Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Gotta Rip 'Em All!

Since getting a lot more storage space, I've been contemplating filling some of it by doing something I've wanted to for a long time now: Ripping all my PSX games to CD image.

With my PS2 randomly deciding to read or not read discs, not owning a PS3 or PSP, and not having $$$'s for a new PS2 I replay my old PSX games via emulation. (People preferring a more 100% true to the original PSX look here.)

The ripping process is pretty simple. Download an appropriate free tool, and click next a bunch of times after entering a name for the disc.
Yes, I'm even ripping the bad ones.

I keep the games lined up on a shelf in, well, a sort of order. Similar series/titles are grouped together. PSX and PS2 titles are intermingled if they're part of a series (FF9 next to FFX) or spiritual successors (Xenogears is next to Xenosaga 1).

Progress is going pretty well. I finished off the first shelf last night. It was mostly PS2 titles though, so the second shelf is what I'm working on now and the real meat of the collection disc size/content/number-wise. I'm working on FF9 (4 discs) FFUGH, I mean FF8 (three? discs), all the way down to FF5&6 (two? discs). Then there's a pretty thick stack of FF PS2 stuff and then some more double CD cases that are all multi-disc.

The bottom shelf is Lunar Silver Star Story Complete (had it for probably 15 years, still only played 10 minutes of it), Shadow Tower (a King's Field series game) and the PS2 King's Field games. If you liked the King's Field games you'd probably like Shadow Tower. I did, until I got nearly to the end of it, and then missed some collect-a-thon item needed to complete it. Same thing happened in Dragon Warrior VII. /sigh

Gotta Squish 'Em All, Too!

Anyway, after finishing ripping them, it's time to compress the CD images. Unzipping when I want to play only takes a few seconds and I think most emulators will support doing it automatically in the next few years the way they do with older much smaller ROM based titles.

Gotta ...I've Got Nothing

I'm also slightly curious about this. Combining multi-disc games into single discs. No virtual disc swapping needed in an emulator then (and it fixes Chrono Cross for play on PSP..which I don't have). It doesn't really fit with the archival sort of thing I'm doing here either really. It's more in the novelty/convenience category.


That's it for now, I'm going outside and enjoying it being almost 50F outside today in January. Is anyone else out there digitizing their old game collection?


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