Thursday, February 18, 2010

"I got hacked!!!" (Having Login Troubles? Read.)

I got hacked! Or so I thought for a few minutes.

I linked my POL account to my Square-Enix account to sign up for the Super Duper Moggy Bonanza. As a result I had to go into my PS2's login settings and add my SE account name. And I have to type in the SE Account password everytime I get d/c'd which is happening pretty often today. Which is fucking annoying.

So, if you get a "wrong password" error on your PS2 or 360 fear not. Sure things are fucked on Square-Enix's end today, but unless you had malware while registering for the Super Duper Moggy Bonanza you probably weren't actually hacked.

But it probably doesn't matter because you probably can't login today anyway. I'm guessing it's either the Registration Server maintenance or they're getting DDoS'd again.

1 comment:

  1. It really sounds like it's either a DDoS, or a planned situation to force server consolidations, because this wasn't just FFXI, but the GM Service _and_ the Registration Server as well!

    Game is down until at least 10 PM PST.