Sunday, January 24, 2010

Ugh. Also, 59 Ranger!

I just "left" a party that hurt my brain.

I fucking hate pulling in general. As the first person to touch a mob, I get extra hate. Since the only thing people EXP on are pink fucking birds that take 25% extra piercing damage, I can get plenty of hate already.

About the only thing I hate more than pulling is pulling when there's very few goddamned pink fucking birds around to pull. Since they fly faster than I run that tends to be facerapetastic on my face. This I do not like.

About the only thing I hate more than pulling when there's few mobs to pull, is pulling faceraping mobs with a tank who's slow on the Provokes/Flashs.

The only thing I hate more than a slow tank with few faceraping mobs to pull from far away is having no goddamned tank. E-rated Evasion, no native Parrying, low VIT, low HP, and horrible defense all make for a shitty tank. Ranger has all these things.

Also, East Ronfaure [S] is lame. Besides everyone there ALWAYS wanting me to pull I don't have Slug Shot and half my gear is Level Synced into worthlessness.


Anyway, I did finally level Ranger from 57 to 59 yesterday. A level 57 party on Lesser Colibri. The EXP/hour wasn't amazing, but I didn't have to pull for most of it. Trying to DD and pull and having a potent WS that tends to have the mob come after you the rest of its short life all makes it a pretty significant hassle.

I'm also thinking of switching up from Holy Bolt/Darksteel Bolt spam to some Silver Bullets when I hit 60 for a bit. With the low delay of crossbows Barrage isn't that awesome (yet). I can make them dirt cheap, so the cost isn't a problem. And I'll still have 1000+ Holy/Darksteel with me to switch back whenever I run out.

Jury Duty?

I'm guessing that obnoxious to fill-out form that I had to send in wasn't read very carefully. I know that sarcasm can be hard to get across in text and is often taken seriously, but I'd think scathing derision would be pretty clear.

Or I could be surprised to find out that despite knowing what total monsters the local police are (literally: brigandish pederasts, depraved homosexuals, and horse porn enthusiansts...I've seen the video. Ick.), what incompetent sychophantic quislings the local judiciary is, and that I state from the outset I'm voting 'Not Guilty' on laws I disagree with I'm still somehow qualified to be a juror.


  1. Ya know, that's how I feel a lot with Bard. Especially on the pink fucking birds. :) They outrun me, take all my shadows, and can almost kill me before I get back to a slow-voking tank. YAAAAAY.

  2. So that's what happened to you. That sucks. Next time you'll looking for a party, let me know. Maybe we can put something together and get a decent party at your actual level.