes to kill.

The yellow and purple are the paths to take. The red circles are were you can find Blazedrakes. They are also wyverns, but level 85 and have 2x more HP than our targets. Plus they can and will rape the shit out of your face, so skip them and stick to the hilariously weak mobs.

For the green circle you need a Giant Scale to open the teleport. The blue circles are regular teleports. Hang onto some of the many scales that drop and you'll never have a problem.

Meleeing Is Encouraged

As strange as it sounds this is a Signet zone, so get Signet and use a mix of Phalanx, Stoneskin, and Signet DEF/EVA bonuses to your benefit.
By yanking out your weapon you'll get hit for 0 damage with Phalanx up as a level 81 BLM. Otherwise, you'll see the typical damage of weak mobs smacking all over.

Also to reiterate this, you can team up for killshot trials.
I did, and I got a whole lot of the trial done more quickly than I would have otherwise.
Now I just need to do some Abyssea and get my BLM and SCH to 85 so I can use my new nuking toy.

Varuna's Staff +1: GET!

I finished my first new Magian Trial tonight!
Because I haven't leveled up any jobs other than dinging 81 I can't equip the Varuna's +1 yet, so I'm not trading it in yet.

If you're contemplating a "kill 250 wyverns with 250+ Ice damage" trial and thinking, "Fuck! Well, at least they aren't Soulflayers." that's true, but it's actually a pretty easy trial. (And you can team up for it!)

I'll post some detailed info on it tomorrow.

Friday, September 10, 2010

"Latent Effect: Relic Weaponskill": Revealed!

Maybe. I'm betting that the "Latent Effect: 'Catastrophye'" Scythe and similar weapon's latent is going to be having a Relic wielder in party.

It's lulz to Square-Enix.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Full New (and some old) Armor .DATs!

Julian from BG posted the list on his site.

A few stand outs (to me):
Velox Harness Rare Exclusive
DEF:55 Accuracy+4 Attack+4 Haste+2%

Pluviale Rare Exclusive
DEF:45 HP+100 MP+100
Adds "Regen" effect
Adds "Refresh" effect

Chrys. Torque Rare Exclusive
Latent effect: Adds "Refresh" effect

Cirque Sash Rare Exclusive
DEF:6 DEX+6 Haste+6%
Lv84 PUP

Kemas Earring Rare
STR+2 VIT+2 Accuracy+4

Eradico Mitts Rare Exclusive
DEF:20 MP+15 "Magic Atk. Bonus"+7
Increases magic critical hit damage

Cybele Pants Rare Exclusive
DEF:33 INT+10 Elemental magic skill +5
Magic critical hit rate +3%
Actual Haste body for MNK and NIN. Refresh Latent neck piece for idling in (hopefully a non-retarded latent). Better than Salvage pants and Zenith Mitts +1. Cool stuff.

I really need to find a Abyssea group. And get two more of these fucking Kindred's Crests. Seriously, fuck whoever thought this quest up.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Empyrean Armor Stats (Pictures!)

I took some screenshots of the new Empyrean Sets and thought I'd post them to save some people time. (The listing of Jobs in the search screen is the same as the listing with the trial moogle, by the way.) I didn't do all 20 jobs, just the ones I have leveled...and Dancer.

Black Mage
Other than saying, "I bet your tears are sweet and delicious if you finished a Salvage body last week!!!" I don't have time to comment on them now.

UPDATE: Still no commentary from me on these, but you can see more of the sets here on BG.