Friday, January 29, 2010

...Shadow Lord Statue Ahoy?

I check the TTTO just now and saw Fusionx of PFA posted about POL announcing the winning Moggy Year Extravagant Bonanazacical numbers being announced.

I'm logging in now to check, but I think I just won a Rank 5 prize on both my chars. I'll get the Shadow Lord Statue for my mule's Mog House. My main I'll probably take an EXP scroll.

I'm not sure why I even bothered with the Moggy Bonanza really. If I thought crappy EXP for 40k gil was good I'd still be doing the ENM in Newton Movalpolos that I used to do during the hyperinflation of a few years back.

I do have to LOL at the Rank 2 prize money and how utterly unrelated it is to the non-gil prizes.

UPDATE: I won two Rank 5s on my main. Miratete's Memoirs it is! @32 EXP to level 60 now.


Minor update: I leveled Ranger some today in Wajaom Woodlands, using my 2x EXP ring day, and got to 61 Ranger! I'll need to get some more ammo before leveling further.

So, I may go back to random NMs and Fishing for a while. Well, an hour or two of Fishing would pay for plenty of ammo, but I'd like to try for my last Ebisu item some more too.

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