Monday, January 4, 2010

More on RMT /tells

I wrote this to the Pet Food Alpha guys (and gals) earlier today:
Dear PFA Guys and Chin and possibly the female host with the British(?) accent,

I haven't been playing much lately with the holidays and all, but still enjoy the show. But I just logged in again to spend more time getting some Gugrusaurus for Ebisu.

And immediately got the following /tell:

Gdtfutfhgbv>> ?? // r # g a m e. ' ' '... 5...% b # uns C # up # n C # de"?R74".(#=o.?=B)

I replied:

>>Gdtfutfhgbv You typed that with your face?

I know, of course, that nobody's actually listening on the other end.

I'm amazed how successful Square-Enix has been in eliminating RMT /tells. Sure, I still get spammed with them, but I challenge anyone to make sense of what that's supposed to mean. Now instead of obnoxious advertisements they're like some crazy homeless person yelling at you from across the street. You have no idea what he's talking about and you *really* don't care to try and figure it out.

evilpaul of Hades server
I think it shows how utterly pathetic RMT /tells are nowadays. Also, how I really have not much FFXI related to blog about besides them lately.

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  1. They haven't eliminated crap, Paul.

    How about they get the servers shut down as the illegal rackets they are?

    They've only basically encoded the ransom notes, at this point.