Sunday, February 28, 2010

Square-Enix, meet Spell Check. (Also, Goodbye Astral Burn.)

I haven't been playing much lately. My PS2 has been acting up and busy with other things (turn your PS2 into an MP3 player...freakin' cool if you ask me). I am still checking on POL updates, the TTTO, etc.

It's a little disheartening to check and see this though.That's not even a sentence. Is this literally being phoned in?
Alliteration Announcement Agent (US): Hey, I got the translated English Version Update announcements ready.

Square-Enix (Japan): Cool, send them over. You wouldn't believe what crazy shit's going on over here. Tetsuya Nomura realized that even cooler than a female Cloud Strife would be a female Cloud Strife with Dead or Alive-esque jiggly boob physics...with zippers!!

Alliteration Announcement Agent (US): Woah! No way! That Nomura is one cool cat!

Square-Enix (Japan): inorite!?!
It really doesn't inspire confidence. Just sayin'...

As for the update itself...neat, I guess? It's like Square-Enix looked at the Job Forums of various sites and added the stuff people have been bitching about for...forever. Seriously, it's like shit from four years ago.

It's not all bad though, some of it sound pretty cool, actually. I'll cover the stuff I want to shit all over first.

Summoner Updates!!!!

Odin and Alexander are being added. And they can only be used during Astral Flow. I haven't even used the aura abilities they ripped from the Alla SMN forum yet, so I can't say I'm too psyched up for them. It's also nice that SE also noticed that Astral Flow is fucking useless at level 75. A 1500MP cost ability that does 1,000 damage? How handy.

I really like this little tidbit, "More monsters within the area of effect will reduce accuracy." Can you say "Goodbye, Astral Burn?" I knew you could. I'm expecting we'll see the magic accuracy of all Astral Flow abilities reduced with a larger number of targets struck.

Beastmaster & Puppetmaster Updates!!!

I'm combining the two since nobody cares about either. BSTS are apparently getting more jugpets. Probably the ones in the .DATS already that people have been asking for for years. /yawn

PUP is getting A-ranked H2H. Now if they can use Black Belts they may even get party invites.

There's some vague changes about making Automatons less LOL (and DRK-like) in their ability to be horribly overkilled in three picoseconds. They're also adjusting Harlequin and Valoredge somewhat. How, I have no idea...Valoredge already has A+ combat skill and nobody uses Harlequin because it sucks compared to the specialized frames/heads.

From the sound of it I guess I might be able to come PUP to an LS event for reasons other than annoying the leaders. I think PUP may out-do Monk in Weaponskilling now, also...

Hades is Dead; Long live Cerberus?!?

The server of my "birth" is no more.Or won't be a month from now.

I still remembering logging on for the first time, this is back before you could pick your non-Odin/Bahamut server of choice for you young-in's, and seeing "<< Welcome to Hades! >>" and thinking, "What the fuck?!"

I kind of noticed there was nobody on the server, but I didn't expect to see server consolidation so soon. I'm a little sad, I think.

If anyone reading this is from Cerberus post a comment and let me know what the server's like. I guess I should go and read BG's background/player warnings threads on Cerberus people too to see who the server's asshats are.

Level 99

WOW. I really have to say I didn't see this coming. Level 80? Maybe. Sure, I guess I can see that. Stopping one level short of 100...kind of surprised.

The obvious implications are subjobs like the blurb mentions.

I can Haste and Refresh my self as BLM/RDM? (And cast METEOR!)

/WAR melees get Aggressor? MNK/WAR could have a full-time Acc buff. But would still die, of course.

RDM/BLM would get Stun and probably eliminate /DRK as a subjob for RDM.

White Mages would be lolWHMs again as /WHM would give both Afflatus things, all (useful) Teleports, -nas, Haste, and (useful only by jobs with Divine Magic skill) Flash and Repose.

/MNK would give Counterstance and Chi Blast. I'm drawing a blank on how either of those would be useful, but they're something.

/THF would be nearly as good as THF main for a lot of things with TH2 and Hide being available.

And that's just the Basic jobs not even considering the Advanced ones.

/NIN would give Innin and Yonin. People using /NIN for Dual Wield would get another level of it.

/SCH would give a bunch of the weather spells. Including Sandstorm. That means Movement+12% for all jobs using /SCH. The AoE spell JAs also become available, so Yangrush will be a lot less awesome for WHM.

And there's 12 more Advanced jobs with lots of possibilities I'm not even going to go into.

This will really shake up the game. It just remains to be seen if anyone will be playing it.

New EXP Camps?

Square-Enix was quick to point out that they're adding new EXP areas to make getting to 99 possible. Unfortunately, the level cap hike is happening at the same time they're uncapping CoP areas. CoP capped areas are chock full of undead (Sacrarium), taurus, those AoE Sleep spamming plants, Morbols, and all manners of other awful to EXP on mobs. They're sniffing glue if they expect those to become EXP zones.

I'm not exactly stoked on the HUGE amount of grinding it would take to get Black Mage, Monk, Scholar and Ninja to level 99. Plus leveling White Mage, Red Mage, Warrior, and Dancer to 49. Plus needing to get these "new merits" that are being added to level 99.

Plus the inevitable headache of having to deal with the mother of all rushes that each new level cap break is going to be. Need an item to get uncap from level 75? Imagine how much that will cost. ...And it'll probably involve Synergy. Better yet, need a Rare/Ex drop to get to level 80? I hope your bot is up to date, it's going to be like the Aht Urghan Access Quest or any of the mini-expansions times ten.


The night's young and there's drinking to be done, so I'm going to cut it here for tonight.


  1. PUP (A HtH + puppet) > MNK (A+, no puppet) also? Re-capping guard will be no fun!

    This is an interesting phase of ffxi we are all entering, like it or not.

  2. Monk still has Destroyers, Black Belt, and better non-Usukane Haste gear choices going for it.

    I personally would like to have Asuran Fists on PUP although Stringing Pummel mostly makes up for the lack of it.

    Which actually performs better in EXP and in all the new endgame stuff will remain to be seen, of course. I enjoy both jobs and am looking forward to see what happens.