Thursday, January 21, 2010

Birdbanes: GET!

After about 10 kills and several days "camping" Chaneque, and putting up with a moron who was also camping it half the time, I finally got myself a pair of Birdbanes today!While the numbers I've seen show that they wouldn't beat Destroyers on Greater Colibri despite being piercing damage because of their higher delay (and lack of Crit+6%). Still very nice to have available for things that are immune to or resist blunt type damage.

My "camping" was mostly just logging on at the NM seeing if it was up, slaughtering Lycopodiums if it wasn't, and checking again in five minutes. The Wiki lists it as a 60-90 minute timed spawn, but I've seen it go 2.5 hours with no pop while not killing any of the other mandies. I kill them all, and five minutes later its up. I don't care enough to try and change it though, just giving anyone who reads this and decides to camp it a possible heads up.

Now I'm off to try for a Virtuoso Belt and the pair Accuracy +12 & Attack +6 rings. Both of which also have terrible droprates. Hopefully, I'll be able to do it my same AFK checking-once-in-a-while-to-see-if-they're-up style. Standing around ready to claim for 45 minutes is bullshit that I'm not about to partake in it.

I talked to somebody who's been camping the rings and got the ring from Sauro [S] and he's in Rolanberry [S] now camping the second ring. As I'm not interested in competitive NM camping that puts me in Sauro [S] for a while. I'm also here /RNG begrudingly. I have no idea where the NM pops exactly and the Wiki isn't helping much.

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  1. Congrats!
    By the way . . . dude your BROKE! XD