Sunday, January 3, 2010

"Complete Japanese PSX Squaresoft Collection"

I came across this earlier and found it pretty interesting. It's a "gray market" type collection. It's got games everyone who had a Playstation and liked RPGs played like FF7 and FF: Tactics.

It's also got games that I've heard about from their Event Planners like Motomu Toriayama like Racing Lagoon a game that combines a Racing game with RPG elements. Which honestly sounds like it should be killed with fire rather than played. And ones like Another Mind that I don't think anyone's heard of because they never were localized and came out the same time as a numbered FF title.

It's also got Einhander which I never had the money to buy at the time and you can't find now used for a reasonable price in decent shape. (It's a sidescrolling shooter, so the language it's in doesn't matter much.)

There's also a few possible gems like Tobal No. 2 which looked really cool but never came over after the first (sucky one) tanked. As well as Front Mission 1 & 2. I played about 40 hours into FM3 before getting tired and giving up, so those could be interesting. It's also got Chocobo's Mysterious Dungeon 1. I played the second which made it to the US, but like FM3 got bored and never finished it.

Perhaps most intriguing of them all though is Soukaigi. It was an action RPG that used Materia and sounded pretty interesting at the time. Flying robots fighting or something is what I remember of it from PSM magazine. There's FAQs out for it, so it could be the first "RPG" I play through that's in a language I don't understand in the slightest. It came out in 1998 which was Square's "gold era" (or at least "silver era") in the opinion of many, so I look forward to seeing if it was good or just shovelware. The music in the game was done by the guy who did Secret of Mana and Seiken Densetsu 3 and the OST is surprisingly popular.

Between all these, FFXI, Digital Devil Saga 2, and Devil Summoner 2 I've got plenty of games to keep me busy for a while.

But those will all have to wait. I'm going to go for a walk. Lots of games and stuff, but I'm still fucking bored. I wonder if it still feels like it's 10F outside?

Also, is hosed for anyone else? It stopped making my character's comment with a URL here into a link yesterday and is down entirely today for me. I was going to log on to FFXI to get Fishing GP and maybe level Ranger and now I'm going to have to actually walk my ass to Windy to see what the hell is GP today. Hopefully, it will be something I know or the Wiki won't also be down.

Update: Looks like it's not just me.

UPDATE: It's got the SIGGRAPH Final Fantasy VI demo video too!!!

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