Monday, January 25, 2010

A Sauna and a Cool Shower

So I went to jury duty today. I couldn't help but burst into quiet laughter as some of the preposterous "Sacred Duty™" nonsense was trotted out. I mean, seriously?

Anyway, the whole thing was BORING AS FUCK.

Sit there for half an hour.

They show some boring yet slightly snicker worthy video that looks like it was made by the Middle School A/V Club. Well, it wasn't even that good, really.

Sit there for another fifteen minutes.

A judge walks in, some guy makes everyone stand up and then immediately sit down again (lol), and then she talks for fifteen more minutes.

Then we're told we have a 30 minute break. I don't have anything to do so I kind of go wander around for ten minutes and then go back and sit down and stare at the clock.

I should mention at this point, a little over an hour into this nonsense, that the "Jury Lounge" has no fucking ventilation. It's 95 degrees Farenheit in there. Everyone's sweating like pigs. People who I don't think were sick are coughing and uncomfortable.

I continue to sit there increasingly uncomfortable as the thirty minute break comes to an end. Thirty five minutes pass. Forty minutes pass. Forty-five minutes pass. This "30 minutes" must be in Court Time. They've got fifteen more minutes of Evilpaul Time and then I'll be quietly excusing myself.

Five more minutes pass, that's a 50 minute "30 minute" break for those of you keeping track at home, and a woman comes out and says the judge decided not to have the criminal trial today, so we can all leave.

After collecting my "totally rad" $9.34 jury check I finally leave.

So out of the 95F heat and into...the 60F torrential downpour. I had a ride to the Courthouse, but didn't have one home. And we had a flood watch here and it poured rain heavily for several hours today. And I got out just in time to catch the worst of it for my 1.5 mile (that's like 2.8km or something) walk home.

It wasn't cold really, being 60F in January (in Pennsylvannia, which is highly unusual this time of year) when I've gotten used to the 30s, but good God was it fucking annoying. Of course I ended up totally drenched, but the shit was coming down hard and seeing where I was going was no great fun.

So that was jury duty.

I expected it to be pretty stupid. And it exceeded every one of my expectations spectacularly.

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  1. lol on Jury Duty, I have to report for Jury duty in 2 weeks for Grand Jury. If only i can take a laptop with me to play ffxi.. oh wait need to pay attention if im determing if some guy is going to jail or not lol.

    Hows the fishing coming long paul. Good luck with the Gugrus