Sunday, January 3, 2010

The Upgrade Pt. 2

I finished reinstalling Windows 7, all my programs, and whatnot earlier. I transferred all the hardware back from a crappy Midtower to a Fulltower case that's all nice and stuff. The net results have been quite nice.

I've got plenty more room both for programs (specifically programming programs) and for storage of *cough* ahem *cough* entertainment.I hadn't had space for Visual Studio or XNA, but now I do and am going to start screwing around with them. If I make some cool games I could at least make a little money off them possibly.

I kind of wish I had an Xbox 360 to screw around with it more though. It'll still be fun either way.

In Japanese

I've been trying to get copies of a few Square-Enix games from back when they were just Squaresoft in the PSX era. Chocobo's Mysterious Dungeon 1, Tobal No. 2 (translated to English), Another Mind (I forget what that is), Einhander (awesome sidescrolling shooter, but in Japanese because I can't get a reasonably priced NA version), Racing Lagoon (which is a racing game with RPG elements for LULZ), and Soukaigi which was a weird flying fighting adventure game or something with materia.

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