Thursday, January 28, 2010

Going to be a while...

I decided to rip all* my PS2 games after finishing the PSX ones. It turns out due to PSX games being fucked up CDs they read pretty slowly. PS2 DVDs are much faster. So I finished them up pretty quickly.*I didn't rip FFXI for obvious reasons.

Now, it's time to zip them all up! ...Which with a single core Athlon XP is going to take an ungodly amount of time. Xenosaga I took almost 4 hours. Sure, it's 8GB in size, but still. I'm using 7zip which is a nice free, open source compression app. Thankfully, it has a commandline version and I found a useful explanation of how the hell it actually works. Written at the beginning of the month, no less.

So I wrote up my own batch file:And goddamn is it going to take a long time to run! A little over two full days by my estimate.


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