Friday, January 29, 2010

...Shadow Lord Statue Ahoy?

I check the TTTO just now and saw Fusionx of PFA posted about POL announcing the winning Moggy Year Extravagant Bonanazacical numbers being announced.

I'm logging in now to check, but I think I just won a Rank 5 prize on both my chars. I'll get the Shadow Lord Statue for my mule's Mog House. My main I'll probably take an EXP scroll.

I'm not sure why I even bothered with the Moggy Bonanza really. If I thought crappy EXP for 40k gil was good I'd still be doing the ENM in Newton Movalpolos that I used to do during the hyperinflation of a few years back.

I do have to LOL at the Rank 2 prize money and how utterly unrelated it is to the non-gil prizes.

UPDATE: I won two Rank 5s on my main. Miratete's Memoirs it is! @32 EXP to level 60 now.


Minor update: I leveled Ranger some today in Wajaom Woodlands, using my 2x EXP ring day, and got to 61 Ranger! I'll need to get some more ammo before leveling further.

So, I may go back to random NMs and Fishing for a while. Well, an hour or two of Fishing would pay for plenty of ammo, but I'd like to try for my last Ebisu item some more too.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Going to be a while...

I decided to rip all* my PS2 games after finishing the PSX ones. It turns out due to PSX games being fucked up CDs they read pretty slowly. PS2 DVDs are much faster. So I finished them up pretty quickly.*I didn't rip FFXI for obvious reasons.

Now, it's time to zip them all up! ...Which with a single core Athlon XP is going to take an ungodly amount of time. Xenosaga I took almost 4 hours. Sure, it's 8GB in size, but still. I'm using 7zip which is a nice free, open source compression app. Thankfully, it has a commandline version and I found a useful explanation of how the hell it actually works. Written at the beginning of the month, no less.

So I wrote up my own batch file:And goddamn is it going to take a long time to run! A little over two full days by my estimate.


Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Gotta Rip 'Em All!

Since getting a lot more storage space, I've been contemplating filling some of it by doing something I've wanted to for a long time now: Ripping all my PSX games to CD image.

With my PS2 randomly deciding to read or not read discs, not owning a PS3 or PSP, and not having $$$'s for a new PS2 I replay my old PSX games via emulation. (People preferring a more 100% true to the original PSX look here.)

The ripping process is pretty simple. Download an appropriate free tool, and click next a bunch of times after entering a name for the disc.
Yes, I'm even ripping the bad ones.

I keep the games lined up on a shelf in, well, a sort of order. Similar series/titles are grouped together. PSX and PS2 titles are intermingled if they're part of a series (FF9 next to FFX) or spiritual successors (Xenogears is next to Xenosaga 1).

Progress is going pretty well. I finished off the first shelf last night. It was mostly PS2 titles though, so the second shelf is what I'm working on now and the real meat of the collection disc size/content/number-wise. I'm working on FF9 (4 discs) FFUGH, I mean FF8 (three? discs), all the way down to FF5&6 (two? discs). Then there's a pretty thick stack of FF PS2 stuff and then some more double CD cases that are all multi-disc.

The bottom shelf is Lunar Silver Star Story Complete (had it for probably 15 years, still only played 10 minutes of it), Shadow Tower (a King's Field series game) and the PS2 King's Field games. If you liked the King's Field games you'd probably like Shadow Tower. I did, until I got nearly to the end of it, and then missed some collect-a-thon item needed to complete it. Same thing happened in Dragon Warrior VII. /sigh

Gotta Squish 'Em All, Too!

Anyway, after finishing ripping them, it's time to compress the CD images. Unzipping when I want to play only takes a few seconds and I think most emulators will support doing it automatically in the next few years the way they do with older much smaller ROM based titles.

Gotta ...I've Got Nothing

I'm also slightly curious about this. Combining multi-disc games into single discs. No virtual disc swapping needed in an emulator then (and it fixes Chrono Cross for play on PSP..which I don't have). It doesn't really fit with the archival sort of thing I'm doing here either really. It's more in the novelty/convenience category.


That's it for now, I'm going outside and enjoying it being almost 50F outside today in January. Is anyone else out there digitizing their old game collection?


Monday, January 25, 2010

A Sauna and a Cool Shower

So I went to jury duty today. I couldn't help but burst into quiet laughter as some of the preposterous "Sacred Duty™" nonsense was trotted out. I mean, seriously?

Anyway, the whole thing was BORING AS FUCK.

Sit there for half an hour.

They show some boring yet slightly snicker worthy video that looks like it was made by the Middle School A/V Club. Well, it wasn't even that good, really.

Sit there for another fifteen minutes.

A judge walks in, some guy makes everyone stand up and then immediately sit down again (lol), and then she talks for fifteen more minutes.

Then we're told we have a 30 minute break. I don't have anything to do so I kind of go wander around for ten minutes and then go back and sit down and stare at the clock.

I should mention at this point, a little over an hour into this nonsense, that the "Jury Lounge" has no fucking ventilation. It's 95 degrees Farenheit in there. Everyone's sweating like pigs. People who I don't think were sick are coughing and uncomfortable.

I continue to sit there increasingly uncomfortable as the thirty minute break comes to an end. Thirty five minutes pass. Forty minutes pass. Forty-five minutes pass. This "30 minutes" must be in Court Time. They've got fifteen more minutes of Evilpaul Time and then I'll be quietly excusing myself.

Five more minutes pass, that's a 50 minute "30 minute" break for those of you keeping track at home, and a woman comes out and says the judge decided not to have the criminal trial today, so we can all leave.

After collecting my "totally rad" $9.34 jury check I finally leave.

So out of the 95F heat and into...the 60F torrential downpour. I had a ride to the Courthouse, but didn't have one home. And we had a flood watch here and it poured rain heavily for several hours today. And I got out just in time to catch the worst of it for my 1.5 mile (that's like 2.8km or something) walk home.

It wasn't cold really, being 60F in January (in Pennsylvannia, which is highly unusual this time of year) when I've gotten used to the 30s, but good God was it fucking annoying. Of course I ended up totally drenched, but the shit was coming down hard and seeing where I was going was no great fun.

So that was jury duty.

I expected it to be pretty stupid. And it exceeded every one of my expectations spectacularly.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Ugh. Also, 59 Ranger!

I just "left" a party that hurt my brain.

I fucking hate pulling in general. As the first person to touch a mob, I get extra hate. Since the only thing people EXP on are pink fucking birds that take 25% extra piercing damage, I can get plenty of hate already.

About the only thing I hate more than pulling is pulling when there's very few goddamned pink fucking birds around to pull. Since they fly faster than I run that tends to be facerapetastic on my face. This I do not like.

About the only thing I hate more than pulling when there's few mobs to pull, is pulling faceraping mobs with a tank who's slow on the Provokes/Flashs.

The only thing I hate more than a slow tank with few faceraping mobs to pull from far away is having no goddamned tank. E-rated Evasion, no native Parrying, low VIT, low HP, and horrible defense all make for a shitty tank. Ranger has all these things.

Also, East Ronfaure [S] is lame. Besides everyone there ALWAYS wanting me to pull I don't have Slug Shot and half my gear is Level Synced into worthlessness.


Anyway, I did finally level Ranger from 57 to 59 yesterday. A level 57 party on Lesser Colibri. The EXP/hour wasn't amazing, but I didn't have to pull for most of it. Trying to DD and pull and having a potent WS that tends to have the mob come after you the rest of its short life all makes it a pretty significant hassle.

I'm also thinking of switching up from Holy Bolt/Darksteel Bolt spam to some Silver Bullets when I hit 60 for a bit. With the low delay of crossbows Barrage isn't that awesome (yet). I can make them dirt cheap, so the cost isn't a problem. And I'll still have 1000+ Holy/Darksteel with me to switch back whenever I run out.

Jury Duty?

I'm guessing that obnoxious to fill-out form that I had to send in wasn't read very carefully. I know that sarcasm can be hard to get across in text and is often taken seriously, but I'd think scathing derision would be pretty clear.

Or I could be surprised to find out that despite knowing what total monsters the local police are (literally: brigandish pederasts, depraved homosexuals, and horse porn enthusiansts...I've seen the video. Ick.), what incompetent sychophantic quislings the local judiciary is, and that I state from the outset I'm voting 'Not Guilty' on laws I disagree with I'm still somehow qualified to be a juror.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Remove {Helldive} from Auto-translate.

Nobody has ever needed to say "Helldive" in auto-translate. In fact, I doubt anyone would miss removing all Blue Magic from auto-translate.

How about somebody ask for the option to toggle it on/off at Vanafest 2010?

The PS2 SMT games...

I finished Digital Devil Saga 2 yesterday which means I've now beaten all the Shin Megami Tensei games on the Playstation 2 except the Devil Summoner ones.

I've got the second Devil Summoner game, but I'm a bit ambivilent on it. It's really...strange. Even for an SMT game, and SMT games are plenty strange. For one thing it uses 3D characters on prerendered backgrounds some of which have video mixed in for things like rivers. The actual gameplay is pretty weird and not really explained much in-game either. There's also the carry over semi-tank like controls from other games using 3D on prerendered backdrops where you'll continue moving in the same direction even though the camera angle changed and 'Up' is now moving you to the left. Anyway, more on DS2 later...

Hardcore Gaming 101 has a write up of the entire series. I'm planning on writing up something specifically about the PS2 ones. I haven't played the first Devil Summoner as I mentioned and haven't completed the second, so it will be partially incomplete, but should hopefully still be interesting. SMT is a series that many people who are RPG fans haven't heard about, but the games are generally worth checking out (if you can find a copy of them at a reasonable price).

So check back in a day or two and hopefully that will be finished and posted.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Sliced Pizza and Increased Caps on Combat/Magic Skill Merits

These are what they need to add next version update.

People who get to ask questions at Vanafest 2010 better bring these two things up instead of fucktarded nonsense like, "I can has Cheese Sandwiches?!?"

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Birdbanes: GET!

After about 10 kills and several days "camping" Chaneque, and putting up with a moron who was also camping it half the time, I finally got myself a pair of Birdbanes today!While the numbers I've seen show that they wouldn't beat Destroyers on Greater Colibri despite being piercing damage because of their higher delay (and lack of Crit+6%). Still very nice to have available for things that are immune to or resist blunt type damage.

My "camping" was mostly just logging on at the NM seeing if it was up, slaughtering Lycopodiums if it wasn't, and checking again in five minutes. The Wiki lists it as a 60-90 minute timed spawn, but I've seen it go 2.5 hours with no pop while not killing any of the other mandies. I kill them all, and five minutes later its up. I don't care enough to try and change it though, just giving anyone who reads this and decides to camp it a possible heads up.

Now I'm off to try for a Virtuoso Belt and the pair Accuracy +12 & Attack +6 rings. Both of which also have terrible droprates. Hopefully, I'll be able to do it my same AFK checking-once-in-a-while-to-see-if-they're-up style. Standing around ready to claim for 45 minutes is bullshit that I'm not about to partake in it.

I talked to somebody who's been camping the rings and got the ring from Sauro [S] and he's in Rolanberry [S] now camping the second ring. As I'm not interested in competitive NM camping that puts me in Sauro [S] for a while. I'm also here /RNG begrudingly. I have no idea where the NM pops exactly and the Wiki isn't helping much.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

If you're going to camp a weak NM with a 10% droprate with TH4...

Maybe bring...TH1? least?

Far be it from me to tell somebody that /DNC might not be awesome on an NM that spams TP reset, but you might get less retarded mileage with a gimped 74/35 job combo if you had Treasure Hunter. You know, while hunting treasure and stuff.

Of course, that Hachiman Domaru was extra awesome with always <100% TP and no WS.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Tomorrow's... Fishing GP Item.

How do I know it'll be a Greedie?

UPDATE: It's Noble Ladies!!! I can get Serpent Rumors today! :-D

One down; a bunch more to go!

I posted a while back in December some NMs I'd like drops from. One of which was a Frugal Cape. Nobody camps the thing, so it was up when I arrived.It didn't drop again, of course. 0/4.


So I went AFK for an hour and came back. And it had repopped and somebody passing by had killed it.


I went AFK for another hour or so and came back. It was up, nobody was here, I killed it, and DORP!!!w00t! Now I can wear a cape that expresses what a cheap bastard I really am! :-D

I should probably try to get the other drops now. I don't think I'll be able to just go AFK for any of them and check to see if they popped though as people actually want them. Well, possibly the Virtuoso Belt Summoner. I don't know if the mobs use AoE TP moves or if they'd get 100% TP before Carby kills them though. There would probably be people there anyway. So I'll probably go MNK/THF and claim with Chi Blast.

Birdbanes might be a better thing to try for next. They would be really handy for doing events where blunt damage gets resisted. (Some Nyzul/Einherjar mobs and of course Apollyon SE slimes.)

Formless Strikes vs. Non-Destroyers

This brings up an interesting point: What's better to use Formless Strikes and Destroyers or Birdbanes/those Fomor-Claws-whose-name-I-forget?

You can't use Formless Strikes 100% of the time though, so having an alternative available then would still be desirable, of course. WS are still blunt damage too.


And there's still those two rings that have the Set: Accuracy +12, Attack +6 effect. If I got those I could sell off my Toreador's and my Sniper's Ring. And buy a buttload of Gugrusaurus to try and get an Ebisu Rod. I could buy a whole lot of fish for 3.2mil.


Friday, January 15, 2010

Vanafest...anyone excited?

"Hey, we're having an event on another continent, and we'll probably announce some sort of stuff."

OK, so it wasn't that bad, but some vague pronouncement about "job improvements" (a.k.a. Paladins and Samurais will be made more awesome somehow) really isn't doing it for me.

Should we be hoping for more of the awesome "Mini-expansions"? I'm stuck halfway through the Shantotto one and not particularly inclined to try to finish it.

Somehow I'm guessing Square-Enix won't finally tell us how to kill Absolute Virtue or update Monk or Black Mage.

Click to blow up the official blurb if you care:On an unrelated note, over at they have a FF13 English voice acted trailer and a Quicklook (they play the first halfhour) of FF: CC: Crystal Bearers.

I couldn't help but cringe and laugh at various parts of the FF13 trailer where I'm 100% certain they didn't intend me to. The character who looks almost exactly like Vaan from FF12 sounds like he's voiced by the same guy. Hopefully, he'll have very little role in the game.

The FF:CC:Crystal Bearers actually looked half-decent. It's a Wii title and uses the stupid motion controls. The control overall looked kind of bad, but the game was colorful and had stylized graphics to make it look like a slightly better than PS2 game. Which is kind of what you'd expect on the Wii. Granted I only saw 30 minutes of it, but I think it might be the least bad thing Kawazu has ever been involved with. The game also seems to feature hilarious fake racism.

Monday, January 11, 2010

This is freaking cool.

Seriously, you can just hit a button on your laptop and have its display on your TV?

Beats the hell out of some "3D TV" crap with glasses.

Friday, January 8, 2010

40K Down the Drain!

I also returned my mule to Sandy to buy her 10 marbles.She's not dead...just sleeping.

I blame Pet Food Alpha for reminding me about the Moggy Bonanaza New Years Extravaganza Super Kupofried Special Collector's Edition Contest.

I don't remember what the rewards were, but I won't win one, so I'm not too concerned about it. Well, I'll probably get one of the furniture/BCNM things on my main which will just waste some inventory space (like the marbles are currently).

My mule's Adamantoise is lonely, maybe I'll get a Shadow Lord or something to keep it company?


Wednesday, January 6, 2010

It Lives!

I'll be doing LS events again it seems. Of course only one person who may be reading this will actually be able to view that link.

Dyna-Beauc on the 15th...anyone want to bet whether our zone gets ganked or not? :-p

Monday, January 4, 2010

So You Think You Can Fish? (Part 2)

Part 1 of the series.

In the first part of this series, I covered most everything you need to know to get started with Fishing in Vanadiel. Part 2 will cover where and how to go about leveling your Fishing using what I've learned skilling up to level 81. Quite a few of the suggestions I've read in other guides just didn't work when I tried them myself, so I'll be incorporating those experiences here rather than just copying and pasting someone else's work.

Amateur Rank Fishing

As I mentioned before (scroll down to "The Hardware"), it's very much in your interest to have a Lu Shang's Fishing Rod. It's the second best in the game, allows you to target fish that are profitable more often while skilling, and makes reeling fish in easier as well. If you can't afford Lu's, get a Halcyon Rod instead and save for Lu's. I wouldn't recommend doing the Lu's Quest personally as you could sell Moat Carp to buy one off the AH with less than 10,000 fish. I also wouldn't recommend fishing up Moat Carp to pay for it either. Even without Lu's there are more profitable, low level alternatives.

So from here on out, I'm going to assume you have either Lu's or a Halcyon. Both will pay for themselves pretty quickly if you fish frequently.

Levels 1-5: Crayfish.

You can catch these in any fresh water in the starter cities and all over the place. Use Little Worms for bait. Buy the worms from an NPC in whichever town you're fishing at.

You will actually double your money at this stage, but spending 4 gil to make 8 gil isn't anything to write home about.

Level 5-11: Moat Carp

These will be your first Fishing Guild Rank Evaluation item, so hang onto one.

You can probably fish these up exactly where you caught Crayfish, but check the link to be sure. My personal favorite was Bastok Markets by the Goldsmithing Guild, but I see people in Windurst Waters reeling them in everytime I go there. Pick the scenery you like and have at it.

Knightwell in West Ronfaure is also a popular spot, but it's outdoors, so you can catch low level monsters ("Something caught the line!!!") so if you're only level 20 you may need to be careful.

Use Insect Balls as bait. They're a level 29 Cooking synth. Either make your own or buy some off the AH. (Always buy ingredients from NPC vendors to make your own.) Jeuno and San d'Oria will almost always have some in stock if you are going the AH route.

When you hit level 8 go to Windy to trade one in to reach Recruit Rank Fishing. Sell stacks of Moat Carp in Sandy or Jeuno. They'll go pretty fast for about 4-5k stack usually.

Recruit Rank Fishing

Level 12-17: Yellow Globe

For bait use either a Sabiki Rig at the North cliffs in Qufim Island (which will also catch Cone Calamary they go for 3-5k per stack on the AH) or try at the Ice Lake with a Worm Lure.

I'd go with the Sabiki Rig at the North cliffs, personally. It's got the advantage of being able to snag up to three fish at a time. You can buy both lures from the Fishing Guild in Windy or Aht Urghan. You could alternatively use Lug Worms, at either location but you'll catch herring and cod which may be too dificult to reel in.

This is also the first time you'll really see something odd: The vast difference in "fight" certain fish have. Cone Calamary are level 48, but you should be able to reel them in pretty consistently because they have next to no "fight" in them.

Once you hit 17 you can either go and catch a Cheval Salmon for your Rank Evaluation fish to trade in once you hit 18, or you can go straight to your next target and first decent money fish: The venerable Nebimonite.

To catch the Cheval Salmon buy a Fly Lure at the Fishing Guild (Whitegate's is probably most convenient for non-Windy citizens) and head to the creek in East Ronfaure. Turn one in once you hit 18. If you really want to you can fish these until 21, but they tend to be annoying to reel in, and sell for crappy money, so why bother?

Initiate Rank Fishing

Level 17(/21)-27: Nebimonite

Nebs are where you'll really start to make some money with Fishing. You can catch them primarily in two areas: The Selbina-Mhuara Ferry and in Sea Serpent Grotto at the lake below the Ornamented Door "overpass" looking thing on the first map.

There are pros and cons to either location.

The Ferry has a decent bite rate and you can catch Noble Ladies which gave me some great skill ups. Unfortunately, Sea Horror also spawns there and tends to kill most people who aggro it. There's also the occasional pirate attack and you may have one of the WHM Club NMs pop with them.

Aside from possibly dying unless you have Lu's you'll have to let go any "Something caught the line!!!" with three exclaimation points because they are either monsters (with a positive message as the second line) or Gugru Tuna (with a negative message on the second line).

You also have to stand around waiting for it to depart for a few minutes each time it arrives at a city.

Sea Serpent Grotto is nice if you have Lu's because you can also catch Bastore Bream and Grimmonites both of which sell fast and will give you some nice skill ups. There's no waiting time for the ship to depart either. Just straight up fishing. You can also nab Norg Shells which are easy to reel in and sell for quite a bit on the Bastok/Norg Auction House, but they're Rare so you'll need to run to Norg if you want to sell multiple ones.

If you're using Halcyon both fish will snap your rod like a twig though. Triple explaimation marks will be a Grimm with a negative message and a monster with a positive one. The monsters will slaughter a lower level character, and there's monsters that are Too Weaks at 75 walking around the lake area as well. Casting Sneak can eliminate both problems.

You'll need to decide for yourself which spot you prefer.

You may notice I haven't mentioned bait/lures yet. The problems of other fish biting above all have a simple solution: Use Crayfish Balls. Which you can make yourself or buy from the Guild Merchants in Windy/Whitegate. Unfortunately, in my experience at least, Crayfish Balls have had a HORRENDOUS bite rate. I'd be getting a bite on my line 1/10+ times. You'll have good and bad days Fishing, but for me personally I've had lots of bad with no good.

That's why I recommend going with a Shimp Lure. It takes ~50 Alchemy and ~20 Goldsmithing to make, so you'll probably need to buy from the Auction House or have a friend make you one unless you have the crafts leveled. They're used in the Mog Safe expansion quests, so you will probably always be able to get one from the Auction House.

Using a Shimp Lure you'll have to deal with the perks and penalties I mention above (besides monster aggro posibilities which are the same regardless), but you'll probably also catch more Nebs per hour and get bites from Noble Ladies on the Ferry. As well as be able to reel in Gugru Tuna/Bastore Bream/Grimmonites if you have Lu's for additional profit.

All the fish I've mentioned for this stretch are nice in that they move on the Auction House pretty quickly and will make you some gil. Save for Lu's if you don't have it already. It won't take long.

Level 27-28: Giant Catfish

Whether you really want to do a full level on these or not is up to you. You'll need one for the Guild Rank Evaluation though, so catch at least one and trade it in once you hit 28.

I've had good luck with a Minnow at the West Sarutabaruta Pond.

28 = Guild Points!

I should also mention you can now start getting Guild Points to buy key items and Fishing Armor. The sooner you start the better. Well, if you want something you need GP for anyway.

Things Get Tricky: Novice Rank Fishing (and Beyond!)

As I said in the first installment: Fishing Skill doesn't do very much. Which means that what you fish for skill and profit should usually be the same thing. And they usually can be especially with Lu's in hand. So, instead of saying, "Go here. Fish up these using this bait." From here on I'll highlight some fish that are good for skill and profit, whether you must have Lu's for them, and how much "fight" they have to them.

Note: If you can get an Albatross Ring it more than doubles the amount of time you have to reel in fish and makes skilling up possible on fish you couldn't otherwise reel in in time.

Level 42: Gugru Tuna (Lu's only*)

If you have a Lu's and like the Ferry keep on riding it! You can get to 42 off Gugru Tuna using a Shrimp Lure. If you get a !!! fish with an insane amount of fight to it you have a Ryugu Titan on the line. If you managed to reel it in it could snap Lu's, so let it go.

(*) You can try using a Composite Rod to fish up Tuna, but you'll lose stackable fish to "too small" messages and probably have a hell of a time reeling them in in time. I haven't done this personally, and don't recommend it.

Level 48: Cone Calamary

You've probably caught some of these already. I'd be kind of surprised if you hadn't. Sliced Bluetail in North Qufim should only get these, Gigant Squids (three exclaimation marks; negative message) and monsters (three exclaimation marks; positive message). I wouldn't recommend it too highly though. I suspect you'll suffer from low bite rates and lousy profit.

Level 53: Shall Shells/Istiridye

Grab a Rogue Rig or Robber Rig and hit the beaches in Valkurm, Bibiki Bay, or if you crave adventure, Cape Terrigan.

Alternately, head to Nashmau with the same. Be warned though, ToAU/WotG area fish have much higher stamina making them harder to reel in in time. You may want to stick to Zilart areas unless you have an Albatross Ring.

If you have ~60+ Bonecraft you can make pearls out of these with a Wind Crystal, or put them on the Auction House (ToAU ones may sell slowly), or NPC them. They'll definitely make you money.

Level 55-90: North Qufim (Lu's required)

I've got to mention this because as a Fisherman/Chef it's one of the best Fishing spots in the game. You can catch Cone Calamary (which may still skill you up at this point), Bluetails which have a good bit of fight to them, and Gigant Squid which despite being level 90 are easy to reel in.

Sure "North Qufim" isn't a fish, but it's so freaking awesome fishing it deserves special notice here.

Level 61: Bhefhel Marlin

These are the fish that can contain Pirate's and Brigand's Charts when traded to Zaldon in Selbina. Albatross Rings are 100% drops from the easy pseudo-BCNM at Valkurm Dunes's west beach, and make Nashmau/Tallaca Cove fishing much easier.

To catch them use Sliced Bluetail. You can cook up your own or buy them from the Guild.

I like to fish North Qufim for skill/profit and then turn some of the Bluetail I catch into Sliced Bluetail when I need bait to get another Albatross Ring or want to try for a 4.5 million gil M.kris dagger. You can also just buy the fish off the AH. Check to see which will be cheaper at the time, it varies.

Silver Sharks will also bite and can be traded in to Zaldon as well.

Level 63: Trumpet Shells (Lu's)

I've fished these up a bunch of times. If a stack is selling for 50k on your server it may still be worth the time, but otherwise the bite rate tends to be bad, so I'd stay away.

A Closing Note...

I'm going to leave it here for today. If you're starting out Fishing you'll be busy getting to 60 for quite a while.

I also want to point out that if you're in the 30s and catching Nebs for money you really can just stick around there and continue to skill off Noble Ladies. If you don't have Lu's yet it limits your possibilities quite a bit, so getting skill ups while you save for it isn't bad.

And once you hit the 50s with Lu's you can literally park yourself in Nashmau and hit 100 Fishing there.

So just take your time, relax, and enjoy yourself. Happy Fishing!

More on RMT /tells

I wrote this to the Pet Food Alpha guys (and gals) earlier today:
Dear PFA Guys and Chin and possibly the female host with the British(?) accent,

I haven't been playing much lately with the holidays and all, but still enjoy the show. But I just logged in again to spend more time getting some Gugrusaurus for Ebisu.

And immediately got the following /tell:

Gdtfutfhgbv>> ?? // r # g a m e. ' ' '... 5...% b # uns C # up # n C # de"?R74".(#=o.?=B)

I replied:

>>Gdtfutfhgbv You typed that with your face?

I know, of course, that nobody's actually listening on the other end.

I'm amazed how successful Square-Enix has been in eliminating RMT /tells. Sure, I still get spammed with them, but I challenge anyone to make sense of what that's supposed to mean. Now instead of obnoxious advertisements they're like some crazy homeless person yelling at you from across the street. You have no idea what he's talking about and you *really* don't care to try and figure it out.

evilpaul of Hades server
I think it shows how utterly pathetic RMT /tells are nowadays. Also, how I really have not much FFXI related to blog about besides them lately.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

"Complete Japanese PSX Squaresoft Collection"

I came across this earlier and found it pretty interesting. It's a "gray market" type collection. It's got games everyone who had a Playstation and liked RPGs played like FF7 and FF: Tactics.

It's also got games that I've heard about from their Event Planners like Motomu Toriayama like Racing Lagoon a game that combines a Racing game with RPG elements. Which honestly sounds like it should be killed with fire rather than played. And ones like Another Mind that I don't think anyone's heard of because they never were localized and came out the same time as a numbered FF title.

It's also got Einhander which I never had the money to buy at the time and you can't find now used for a reasonable price in decent shape. (It's a sidescrolling shooter, so the language it's in doesn't matter much.)

There's also a few possible gems like Tobal No. 2 which looked really cool but never came over after the first (sucky one) tanked. As well as Front Mission 1 & 2. I played about 40 hours into FM3 before getting tired and giving up, so those could be interesting. It's also got Chocobo's Mysterious Dungeon 1. I played the second which made it to the US, but like FM3 got bored and never finished it.

Perhaps most intriguing of them all though is Soukaigi. It was an action RPG that used Materia and sounded pretty interesting at the time. Flying robots fighting or something is what I remember of it from PSM magazine. There's FAQs out for it, so it could be the first "RPG" I play through that's in a language I don't understand in the slightest. It came out in 1998 which was Square's "gold era" (or at least "silver era") in the opinion of many, so I look forward to seeing if it was good or just shovelware. The music in the game was done by the guy who did Secret of Mana and Seiken Densetsu 3 and the OST is surprisingly popular.

Between all these, FFXI, Digital Devil Saga 2, and Devil Summoner 2 I've got plenty of games to keep me busy for a while.

But those will all have to wait. I'm going to go for a walk. Lots of games and stuff, but I'm still fucking bored. I wonder if it still feels like it's 10F outside?

Also, is hosed for anyone else? It stopped making my character's comment with a URL here into a link yesterday and is down entirely today for me. I was going to log on to FFXI to get Fishing GP and maybe level Ranger and now I'm going to have to actually walk my ass to Windy to see what the hell is GP today. Hopefully, it will be something I know or the Wiki won't also be down.

Update: Looks like it's not just me.

UPDATE: It's got the SIGGRAPH Final Fantasy VI demo video too!!!

The Upgrade Pt. 2

I finished reinstalling Windows 7, all my programs, and whatnot earlier. I transferred all the hardware back from a crappy Midtower to a Fulltower case that's all nice and stuff. The net results have been quite nice.

I've got plenty more room both for programs (specifically programming programs) and for storage of *cough* ahem *cough* entertainment.I hadn't had space for Visual Studio or XNA, but now I do and am going to start screwing around with them. If I make some cool games I could at least make a little money off them possibly.

I kind of wish I had an Xbox 360 to screw around with it more though. It'll still be fun either way.

In Japanese

I've been trying to get copies of a few Square-Enix games from back when they were just Squaresoft in the PSX era. Chocobo's Mysterious Dungeon 1, Tobal No. 2 (translated to English), Another Mind (I forget what that is), Einhander (awesome sidescrolling shooter, but in Japanese because I can't get a reasonably priced NA version), Racing Lagoon (which is a racing game with RPG elements for LULZ), and Soukaigi which was a weird flying fighting adventure game or something with materia.