Friday, January 15, 2010

Vanafest...anyone excited?

"Hey, we're having an event on another continent, and we'll probably announce some sort of stuff."

OK, so it wasn't that bad, but some vague pronouncement about "job improvements" (a.k.a. Paladins and Samurais will be made more awesome somehow) really isn't doing it for me.

Should we be hoping for more of the awesome "Mini-expansions"? I'm stuck halfway through the Shantotto one and not particularly inclined to try to finish it.

Somehow I'm guessing Square-Enix won't finally tell us how to kill Absolute Virtue or update Monk or Black Mage.

Click to blow up the official blurb if you care:On an unrelated note, over at they have a FF13 English voice acted trailer and a Quicklook (they play the first halfhour) of FF: CC: Crystal Bearers.

I couldn't help but cringe and laugh at various parts of the FF13 trailer where I'm 100% certain they didn't intend me to. The character who looks almost exactly like Vaan from FF12 sounds like he's voiced by the same guy. Hopefully, he'll have very little role in the game.

The FF:CC:Crystal Bearers actually looked half-decent. It's a Wii title and uses the stupid motion controls. The control overall looked kind of bad, but the game was colorful and had stylized graphics to make it look like a slightly better than PS2 game. Which is kind of what you'd expect on the Wii. Granted I only saw 30 minutes of it, but I think it might be the least bad thing Kawazu has ever been involved with. The game also seems to feature hilarious fake racism.

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