Friday, January 8, 2010

40K Down the Drain!

I also returned my mule to Sandy to buy her 10 marbles.She's not dead...just sleeping.

I blame Pet Food Alpha for reminding me about the Moggy Bonanaza New Years Extravaganza Super Kupofried Special Collector's Edition Contest.

I don't remember what the rewards were, but I won't win one, so I'm not too concerned about it. Well, I'll probably get one of the furniture/BCNM things on my main which will just waste some inventory space (like the marbles are currently).

My mule's Adamantoise is lonely, maybe I'll get a Shadow Lord or something to keep it company?



  1. Where was your mule? Unless it was in like, Nashmau, you could have used the moogle in the chocobo circuit!

  2. Considering the numbers last bonanza, that 99927 marble is a sure winner.

  3. @Anon,
    My mule's level 1 and was in Whitegate. Her HP is in Sandy, so I just went outside and killed her on a spider. I avoid going into the Chocobo Circuit like the plague. Last time I went in there I was lost for almost 30 minutes.

    I kind of expect my 11th marble will be a Rank 2 winner which would have gotten me a Saber Shoot for Ebisu. XD

  4. With regards to the Circuit - there's a map you can take off the counter after the first port in. I just recently discovered this myself :D