Sunday, January 17, 2010

One down; a bunch more to go!

I posted a while back in December some NMs I'd like drops from. One of which was a Frugal Cape. Nobody camps the thing, so it was up when I arrived.It didn't drop again, of course. 0/4.


So I went AFK for an hour and came back. And it had repopped and somebody passing by had killed it.


I went AFK for another hour or so and came back. It was up, nobody was here, I killed it, and DORP!!!w00t! Now I can wear a cape that expresses what a cheap bastard I really am! :-D

I should probably try to get the other drops now. I don't think I'll be able to just go AFK for any of them and check to see if they popped though as people actually want them. Well, possibly the Virtuoso Belt Summoner. I don't know if the mobs use AoE TP moves or if they'd get 100% TP before Carby kills them though. There would probably be people there anyway. So I'll probably go MNK/THF and claim with Chi Blast.

Birdbanes might be a better thing to try for next. They would be really handy for doing events where blunt damage gets resisted. (Some Nyzul/Einherjar mobs and of course Apollyon SE slimes.)

Formless Strikes vs. Non-Destroyers

This brings up an interesting point: What's better to use Formless Strikes and Destroyers or Birdbanes/those Fomor-Claws-whose-name-I-forget?

You can't use Formless Strikes 100% of the time though, so having an alternative available then would still be desirable, of course. WS are still blunt damage too.


And there's still those two rings that have the Set: Accuracy +12, Attack +6 effect. If I got those I could sell off my Toreador's and my Sniper's Ring. And buy a buttload of Gugrusaurus to try and get an Ebisu Rod. I could buy a whole lot of fish for 3.2mil.


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