Saturday, January 23, 2010

The PS2 SMT games...

I finished Digital Devil Saga 2 yesterday which means I've now beaten all the Shin Megami Tensei games on the Playstation 2 except the Devil Summoner ones.

I've got the second Devil Summoner game, but I'm a bit ambivilent on it. It's really...strange. Even for an SMT game, and SMT games are plenty strange. For one thing it uses 3D characters on prerendered backgrounds some of which have video mixed in for things like rivers. The actual gameplay is pretty weird and not really explained much in-game either. There's also the carry over semi-tank like controls from other games using 3D on prerendered backdrops where you'll continue moving in the same direction even though the camera angle changed and 'Up' is now moving you to the left. Anyway, more on DS2 later...

Hardcore Gaming 101 has a write up of the entire series. I'm planning on writing up something specifically about the PS2 ones. I haven't played the first Devil Summoner as I mentioned and haven't completed the second, so it will be partially incomplete, but should hopefully still be interesting. SMT is a series that many people who are RPG fans haven't heard about, but the games are generally worth checking out (if you can find a copy of them at a reasonable price).

So check back in a day or two and hopefully that will be finished and posted.

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